Defenders of Tradition: Profiling Famous Republicans

Saddle up with Famous Network as we spotlight Republicans who fought to uphold American traditions and values. Get insights into conservatives like Barry Goldwater, the candid “Mr. Conservative” who laid the groundwork for the rightwing movement and earned a $10 million net worth.

Meet stalwarts like Newt Gingrich who delivered the Contract with America manifesto to recapture Congress. Learn how charming communicators like Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump fired up the base on their way to building fortunes of $14 million and $3.7 billion respectively.

Beyond Capitol Hill, discover their lives off the pulpit – Reagan’s previous career as a Hollywood heartthrob, Trump’s lavish gold furnishings, and Gerald Ford’s passion for college football. Through our profiles, appreciate Republicans dedicated to preserving ideals of faith, family and self-sufficiency who put principles before polls.

Roger Stone

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Roger Stone's Net Worth is $50,000

Roger Stone: The Controversial Political Strategist Roger Stone is an American political strategist, lobbyist, and author, widely known … Read more

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