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Delonte West, a famous retired professional basketball player, has a net worth of $1 thousand. Despite earning around $14 million in salary during his career, West has faced significant financial and personal struggles, including being photographed panhandling and dealing with legal issues.

His once promising NBA career took a downturn, leading to difficult circumstances as he grappled with drugs and other problems. Despite his past earnings, West’s net worth is now relatively modest, highlighting the challenges he has faced off the court.

Key facts:

  • Delonte West was born on July 26, 1983 in Washington DC.
  • He attended Eleanor Roosevelt High School in Greenbelt and St. Joseph's University in Philadelphia.
  • West was drafted by The Boston Celtics as the 24th pick in the 2004 NBA Draft.
  • He played for various teams including the Boston Celtics, Seattle Supersonics, Cleveland Cavaliers, Minnesota Timberwolves, and the Dallas Mavericks.
  • Despite making $14 million in salary during his career, West has faced personal and financial problems throughout his life.

Basic Information About Delonte West

Full NameDelonte West
CategoryAthletes β€Ί NBA Players
ProfessionsBasketball player
Net worth$1,000
Date of birth1983-07-26 (40 years old)
Place of birthWashington, D.C.
NationalityUnited States of America
EducationGraduated from Saint Joseph's University
FatherDmitri West
MotherDelphina Addison
KidsCash West
Height6 ft 3 in (1.91 m)
Social Mediaβ†—οΈŽ Wikipedia β†—οΈŽ Twitter β†—οΈŽ Imdb

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The Rise and Fall of Delonte West: From NBA Star to Personal Struggles

Delonte West, once a promising and talented professional basketball player, has unfortunately become a cautionary tale of the challenges that can come with fame and success. With a net worth of only $1 thousand, Delonte’s journey is a stark reminder of how personal and financial problems can overshadow even the most lucrative careers. Let’s dive into his story, from his early life to his NBA career and the struggles that followed.

What is Delonte West known for?

Born on July 26, 1983, in Washington DC, Delonte West began his basketball journey at Eleanor Roosevelt High School in Greenbelt. He then continued his education and basketball career at St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia. It was during his time at St. Joseph’s that West formed a formidable backcourt duo with Jameer Nelson, capturing the attention and respect of basketball enthusiasts across the country.

West’s talents eventually led him to the grand stage of the NBA, where he was drafted as the 24th Pick by the Boston Celtics in the 2004 NBA Draft.

Early life and education

Growing up in Washington DC, Delonte West displayed an immense passion for basketball from a young age. He honed his skills at Eleanor Roosevelt High School before moving on to St. Joseph’s University.

His time at St. Joseph’s saw him rise to prominence as an integral part of the college team’s success. In fact, West’s contributions helped lead St. Joseph’s University to the Elite Eight in the 2004 NCAA Tournament, solidifying his reputation as a talented player ready to take on the professional stage.


Delonte West’s professional career saw him donning the jerseys of several NBA teams, including the Boston Celtics, Seattle Supersonics, Cleveland Cavaliers, and the Minnesota Timberwolves. His stints with these teams were filled with both ups and downs, as he showcased his versatile skills on the court.

Initially appointed as the starting point guard for the Boston Celtics, West faced challenges with injuries during his rookie season, limiting him to only 39 games. Despite this setback, he continued to show promise and was given the opportunity to shine in the 2005-06 season.

As West’s career progressed, he found himself transitioning between positions and teams. His most notable achievements include scoring a season-high of 20 points, just six days after being traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers. In addition, he demonstrated exceptional defensive skills as a backcourt player and an impressive outside shooter.

Unfortunately, off-court troubles tarnished West’s NBA journey. He faced legal issues that led to guilty pleas and disrupted his time with various teams. These challenges eventually impacted the trajectory of his career.

Financial and Personal Problems

Despite earning approximately $14 million in salary throughout his NBA career, Delonte West’s personal and financial problems plagued him. Reports surfaced during the NBA lockout that he was living in the Mavericks’ locker room and had to sell off his possessions, including jewelry and cars, just to make ends meet.

Divorce and legal fees added further strain to West’s finances, causing him to lose a significant portion of his wealth. In August 2019, he was photographed looking destitute and potentially homeless. A few months later, he was spotted shoeless and disheveled in a fast-food restaurant parking lot, capturing the public’s attention and concern.

In September 202, a distressing image of Delonte panhandling on the streets of Dallas shocked the world. Maverick’s owner Mark Cuban, sensing the urgency and gravity of the situation, stepped in and provided West with the support he needed. Cuban arranged for Delonte to be brought to a drug treatment program, giving him a chance to rebuild his life.

For a period, it seemed that Delonte’s fortunes were turning around. Reunited with his family and working at the rehab facility, he had hope for a brighter future. However, in October 2021, West faced another setback as he was arrested.

Despite these challenges, it is important to remember that everyone deserves a chance at redemption and recovery. The struggles that Delonte West has faced highlight the importance of mental health and support systems in the lives of individuals, especially those in the public eye.


Although Delonte West’s personal struggles have overshadowed his accomplishments on the court, it is crucial to acknowledge his contributions to the basketball world. Throughout his NBA career, he displayed his abilities as both a skilled point guard and shooting guard.

West’s notable achievements include his time with the Boston Celtics, where he proved to be a valuable asset in their backcourt. Moreover, his defensive prowess and outside shooting skills left an indelible mark on the teams he played for.

While his career was surrounded by controversy and challenges, it is important to recognize the talents and dedication that once put Delonte West in the spotlight as a professional basketball player.

In conclusion, Delonte West’s journey serves as a powerful reminder that success on the court does not guarantee happiness and stability off the court. Despite the hardships he has faced, Delonte’s story illustrates the importance of resilience, compassion, and support for individuals grappling with personal challenges. It is our hope that Delonte finds the strength and resources he needs to steer his life in a positive direction.

Additional information of Delonte West

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Body Size44-32-36

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