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Buckle up as Famous Network takes you inside the Oval Office, revealing fascinating insights into the lives of the most powerful men in the world – the Presidents of the United States. Learn little-known details about Honest Abe Lincoln’s law career and hobby of inventing gadgets. Discover Teddy Roosevelt’s adventurous spirit, boxing in the White House and skinny dipping in the Potomac.

Get the juicy gossip from JFK’s countless affairs that he desperately tried hiding from Jackie. Explore Barack Obama’s early years as a community organizer in Chicago and devotion to coaching his daughters’ basketball teams in the White House court.

Beyond their years in office, see what unexpected paths former presidents pursued – from Jimmy Carter’s Grammy-winning music career to George W. Bush’s paintings of world leaders. Through poignant profiles and surprising trivia, understand the full lives of the leaders who navigated America through periods of peril and prosperity.

Rafael Correa

Rafael Correa Net Worth Details, Personal Info

Rafael Correa's Net Worth is $2,000,000

Rafael Correa: A Trailblazing Ecuadorian Politician Rafael Vicente Correa Delgado, known worldwide as Rafael Correa, is a prominent … Read more

Julia Gillard

Julia Gillard Net Worth Details, Personal Info

Julia Gillard's Net Worth is $2,000,000

Julia Gillard: The Inspiring Journey of Australia’s Former Prime Minister Julia Gillard, the former Australian Prime Minister, is … Read more

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