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Daeg Faerch is a famous American actor, having a net worth of $400 thousand. His notable performances include portraying a young Michael Myers in Halloween (2007) and Michel in Hancock (2008).

Key facts:

Here are the 3 key facts about Daeg Faerch based on the context given:
  • Daeg Faerch is an American actor and best known for his role as a young Michael Myers in the 2007 film Halloween and as Michel in the 2008 movie Hancock.
  • Aside from his notable roles, Faerch has also appeared in many films such as Seafood Heaven, Andrew the Pirate, Lovin' Scoopful, Villa Nova and Necromance to name a few.
  • He is a talented actor who not only portrays challenging roles, but he is also credited with doing his own stunts in the films Halloween and Hancock.

Basic Information About Daeg Faerch

CategoryCelebrities β€Ί Actors
Net worth$400,000
Date of birth1995-09-27 (28 years old)
Place of birthSan Diego
Curiosities and TrademarksTattoo and nose piercing
Tall stature and slender frame
Long blond hair and blue eyes
Social Mediaβ†—οΈŽ Wikipedia β†—οΈŽ IMDb

What Movie Awards did Daeg Faerch win?


Golden Globe

Golder Raspberry


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Daeg Faerch roles

Movie / Series Role
HalloweenMichael Myers, age 10
The AccountantFrench Bully (uncredited)
American VandalTank Top Todd Watford 1 episode, 2017

Daeg Faerch Net Worth and Biography

Known as one of the rising talents in the industry, Daeg Faerch is one of the young actors worth watching. Born in San Diego, California, in 1995, he scooped his fame from his appearances in numerous films. He is by far, one of the most inspiring real-life success stories in Hollywood and has always fascinated fans who always rush to learn more about his life both on and off-screen. Here is everything you need to know about Daeg Faerch’s net worth and biography.

Early Life and Education

Like most celebrities, Daeg Faerch’s life did not start so smooth. Growing up with a drug-addicted father was overwhelming. However, things only turned from worse to worst after being adopted by Mikal Faerch, an anti-drug activist with whom he spent his childhood years in Hollywood.

Daeg Faerch attended school in Los Angeles but dropped out during his middle school years. Despite not attending school regularly, the young actor was determined to chase his dreams of becoming a professional actor. He spent most of his time attending theatre classes, auditioning all over Hollywood and grabbing whatever role that came his way.


Daeg Faerch’s acting career started when he was barely nine years old when he landed a tiny role in an American crime series, Criminal Minds. He later appeared in numerous television shows, including the drama series Pushing Daisies, that won him good reviews. In 2007, he made an appearance as the young Michael Myers in Halloween, becoming one of the youngest actors ever to portray the character that went on to make a box office hit. Faerch also starred in the action movie Hancock, playing the role of Michel.

Besides television and film roles, Daeg Faerch is also active in the music industry. He appeared in Lucky Numbers: A Musical, where he won the crowd over with his songwriting skills and musical abilities.

Net Worth Details

As of 2021, Daeg Faerch’s net worth is reported to be $400 thousand, according to multiple online sources. However, as he has been appearing both on the big and small screens for more than a decade, it is only natural that his net worth might have grown over time.

The young actor does not shy away from hard work. He is constantly working on new projects and always taking on as many roles as he can. For that reason, there is no doubt that his films considerably contribute to his net worth.


More than landing several prominent figures during his career, Daeg Faerch can boast of other achievements too; some of which may not be as visible to the naked eye. By most accounts, his acting performances are unforgettable. The level of talent and dedication shown by someone so young is astounding.

The range of projects that Daeg Faerch has become involved in over the years proves that he possesses talent far beyond his years. While still high-school-age, he appeared in many independent films, showcasing his versatility and willingness to try new things and challenge himself artistically.

Whether it’s taking on more challenging roles or performing his own stunts while on set, Daeg seems always to be striving for perfection-a trait that even some veteran actors lack.

The Bottom Line

Daeg Faerch’s net worth is still not that outrageous compared to some of the biggest stars. With several good years left in his career, he shows signs of sticking around and earning a considerable return on investment for anyone willing to cast him. Despite a life full of financial burdens, he has managed to carve out a successful acting career, becoming one of Hollywood’s favorite names today.

Ultimately, it seems as though the best is yet to come for this up-and-coming actor. Fans are excited to see how Daeg Faerch’s career will continue to grow and flourish in the years to come.

Interesting Facts about Daeg Faerch

  1. Son of Mickey Faerch.
  2. Daeg began scriptwriting at eight years old when he wrote the 15 page pirate/vampire script "Duel" that he directed and edited the following year.
  3. When Daeg was cast as Michel, the French boy in Hancock (2008) directed by Peter Berg, he had a star meter of 38. At that time, that star meter was better than the three big names of this movie: Will Smith, Jason Bateman and Charlize Theron. The reason is he had just completed the lead role in Halloween (2007) (2007), directed by Rob Zombie. Daeg did all his own stunts in both movies.
  4. Named the "Best Minor Character" in Miami Herald's 2008 Movie Yearbook: "Hancock (2008)'s Michel (Daeg Faerch) the snotty French boy who insists on referring to the alcoholic superhero in an extremely rude way." Best Minor Character.
  5. Daeg has a French accent in Hancock (2008) and a German accent in Pushing Daisies (2007). He speaks Japanese in "Life Ride" and French in "Angry Ghost." Daeg can also speak some American Sign Language and a bit of Danish.
  6. Other Acclaim: Daeg Faerch's performance as Michael Myers in Halloween (2007) (2007) ranks in the "Top 10 Performances From A Child Star In Horror" by Horrornews. Fearch was named best minor character in Miami Herald's 2008 Movie Yearbook for his role in Hancock. HorrorNews.net ranks Fearch in the all-time Top Ten Kids in Horror. Similarly, Fear Fragments.com ranks his Young Michael Myers as the No. 2 greatest "evil kid" performance in horror. 411Mania.com ranks Michael Myers as portrayed by Faerch and Tyler Mane as #5 on its list of the Top 8 Asylum Inmates.
  7. May 2017 Daeg starred in 'Debbie Harry' band BLONDIE 's new music video "Fun" as the astronaut, directed by 'Dikayl Rimmasch' also featuring 'Raja'. The alien/ astronaut is androgynous. Daeg occasionally plays androgynous characters in the media.
  8. Daeg was featured in multiple scenes in the 2005 music video "Red Flag" by BILLY TALENT directed by 'Floria Sigismondi'.
  9. Daeg speaks French in the Ben Affleck movie, The Accountant, directed by Gavin O'Connor.

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