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Adam West had a net worth of $8 million dollars. He gained his wealth through his acting career, specifically for his portrayal of Batman on the popular 196s TV series, which made him a famous Hollywood movie actor.

Key facts:

  • Adam West was an American actor best known for his role as Batman in the eponymous 196s television series and feature film.
  • He had a successful early career as a film actor, appearing in movies such as 'Geronimo' and 'Robinson Crusoe on Mars.'
  • West was a prolific voice actor, lending his voice to various Batman-related and other animated programs such as 'The Simpsons,' 'Futurama,' and 'Kim Possible.'
  • His status as a pop culture icon led to numerous appearances as himself on television shows including 'NewsRadio,' 'The Drew Carey Show,' and 'The Big Bang Theory.'
  • West's distinctive voice was also featured in several video games including 'Golden Nugget' and 'Goosebumps: Attack of the Mutant.'

Basic Information About Adam West

CategoryCelebrities β€Ί Actors
ProfessionsActor, Voice Actor, Presenter
Net worth$8,000,000
Date of birth1928-09-19
Place of birthWalla Walla
Date of death2017-06-09 (aged 88)
NationalityUnited States of America
Curiosities and TrademarksUnmistakable deep smooth voice
His iconic role as Batman (1966)
His glasses.
Deadpan comic delivery
Playing himself in a humorous way
SpouseMarcelle Lear - (7 November 1970 - 9 June 2017) (his death) (4 children)
Ngahra (Nga) Frisbie - (1957 - 1962) (divorced) (2 children)
Billie Lou Yeager - (1950 - 1956) (divorced)
Height6 ft 2 in (1.88 m)
Social Mediaβ†—οΈŽ Wikipedia β†—οΈŽ IMDb

What Movie Awards did Adam West win?


Golden Globe

Golder Raspberry


0 0 0 0 2

Adam West awards

Award Name State Movie / Series Name Year
TV Land Award - Favorite CrimestopperWinnerBatman2005
TV Land Award - Favorite Crimestopper DuoWinnerBatman2004

Adam West roles

Movie / Series Role
Drop Dead GorgeousAdam West
Once Upon a Time... in HollywoodBatman (archive sound) (uncredited)
Meet the RobinsonsUncle Art (voice)
Batman: The MovieBatman / Bruce Wayne
Zombie NightmareCapt. Tom Churchman
Chicken LittleAce - Hollywood Chicken Little (voice)
Batman: The Animated SeriesSimon Trent / ... 1 episode, 1992
The BoondocksR. Kelly's Lawyer 1 episode, 2005
AnimaniacsCaped Crusader / ... 1 episode, 1997
Family GuyMayor Adam West / ... 120 episodes, 2000-2019
BewitchedKermit 1 episode, 1964
The King of QueensAdam West 1 episode, 2005
Tales from the CryptChapman 1 episode, 1993
FuturamaAdam West 1 episode, 2013
Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of SupermanJerry Retchen 1 episode, 1995
ZorroDr. Henry Wayne 1 episode, 1990
Johnny BravoAdam West / ... 3 episodes, 1997-2004
The SimpsonsAdam West / ... 2 episodes, 1992-2002
SpongeBob SquarePantsYoung Mermaid Man 1 episode, 2010
30 RockAdam West 1 episode, 2009
NewsRadioAdam West 1 episode, 1998
The VirginianSam Loomis 1 episode, 1965
Space Ghost Coast to CoastAdam West 1 episode, 1994
The CriticAdam West 1 episode, 1994
GoosebumpsThe Galloping Gazelle 2 episodes, 1996
Pacific BlueMacon Dean 1 episode, 1999
MannixJonathan Forsythe 1 episode, 1972
BatmanBatman / ... 120 episodes, 1966-1968
Murder, She WroteWade Talmadge 1 episode, 1987
Love, American StyleAdam West (segment "Love and the Great Catch") 1 episode, 1970
Emergency!Vic Webster 1 episode, 1974
Police WomanMorgan 1 episode, 1977
The Outer LimitsMajor Charles 'Chuck' Merritt 1 episode, 1964
The Love BoatBob Williams 1 episode, 1983
Kim PossibleFearless Ferret / ... 1 episode, 2003
The FlashHippy Guy 1 episode, 1990
Burke's LawDean Winters 1 episode, 1995
The Dating GameSelf 1 episode, 1966
The Ben Stiller ShowAdam West 1 episode, 1992
The BatmanMayor Grange 7 episodes, 2004-2006
The Adventures of Pete & PetePrincipal Kent Schwinger 2 episodes, 1995
Legends of the SuperheroesBatman 2 episodes, 1979
Fantasy IslandFrank McKenna / ... 2 episodes, 1980-1984
Hart to HartDavid Stockwood 1 episode, 1983
George LopezJonathon K. Martin 2 episodes, 2007
Petticoat JunctionDr. Clayton Harris 2 episodes, 1964
The Drew Carey ShowMitch 1 episode, 2001
Murphy BrownAdam West 1 episode, 1997
The Tonight Show with Jay LenoSelf 1 episode, 2010
Operation PetticoatSteve Fleming 1 episode, 1978

Adam West's Movie/Shows Salary

Movie / Series Salary
Batman: The MovieΒ (1966)$100,000

Adam West's Quotes

  • [on his typecasting as The Caped Crusader] It was inescapable. I'd just about land something substantial, something I like or a good career move. Then some dinosaur would rear up and say, "But the audience will think of him as Batman." It was formidable. It was there like a brick wall.
  • [on his disappointment with the direction Batman (1966) was taking, especially during its second and third seasons] "Batman" was an expensive show and it was losing money. I became extremely frustrated and unhappy and wanted out. There was nothing I could do to convince the producers or the studio to make improvements. I was just a hired hand. Eventually, I lost all interest because I felt the series was being neglected. They weren't spending the money they should have, and we weren't getting the scripts we deserved. I didn't want any part of this situation any more. I was tired of fighting for better shows. The program I wanted to do was no longer possible. But I hated to leave the character because Batman had been good to me.
  • [on his being passed over for Tim Burton's 1989 Batman (1989)] I cried for an hour, but then I was okay. I wanted it! I don't know. I figured that's their business and they have a film in mind. I've already done it. I've done my Batman. Look, do you want the classic Coke or the new stuff? Maybe both. I do know that I'm disappointed not to have had a chance to play Batman, but they have their vision and I have mine.
  • I can't tell you how grateful I am to those fans. They are not stupid. I think they appreciate my sincerity and my work. Actors want to be loved. Batman (1966) has done that for me. I have an audience out there which is always waiting to see whatever I do. And new generations are constantly discovering me in reruns. So, as long as I stay sharp, good things can still happen for me. Meanwhile, I keep hoping that a wonderful opportunity will come along. Believe me, my life ain't so bad, after all.
  • Before I was limited to playing leads in low-budget movies. The series has given me the exposure - God knows - so that perhaps I would now be considered for important pictures, which is what I'm after.

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Adam West Net Worth Details

Adam West was one of the most popular actors in Hollywood and had an astounding net worth of $8 million at the time of his passing. The majority of his net worth came from his acclaimed career on television and in movies.


What is Adam West known for?

Adam West was an American actor, born as William West Anderson in 1928 in Walla Walla, Washington. Best known for his portrayal of the superhero Batman on the eponymous 196s television series, he also contributed voiceover work for animated programs such as β€˜The Simpsons,’ β€˜Family Guy,’ and β€˜Kim Possible.’

Early life and education

After completing his high school education at Lakeside School, Adam West attended Whitman College where he completed his BA in literature. Following college, he was drafted into the US Army, where he became an announcer on American Forces Network television.


Adam’s first roles in Hollywood were in films like β€˜Geronimo,’ β€˜Robinson Crusoe on Mars,’ and β€˜The Specialist.’ He gained immense popularity playing Batman on the iconic 196s TV show. In addition to this, he was also featured in numerous TV shows such as β€œThe Outer Limits,” β€œMaverick,” and β€œLaramie.”


Adam West died on June 9, 2017, at the age of 88 after battling leukemia.


Adam West’s most notable role came in the form of Bruce Wayne/Batman in the ABC series β€˜Batman’.

He reprised this role in multiple TV series, including the animated β€˜The New Adventures of Batman’, β€˜Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle’, β€˜Fantasy Island’, as well as various movies.

Batman made West a role model, most notably reprising the character for more modern audiences in Seth Macfarlane’s TV show Family Guy. He was also captain Chaos (incidentally, Batman’s opposite) in the movie β€œMcLintock.”

Personal Life

Adam West had been married three times; with his second wife, he had two children. His personality was reportedly different than his Batman persona, which led him to play many different parts in film and television shows and was greatly appreciated by his fans. He had a distinctive voice that made a lasting impact on several critically acclaimed programs. In addition, his presence in cameo appearances throughout the years made sure his fans had not forgotten him.


The contributions Adam West made to television and movies during his time in Hollywood can still be felt to this day. Known for his iconic portrayal of Batman, West left behind an incredible legacy, thanks to his unique voice acting style and unwavering dedication to the entertainment industry.

Interesting Facts about Adam West

  1. After playing the role of a resourceful secret agent in a Nestle's Quik commercial in the early 1960s, he caught the eye of ABC executives. The execs thought he might be right for an upcoming television series they were about to produce, Batman (1966).
  2. Adam West was the father of Hunter Anderson, Jonelle S. Anderson, Nina West and Perrin West. His daughter, Nina West, the host of TV Land Real Estate (2002), was a model and twice appeared with her father on Howard Stern's radio show. Adam West also had five grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.
  3. West once appeared on Batman: The Animated Series (1992) playing - of all things - an out-of-work actor who was unable to escape his identification with the role of a superhero he had played decades earlier, the Gray Ghost. Prior to this, West had supplied the voice of Batman on SuperFriends: The Legendary Super Powers Show (1984).
  4. Had two roles in common with Val Kilmer: (1) West played Doc Holliday in Sugarfoot (1957), Colt .45 (1957) and Lawman (1958) while Kilmer played him in Tombstone (1993) and (2) West played Batman / Bruce Wayne in Batman (1966), Batman: The Movie (1966), SuperFriends: The Legendary Super Powers Show (1984), The Super Powers Team: Galactic Guardians (1985), The New Adventures of Batman (1977) and Legends of the Superheroes (1979) while Kilmer played him in Batman Forever (1995).
  5. His former Batman (1966) co-star, Burt Ward, made a cameo appearance, voicing on an episode of The Simpsons (1989), with him, in 2002. Eight years later, Ward would also make another cameo appearance with him, voicing on an episode of SpongeBob SquarePants (1999), in 2010.
  6. Best-known by the public for his starring role in Batman (1966), West was actually the third actor to play Batman (although many credit him as the first, as the old serials are much more obscure than West's television series). He beat out two other actors, Lyle Waggoner and Ty Hardin, for the title role on Batman (1966). He was one of only three actors to appear in every episode of the original Batman (1966) series. Remained good friends with Burt Ward during and after the original Batman (1966) series. The costume worn by West is now a part of The Azarian Collection.
  7. Was drafted into the United States Army for two years.
  8. Began his career as a contract player for Warner Bros. Pictures in 1959. Before this, he worked as a radio disc jockey, where he founded a military television station where he garnered his knack for deadpan comedy.
  9. Over his long life, he had 14 hobbies: fishing, sailing, hiking, skiing, spending time with his family, listening to classic rock music, golfing, traveling, riding motorcycles, reading, watching movies, swimming, surfing and dancing.
  10. At Lakeside High School, West excelled in sports and served as school president of his 1946 graduating class. Graduated from Whitman College in Walla Walla, Washington, where he played water polo, ran track, skied and swam. He graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Literature (minoring in Psychology) and was a member of Beta Theta Pi fraternity. He was also a member of the public speaking and debating team.
  11. His father, Otto West Anderson (died 1984) was a farmer, his mother, Audrey Speer (died 1969) was a singer with a Christian musical group, The Speers. West was of Swedish ancestry on his father's side, and English, with small amounts of German, Irish, and Welsh from his mother's side. He was a farm boy until his parents' divorce when he was 15 years old. He, his mother and his younger brother, John, then relocated to Seattle.
  12. Discussed the James Bond role in On Her Majesty's Secret Service (1969) with producer Albert R. Broccoli. West felt the role should be played by a British actor, and declined the role.
  13. His television series Batman (1966) was canceled after 2 1/2 seasons, not only because of low ratings, but because of the rising costs of the special effects and lighting. When ABC canceled the series, NBC was asked to run the show, however the set had already been dismantled.
  14. After his 1956 divorce from his first wife, Billie Lou Yeager, he met Ngahra Frisbie, within months, while in Hawaii, and married her the following year. Met his third wife, Marcelle Lear, at a promotion for Learjets. While in his Batman (1966) costume, he posed with Learjet executive (and son of the founder) John Lear - who was married to her at the time. West had two stepchildren, Moya Lear and Jill Lear, by this marriage.
  15. Neighbors in Ketcham, Idaho, USA, with his Batman (1966) three episode guest star and friend, Van Williams, who portrayed the Green Hornet on Batman, before Williams was spun off into his own series, The Green Hornet (1966). West had recommended Williams to the producers for the Green Hornet guest role on Batman.
  16. He was awarded a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame at 6764 Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood, California on April 5, 2012.
  17. He was awarded a Golden Palm Star on the Palm Springs Walk of Stars in Palm Springs, California on April 10, 2010.
  18. His agent was Fred Wostbrock.
  19. Was screen tested for the role of Tracy Steele on Hawaiian Eye (1959), but lost the role to Anthony Eisley.
  20. While living in Hawaii, before becoming a successful actor, West took the role of sidekick on a local (Honolulu, Hawaii) children's television program, called (the) "El Kini Popo Show," which featured a chimpanzee. Eventually, West graduated from sidekick to star/host of the program.

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