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Carlos Correa is a famous Puerto Rican professional baseball player with a net worth of $50 million and a salary of $33 million. Widely considered one of the best position players in the game today, Correa has played for the Houston Astros and the Minnesota Twins of Major League Baseball as a shortstop.

Key facts:

  • Carlos Correa is widely considered one of the best position players in Major League Baseball today.
  • He was the #1 overall pick in the 2012 MLB Draft and became the highest-selected player drafted from a Puerto Rican high school.
  • In 2015, Correa made his MLB debut for the Houston Astros and was named American League Rookie of the Year.
  • He was a key player when the Astros won the World Series in 2017, and he was named an All-Star that year.
  • In 2021, Correa won the Golden Glove Award, Platinum Glove Award, and Fielding Bible Award, solidifying his reputation as the best defensive shortstop in the league.

Basic Information About Carlos Correa

CategoryAthletes β€Ί Baseball Players
Net worth$50,000,000
Date of birth1994-09-22 (29 years old)
Place of birthPonce, Puerto Rico
Social Mediaβ†—οΈŽ Wikipedia

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Net Worth Details

Carlos Correa is a Puerto Rican professional baseball player who has a net worth of $50 million and a salary of $33 million. He has achieved tremendous success in his career, both on and off the field, making him one of the wealthiest players in Major League Baseball.


What is Carlos Correa known for?

Carlos Correa, born Carlos Javier Correa Oppenheimer Jr., is best known for being a standout shortstop in Major League Baseball. He has played for both the Houston Astros and the Minnesota Twins, earning a reputation as one of the best players at his position.

Early Life and Education

Carlos Correa was born on September 22, 1994, in Ponce, Puerto Rico. From an early age, he showed a passion for baseball and began playing catch with his father. Despite facing challenges such as recurrent floods that forced his family to move, Correa’s talent on the field stood out.

Correa’s dedication to the sport led him to join a youth league at the age of five, where he quickly showcased his exceptional hitting ability. His father became his coach, working with him every day to hone his skills. As he continued to excel, Correa earned a scholarship to the Puerto Rico Baseball Academy and High School.

In 201, Carlos participated in prestigious events such as the Perfect Game BCS Finals and WWBA PG Underclassman World Championships, where he caught the attention of scouts and baseball enthusiasts alike. His performance at the 2011 PG World and National Showcases solidified his position as one of the top players in his class.

In addition to his high school commitments, Correa also represented the Puerto Rico National Baseball Team and signed a letter of commitment with the University of Miami. His exceptional talent and work ethic caught the eye of Major League Baseball scouts, setting the stage for his professional career.


In 2012, Carlos Correa made headlines when he was selected as the #1 overall pick in the MLB draft by the Houston Astros. At just 17 years old, he became the highest-selected player ever drafted from a Puerto Rican high school.

Correa quickly proved himself on the field, earning distinctions such as being named the organization’s top prospect. In June of 2015, he made his MLB debut for the Astros. That same year, he was named the American League Rookie of the Year, showcasing his exceptional talent and impact.

In 2017, Correa played a pivotal role in leading the Houston Astros to a World Series victory over the Los Angeles Dodgers. He was recognized as an All-Star and represented Puerto Rico in the World Baseball Classic All-Tournament Team that same year. Throughout his career, Correa has consistently demonstrated his skill and versatility, making him a sought-after player in Major League Baseball.


Carlos Correa’s career is filled with numerous achievements and accolades. He has been named an All-Star multiple times and received prestigious awards such as the Golden Glove Award, Platinum Glove Award, and Fielding Bible Award. These honors recognize his exceptional defensive skills as a shortstop.

Off the field, Correa has also made a notable impact through his charity work. He has been actively involved in supporting communities affected by natural disasters, including aiding recovery efforts after Hurricane Harvey in Houston and Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico. Through his charitable contributions, Correa has shown a commitment to making a positive difference in the lives of those in need.

In conclusion

Carlos Correa has established himself as one of the most talented shortstops in Major League Baseball. His dedication, hard work, and exceptional skills have earned him a remarkable net worth and a place among the top players in the game today. As he continues his career, fans can expect to witness even more memorable moments and achievements from Carlos Correa.

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