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Famous American actor Dan Butler has a net worth of $6 million as per the latest estimates. Butler’s iconic role as Bob ‘Bulldog’ Briscoe on the widely acclaimed television series Frasier from 1993 to 2004 garnered him immense popularity and recognition. He has also starred in numerous films, television series, and voiced characters in animations over the years in his fruitful career.

Key facts:

  • Dan Butler is well-known for portraying the character Bob 'Bulldog' Briscoe on Frasier for over a decade.
  • He worked as a voice actor for television series Hey Arnold! from 1997 to 2004.
  • Butler played a recurring role as Art on the popular television series Roseanne from 1991 to 1992.
  • He starred in several movies during his career, including The Manhattan Project, Manhunter, Captain Ron, and Crazy Stupid Love.
  • Additionally, Dan Butler appeared in several popular TV series such as Monk, Without a Trace, Supernatural, and Blindspot.

Basic Information About Dan Butler

CategoryCelebrities β€Ί Actors
ProfessionsActor, Playwright, Voice Actor, Screenwriter, Film Producer
Net worth$6,000,000
Date of birth1954-12-02 (69 years old)
Place of birthHuntington
NationalityUnited States of America
SpouseRichard Waterhouse - (12 SeptemberΒ 2010 - present)
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What Movie Awards did Dan Butler win?


Golden Globe

Golder Raspberry


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Dan Butler roles

Movie / Series Role
Crazy, Stupid, Love.Cal's Boss
The Silence of the LambsRoden
ManhunterJimmy Price (as Dan E. Butler)
Enemy of the StateShaffer
All My LifeDr. Alan Mendelson
Captain RonBill Zachery
The FanGarrity
Rising SunKen Shubik
The Long Walk HomeCharlie
Quantum LeapJake Dorleac / ... 2 episodes, 1991-1993
American DreamsCoach Ambros 4 episodes, 2002
The X FilesJim Ausbury 1 episode, 1995
SupernaturalReverend Sorenson 1 episode, 2005
Blue BloodsSBS President Randy Grant 1 episode, 2016
Malcolm in the MiddleNorm 1 episode, 2005
Just Shoot Me!Bill Slatton 1 episode, 1998
BlindspotPaul Bolton 1 episode, 2015
Ally McBealAttorney Bender 1 episode, 1999
Law & Order: Criminal IntentCongressman Price 1 episode, 2010
BansheeSenator Mitchum 2 episodes, 2016
FrasierBulldog Briscoe 53 episodes, 1993-2004
MonkDr. Davis Scott 1 episode, 2007
ColumboSergeant Goodman 1 episode, 1992
'Til DeathPaul 1 episode, 2007
The Powers That BeWalt Stevens, Washington Post Reporter 1 episode, 1993
RoseanneArt 3 episodes, 1991-1992
Leg WorkPeter Solinski 1 episode, 1987
The Mysteries of LauraCalvin Gold 1 episode, 2014
The MistFather Romanov 6 episodes, 2017
Crossing JordanArnold Hummer 1 episode, 2002
Tales of the City1 episode, 2019
King of the HillAttorney / ... 2 episodes, 1997-1998
Odd Mom OutJoe 1 episode, 2017
Aaahh!!! Real MonstersMezmo 1 episode, 1997
Life Goes OnEd 1 episode, 1993
Remington SteeleMorgue Attendant (uncredited) unknown episodes
Miss MatchChuck Webb 1 episode, 2003
Late Night with Conan O'BrienSelf - Guest 1 episode, 1995

Dan Butler's Quotes

  • There are so many different camps about what being gay means. The danger comes when each one is so rigid that it sees itself as the true picture.

The Versatile Dan Butler

Dan Butler is an actor known for his effortless portrayal of characters on television and film. Born in Huntington, Illinois in 1954, Dan Butler has had a successful acting career of over three decades, which is reflected in his net worth of $6 million in 2021.


What is Dan Butler known for?

Dan Butler is best known for his portrayal as Bob ‘Bulldog’ Briscoe on the television series Frasier that ran from 1993 to 2004. The show went on to become a major hit and earned him three Screen Actors Guild Award nominations.

Later on, he continued to feature in widely acclaimed productions like Roseanne, where he played the recurring role of Art in 1991-1992. Dan Butler also made notable appearances in The X-Files, Star Trek: Voyager, Monk, Supernatural, Crossing Jordan, Without a Trace and Law and Order. Butler’s unique and versatile style complimented his creativity and contributed to his critical acclaim as an actor.

Early Life and Education

Dan Butler was raised in Chicago and began practicing acting while in high school. After graduating high school he went to Indiana University in Bloomington to study drama. He completed his graduate studies at the Illinois State University Theater Program.


Butler began his career on stage, performing both on Broadway and off-Broadway productions. However, Frasier changed everything for him. His role in Frasier allowed him to showcase his talent to a vast audience. In addition to the fame it brought him, the show opened doors for him to take part in big Hollywood projects.

Over the years, Butler has featured in voice acting roles and also played significant characters on TV series. He played the role of Father Romanov on The Mist in 2017. His recent TV shows include Blindspot as Stephen Walker, House as Nader, and Outside Time as Corvales.


Butler has an impressive list of accomplishments that speak to his versatility and dedication to his craft. His portrayal in Frasier won him international exposure and a large fan base, which is what led to him being cast in other productions.

The actor has appeared in movies such as The Manhattan Project, Manhunter, The Long Walk Home, The Silence of the Lambs, Captain Ron, Dave, Enemy of the State, Crazy Stupid Love and more. With a series of impressive roles under his belt, he has undoubtedly become an indispensable asset to the film industry.

Butler’s ability to take on a variety of characters regardless of genre is significant and impressive. This versatility has earned him a solid fan base of fellow actors and admirers alike.

The Bottom Line

All around the world, people know Dan Butler for his talent and hard work as an actor. Butler’s commitment and dedication to his craft have had a visible impact on both television and film. His placement among the most respected actors in Hollywood is undisputed with critical acclaim across his career. While most people recognize him as Bulldog, the lovable but adulterous character from Frasier, he has played various other roles that showcase the depth of his career.

As such, Butler’s net worth of $6 million is no surprise to those who have eagerly followed his career.

Interesting Facts about Dan Butler

  1. Is best known for the role of Bob "Bulldog" Briscoe on the super-popular Emmy-winning show Frasier (1993).
  2. Is a playwright.
  3. Is one of only two actors to have appeared in the original Hannibal Lecter film, Manhunter (1986), as well as The Silence of the Lambs (1991). The other is Frankie Faison.
  4. Graduated from Northrop High School in Fort Wayne, Indiana. While there, he received a drama award.
  5. Butler was among the public figures to speak out in 2000 against California's Proposition 22 (also known as the Knight Initiative) that sought to define marriage as a union between a man and a woman.
  6. In 1995, he and Candace Gingrich served as spokespersons for the National Coming Out Day Project. Butler appeared in public service announcements that included the gently humorous statement, "I'm not a straight man, but I play one on television".
  7. Studied acting at the American Conservatory Theater in San Francisco from 1976 to 1978.
  8. In high school, Butler pursued his penchant for the stage, winning leading roles in student plays. He also excelled in sports and was elected class president.
  9. Best known for his role as Robert "Bulldog" Briscoe in Frasier (1993). Initially, he was a recurring guest actor, but in 1996, he became a member of the main cast. His character was written out of the show in 1999, but returned to guest star in five episodes of the series' last three seasons.
  10. Butler left both Purdue University and San Jose State College without degrees and migrated to San Francisco where he worked in regional theatre.
  11. Has been involved with the theatre since his youth in Fort Wayne, Indiana. He made his performing debut as a lad in a local production of "The Music Man" and eventually joined the Indiana-Purdue theatre group while in high school.
  12. Butler disclosed his homosexuality on Entertainment Tonight (1981) in 1994 during his run as a swaggering heterosexual on Frasier (1993).
  13. Openly gay, he starred in Terrence McNally's 1989 play "The Lisbon Traviata" and wrote a one-man off-Broadway play about his life, "The Only Thing Worse You Could Have Told Me...", which derives its title from a comment Butler's father allegedly made when Dan came out to him. In the play, he plays 14 different gay characters.
  14. Father Andrew Butler is a pharmacist; mother Shirley is a homemaker.
  15. His life partner is Richard Waterhouse.

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