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Barry Larkin, a famous retired Major League Baseball player, has amassed a net worth of $50 million. Throughout his successful career with the Cincinnati Reds, Larkin earned just under $80 million in salary alone and won numerous awards, including the 1995 National League MVP.

Key facts:

  • Barry Larkin was a successful Major League Baseball player who played for the Cincinnati Reds from 1986 until his retirement in 2004.
  • During his career, Larkin won multiple awards, including being named a 12-time All-Star, a three-time Gold Glove Award winner, and the 1995 National League MVP.
  • He also won the Silver Slugger Award nine times and both the Lou Gehrig and Roberto Clemente Awards.
  • Larkin was instrumental in the Reds' 199 World Series win and was part of the Silver medal team at the 1984 Olympics.
  • In recognition of his achievements, Barry Larkin was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 2012.

Basic Information About Barry Larkin

CategoryAthletes β€Ί Baseball Players
ProfessionsBaseball player
Net worth$50,000,000
Date of birth1964-04-28 (59 years old)
Place of birthCincinnati
NationalityUnited States of America
Height6 ft (1.83 m)
Social Mediaβ†—οΈŽ Wikipedia

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Barry Larkin: A Baseball Legend with a Staggering Net Worth

Barry Larkin, the renowned former Major League Baseball player, has left an indelible mark on the sport. With his exceptional skills and numerous awards, Larkin has earned a net worth of $50 million. Born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, Larkin started his journey to greatness at the University of Michigan, where he excelled as a baseball player.

What is Barry Larkin known for?

Barry Larkin is best known for his illustrious career as a shortstop for the Cincinnati Reds. He made his debut in the Major Leagues in the summer of 1986 and quickly gained recognition for his remarkable talent. Larkin became known for his exceptional defensive skills, agility, and powerful hitting abilities.

Early life and education

Born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, Barry Larkin discovered his love for baseball at an early age. His talent on the field was evident even during his time at Archbishop Moeller High School, where he led the team to victory as the captain. Larkin’s determination and dedication to the sport earned him a scholarship to the University of Michigan, where he continued to shine as a star athlete.


Larkin’s professional career began in the mid-80s when he signed with the Vermont Reds, a Minor League team. His talent and hard work earned him the title of Rookie of the Year in 1996. He also achieved success while playing for the Denver Zephyrs, where he was named AAA Player of the Year.

In 1986, Barry Larkin started playing for the Cincinnati Reds, marking the beginning of an extraordinary journey with the team. Over his 19-year career with the Reds, Larkin solidified his position as one of the best shortstops in the history of baseball. He was a twelve-time All-Star, a three-time Gold Glove Award winner, and the recipient of the prestigious National League MVP award in 1995.

Throughout his career, Larkin’s exceptional performance and leadership skills guided the Reds to victory. He played a crucial role in the team’s triumph at the 199 World Series, bringing home the championship trophy. Furthermore, Larkin represented his country on an international stage as a member of the silver medal-winning team at the 1984 Olympics.

In recognition of his contributions to the sport of baseball, Barry Larkin was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 2012. His inclusion in this esteemed institution solidified his place among the legends of the game.


Barry Larkin’s list of achievements is as extensive as it is impressive. In addition to his numerous accolades as an All-Star and Gold Glove Award winner, he received the Silver Slugger Award an astounding nine times throughout his career. This award recognizes excellence in offensive performance for a player in each position.

Larkin’s dedication to the sport extended beyond his outstanding on-field performance. He was presented with both the Lou Gehrig and Roberto Clemente Awards, recognizing his exceptional character and charitable efforts. These awards pay tribute to players who exhibit sportsmanship, philanthropy, and community involvement.

Barry Larkin’s achievements in baseball not only brought him incredible success but also substantial financial rewards. Throughout his career, he earned nearly $80 million in salary alone. This substantial income has allowed him to provide his family with a comfortable lifestyle and invest wisely.

Outside of the baseball world, Barry Larkin and his wife Lisa have ventured into real estate. Their primary residence is an opulent custom-built 14,500 square-foot mansion in Orlando, which they have owned since the 199s. Despite listing the property for sale with an initial asking price of $10.9 million in 2012, they have since reduced the price to $5.4 million, providing a glimpse into their illustrious lifestyle.

Barry Larkin’s impact on the sport of baseball and his impressive net worth are a testament to his talent, hard work, and dedication. As a legend of the game, he continues to inspire aspiring athletes and remains an iconic figure in baseball history.

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