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Brad Renfro, the Famous American actor and musician, had a net worth of $300 thousand before his death in January 2008. Renfro was known for his performances in various movies and received recognitions such as Young Artist Award in 1995 and a YoungStar Award in 1995.

Key facts:

The key facts about Brad Renfro based on the provided text are:
  • Brad Renfro was an American actor and musician.
  • He starred in several films during his acting career, including The Client, The Cure, Apt Pupil, and Ghost World.
  • Renfro won a Young Artist Award in 1995 for The Client and a YoungStar Award in 1995 for The Cure.
  • He was also nominated for a Saturn Award for Apt Pupil in 1999.
  • Rentro passed away on January 15, 2008 at just 25 years of age from a heroin overdose.

Basic Information About Brad Renfro

CategoryCelebrities β€Ί Actors
Net worth$300,000
Date of birth1982-07-25
Place of birthKnoxville
Date of death2008-01-15 (aged 25)
NationalityUnited States of America
Height5 ft 8 in (1.73 m)
Social Mediaβ†—οΈŽ Wikipedia β†—οΈŽ IMDb

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What Movie Awards did Brad Renfro win?


Golden Globe

Golder Raspberry


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Brad Renfro awards

Award Name State Movie / Series Name Year
CFCA Award - Most Promising ActorNomineeThe Client1995
Young Artist Award - Best Performance by a Young Actor Starring in a Motion PictureWinnerThe Client1995
Best Actor Award - WinnerApt Pupil1998
YoungStar Award - Best Performance by a Young Actor in a Comedy FilmNomineeTom and Huck1997
YoungStar Award - Best Performance by a Young Actor in a Drama FilmWinnerThe Cure1995

Brad Renfro roles

Movie / Series Role
SleepersYoung Michael
Ghost WorldJosh
BullyMarty Puccio
The ClientMark Sway
The InformersJack
Apt PupilTodd Bowden
The JacketThe Stranger
Tom and HuckHuck Finn
TartWilliam Sellers
The CureErik
Law & Order: Criminal IntentDuane Winslow 1 episode, 2006
Recess1 episode, 2000

Brad Renfro's Quotes

  • Everybody thinks I'm, like, a bad boy. I've had my day, but I just sit at home and play the blues mostly.
  • [a plea to his fans] If you've never tried drugs, DON'T. And if you have, pray.
  • I choose films for their artistic value. I don't need a mansion or a Jaguar. When I leave this Earth, I won't take any money with me. All I will leave behind will be my art.
  • The advice I have for people wanting to get into acting ... I would say, stay the hell away from the party scene. Anything you put in front of your goal, and especially something like that, whether it's too much gambling, too much food, too much (sic) cold beers on the weekend - anything that you put in front of the prize is going to end up getting in the way and hurting you in the end. Unfortunately, a lot of people are not lucky enough to traverse through things like that and come out of things on the other side. A lot of people don't make it. They don't live through it. (2007)

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Brad Renfro: An Introduction

Brad Renfro was an American actor, born in Knoxville, Tennessee in July 1982. He was not only an actor but also a musician who had numerous accomplishments in his short career. Brad Renfro’s net worth was estimated to be $300 thousand at the time of his death in January 2008.


What was Brad Renfro known for?

Brad Renfro is best known for his acting career. He started his career at an early age of eleven when he was discovered by an agent while playing a game of skateboarding on the streets of his hometown. Renfro made his debut in the film industry with the movie β€œThe Client” in which he played the role of Mark Sway.

Early life and Education

Brad Renfro was born on July 25, 1982. He grew up in a poor family in Knoxville, Tennessee. Renfro got involved with drugs and alcohol at an early age which was evident through his behavior on sets and his declining health in later years.


Renfro’s acting career was a promising one. His role as a young boy opposite Susan Sarandon in β€œThe Client” garnered him critical acclaim and marked the beginning of his ascent into Hollywood. Many more exciting prospects followed; he appeared in the movies β€œTelling Lies In America”, β€œSleepers”, and β€œGhost World” in which his performances received high-appreciation from audiences. Notwithstanding, Brad Renfro’s eventual decline in popularity was due to legal issues and other personal challenges that curtailed his career progression.


Brad Renfro died on January 15, 2008, at the age of just 25 years. He passed away due to a heroin overdose that was reportedly because he was dealing with personal issues; as a solo person in a big city. Fans of Renfro mourned his death, and many hailed him as an innovative force in the world of cinema.


Despite his short-lived career, Brad Renfro leaves behind an impressive legacy through his contributions in the film industry. He won the Young Artist Award in 1995 for his role in β€œThe Client”. Additionally, He won the YoungStar Award in the same year for his moving performance in β€œThe Cure”.

Renfro was also nominated for the Saturn Award for his daring performance opposite Ian McKellen in the thriller β€œApt Pupil”. Brad Renfro’s other notable works include β€œTom and Huck”, β€œBully”, and β€œThe Informers”.


The entertainment industry lost an innovative and enormous talent when Brad Renfro passed away in 2008. However, his contributions to films have been valuable, and his work lives on through the medium of cinematography. Renfro’s life is one of tragedy, wherein the absence of a positive support system and with a propensity towards drug use revealed deeply rooted challenges that this artist faced. Although his vulnerabilities were known to many, his unwillingness or inability to seek help may have precipitated his untimely demise; leaving many who cared about him puzzled by such a loss. His legacy will long remain and influence people around the world.

Interesting Facts about Brad Renfro

  1. Half-sister: Haley Rose Olsen.
  2. His father, Mark, a factory worker, split from his wife while Brad was a toddler.
  3. Mother: Angela.
  4. A proficient guitar player who listed Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page as his idol.
  5. The Official Brad Renfro Fan Club 322 Foxboro Dr. Walnut, CA 91789-2032 USA.
  6. Played in a school production sponsored by DARE, a program in which young people learn about the danger of drugs.
  7. Until he was discovered and cast in The Client (1994), he attended Fountain City Elementary School in Knoxville, Tennesee.
  8. Won the "Hollywood Reporter's Young Star Award" in 1995.
  9. Raised by his grandmother, he was discovered by casting director Mali Finn, who was conducting a search for a kid to star in The Client (1994). Brad and his grandmother were flown to Hollywood for a screen test. Brad had never flown on a plane or stayed in a hotel before.
  10. Cousin of Jesse Hasek, singer for the band 10 Years from Knoxville, Tennessee.
  11. Auditioned for the part of Gabriel Martin in The Patriot (2000), which eventually went to Heath Ledger, who died from an overdose of prescription drugs on January 22, 2008, exactly one week after Brad's death.
  12. His grandmother, who had taken care of Brad from an early age, died February 1, 2008, of natural causes. She was 76 years old.
  13. He was discovered by casting director Mali Finn for the leading role in The Client (1994) when he was ten.
  14. Ex-girlfriend Anne Bergstedt established a memorial fund after Renfro's January 15, 2008, death from an overdose.
  15. Favorite actor was Steve McQueen.
  16. His favorite of his own movies was Bully (2001).
  17. Started playing guitar when he was 6 years old.
  18. Once roomed with Mark Foster, founding member of the band Foster the People.
  19. He was originally cast as Will Rollins in Freddy vs. Jason (2003), but was replaced by Jason Ritter less than a week before filming began.

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