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Chuck McCann’s net worth was $3 million at the time of his death in April 2018. Famous for voicing countless roles, including Leatherneck in G.I. Joe and Blinky and Pinky in Pac-Man, McCann left behind a thriving legacy and a well-earned fortune.

Key facts:

  • Chuck McCann was a prolific American actor with over 160 acting credits to his name.
  • He starred as Barney in the 1975 television series Far Out Space Nuts.
  • McCann was the voice actor for Blinky and Pinky on the hit TV series Pac-Man from 1982 to 1983.
  • In addition to his success in Pac-Man, McCann also lent his voice to many other popular shows, including DuckTales, Where's Waldo?, and The Garfield Show.
  • In recognition of his voice acting work, Chuck McCann received a nomination for a Behind the Voice Actors Award in 2014 for his role in DuckTales.

Basic Information About Chuck McCann

CategoryCelebrities β€Ί Actors
ProfessionsActor, Voice Actor
Net worth$3,000,000
Date of birth1934-09-02
Place of birthBrooklyn
Date of death2018-04-08 (aged 83)
NationalityUnited States of America
Spouse29 June - Elizabeth A. "Betty" Fanning (Β 1977 - 8 AprilΒ 2018)Β (his death)
26 July - Eileen Sommerstad (Β 1966 - ?)Β (divorced)Β (2 children)
6 December - Susan O'Connor (Β 1958 - 6 AprilΒ 1966)Β (divorced)Β (1 child)
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What Movie Awards did Chuck McCann win?


Golden Globe

Golder Raspberry


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Chuck McCann roles

Movie / Series Role
Robin Hood: Men in TightsVillager
Foul PlayTheatre Manager
Dracula: Dead and Loving ItInnkeeper
Thrashin'Sam Flood
Silent MovieStudio Gate Guard
The TickFilth #2 1 episode, 1996
On the AirWally Walters 1 episode, 1992
CHiPsGillis 1 episode, 1981
AnimaniacsEggbert 1 episode, 1993
Knight RiderBombo The Clown 1 episode, 1985
One Day at a TimeBeerbelly 3 episodes, 1981-1982
Little House on the PrairieTinker Jones 1 episode, 1974
St. ElsewhereMr. Stovall 1 episode, 1984
Sabrina the Teenage WitchThe Repairman 1 episode, 1997
ColumboRoger White 1 episode, 1973
The Garfield ShowAdditional Voices 5 episodes, 2008-2013
The Powerpuff GirlsBossman / ... 5 episodes, 1998-2003
Santa BarbaraKris Kringle 7 episodes, 1987-1988
Cover UpKotch 1 episode, 1985
Matt HoustonAdam Booth / ... 2 episodes, 1983-1985
Diff'rent StrokesSandy 1 episode, 1985
The New Adventures of Winnie the PoohHeff Heffalump / ... 2 episodes, 1988-1990
DuckTalesDuckworth / ... 57 episodes, 1987-1990
Police WomanHarold Miller / ... 2 episodes, 1974-1976
The Love BoatAl / ... 2 episodes, 1983
Thundarr the BarbarianArtemus, Mutants 1 episode, 1981
The Jetsons1 episode, 1985
Tales from the DarksideMr. Personalities / ... 1 episode, 1985
Darkwing DuckOne of Muggers 1 episode, 1991
The Paul Lynde ShowMinister 1 episode, 1972
The Girls Next DoorSelf - Actor / ... 2 episodes, 2007-2009
The Bob Newhart ShowHal Miller 1 episode, 1973
Cagney & LaceyJim Lundsford 1 episode, 1985
Fantasy IslandWhoopee Hoover 1 episode, 1979
Scooby-Doo and Scrappy-DooAdditional Voices unknown episodes
Down to EarthHarry / ... 1 episode, 1985
Monster SquadWriter
Chip 'n' Dale Rescue RangersSugar Ray Lizard 2 episodes, 1990
KojakLloyd Tatum 1 episode, 1974
Mad About YouMets Catcher 1 episode, 1998
Boston LegalJudge Byron Fudd 6 episodes, 2007-2008
Duckman: Private Dick/Family Man1 episode, 1996
The Dick Cavett ShowSelf 1 episode, 1971
A Pup Named Scooby-DooAdditional Voices / ... 1 episode, 1988
Beyond Belief: Fact or FictionRoger / ... 2 episodes, 1998
The Incredible HulkThing 1 episode, 1996
Garfield and FriendsDog / ... 1 episode, 1988-1991
The Facts of LifeSanta Claus 1 episode, 1987
Sigmund and the Sea MonstersWriter

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The Multifaceted Chuck McCann

Chuck McCann was not just an American actor, voice actor, and television personality. He was a master at crafting his characters and imbuing them with life beyond the screen. At the time of his death in 2018, his net worth was estimated to be around $3 million.


What is Chuck McCann known for?

McCann was best known for his work as a character actor in Hollywood. He had over 160 acting credits to his name and voiced some of the most memorable animated characters in TV history.

Early life and education

Born in Brooklyn, New York, in 1934, McCann found his passion for performing at an early age. His parents encouraged him to pursue acting, and he began attending acting classes at the age of five. However, that was not all; he has also studied both puppetry and ventriloquism in his younger years which set the foundation for his future work as a voice actor.


Throughout his distinguished career, Chuck McCann was an actor, voiceover artist, comedian, writer, and even a television presenter. He had a talent for using language and humor, becoming one of Hollywood’s most sought-after entertainers in the 196s.

He was excellent with characters and infused them with such empathy that they felt real beyond the screen. McCann excelled in every medium, from television shows to animation to films to radio shows.

Acting career

McCann’s acting career spanned over four decades affording him the opportunity to work with other great actors in various character portrayals. He portrayed Barney, one of the leading characters in the television series Far Out Space Nuts which played in 1975. He probably did this particular role justice when he added his own comedic abilities to make the show funnier than was originally planned.

Chuck McCann was mainly a voice actor as well. One of the most beloved voice roles he acted was that of the mayor in The Powerpuff Girls. He also voiced Leatherneck, a G.I. Joe character in addition to other characters including the iconic DuckTales, and many more.

Without a doubt, his clever use of language and humor landed him several minor and leading roles in many well-known films. His diverse roles across different genres include small roles in films like The Heart is a Lonely Hunter and Bonfire of the Vanities in addition to hit movies like Robin Hood: Men in Tights, Herbie Rides Again, and The Aristocats where he stole the scene with his singing.


Chuck McCann left this world on April 8, 2018, after he was noted to have been feeling weak and having trouble breathing.


Chuck McCann’s talent brought him much recognition from the industry and viewers alike. In 2014, he was even nominated for a Behind The Voice Actors Award for his outstanding performance in DuckTales. Over the course of his career, he won other various accolades.

However, it is undeniable that McCann’s biggest achievement is leaving behind a legacy that continues to influence modern-day voice artists and entertainers. During his lifetime, he partnered with several companies involved with production including Sesame Street, so you can almost say McCann had his hands in everything. All this built up experience he amassed paying off hundreds of incredibly entertaining and unforgettable performances – garnering him respect among his peers in Hollywood and immortality in the public’s memories.


Chuck McCann’s incredible career as both an actor as well as a voice actor remains a shining example of what passion and a genuine love for one’s craft could achieve. He left behind a rich legacy of entertainment that had endeared him to millions of fans worldwide. Despite his demise, with upwards of 160 roles to his credit, McCann continues to influence those who aspire to pursue an acting career; a true master of his art.

Interesting Facts about Chuck McCann

  1. Children: daughters, Jennifer Strasser and Siobhan Bennett; his son, Sean passed away in 2009.
  2. Had his own afternoon TV Show "The Chuck McCann Show".
  3. Often plays the grumpy bullying leader with a dimwitted goofy sidekick (the likes of Tim Conway, Red Buttons and Bob Denver),.
  4. Co-founder, with John McCabe and three others, of "The Sons of the Desert" fan club, devoted to the memories of Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy.
  5. Appeared as Oliver Hardy in Standard Oil commercials of the 1970's.
  6. He played a film projectionist in both The Projectionist (1970) and Columbo: Double Exposure (1973).
  7. As a teenager living in NYC, McCann once called Stan Laurel, who lived in CA. He was astounded when Laurel not only answered the phone, but spoke for almost an hour. A few minutes into the conversation, McCann recalled Laurel asking, "This isn't a collect call, is it, son?".
  8. McCann was an excellent voice mimic of both Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy; often, unconsciously, lapsed into their voices when speaking about them.

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