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Ed Lover, the famous rapper, actor, musician, radio personality, and former MTV VJ, has a net worth of $5 million. Ed Lover first gained recognition as the co-host of MTV’s hip-hop music program β€œYo! MTV Raps,” and later went on to become a radio personality on Power 105.1 FM in New York and currently hosts β€œThe Ed Lover Show” on SiriusXM’s Old Skool rap station Backspin.

Key facts:

  • Ed Lover is a rapper, actor, musician, radio personality, and former MTV VJ.
  • He became known as the co-host of MTV's hip hop music program 'Yo! MTV Raps."
  • He starred in the hip-hop comedy film 'Who's the Man' and released an album 'Back Up Off Me!' with Doctor Dre.
  • He is currently the host of The Ed Lover Show on SiriusXM's Old Skool rap station BackSpin.
  • Lover has had a successful career in radio, hosting shows on Power 105.1 FM, Hot 97 FM, and Old School 100.3 FM.
  • He has appeared in films such as 'Double Platinum,' 'Undisputed,' and 'Come Sunday.'
  • Lover is known for creating his own dance called the Ed Lover Dance which became popular in the 199s.
  • He has maintained a private personal life, but it is known that he was married to a woman named Kim and they have two children.

Basic Information About Ed Lover

CategoryCelebrities β€Ί Rappers
ProfessionsActor, Musician, Rapper, Radio personality, VJ
Net worth$5,000,000
Date of birth1963-02-12 (61 years old)
Place of birthHollis
NationalityUnited States of America
Social Mediaβ†—οΈŽ Wikipedia β†—οΈŽ IMDb

What Movie Awards did Ed Lover win?


Golden Globe

Golder Raspberry


0 0 0 0 0

Ed Lover roles

Movie / Series Role
JuiceContest Judge
UndisputedMarvin Bonds
The Cosby ShowTaxi Driver 1 episode, 1992
According to JimEd 3 episodes, 2001-2002
GhostwriterSelf (uncredited) unknown episodes
Fresh Off the BoatEd Lover 2 episodes, 2015-2017
PsychBailiff Comonsat / ... 2 episodes, 2011-2014
Def Comedy JamSelf - Audience Member (uncredited) unknown episodes
MoeshaSelf 1 episode, 1999
The Daily ShowSelf - Correspondent 5 episodes, 1996
The Royal FamilySelf 1 episode, 1992
Late Night with Conan O'BrienSelf - Guest 1 episode, 1994

Net Worth Details

Ed Lover, the famous rapper, actor, musician, radio personality, and former MTV VJ, has an estimated net worth of $5 million. Throughout his career, Ed Lover has achieved great success in various fields, from hosting popular television shows to releasing albums and acting in movies.


What is Ed Lover known for?

Ed Lover first gained fame as the co-host of MTV’s hip hop music program β€˜Yo! MTV Raps,’ alongside Doctor Dre. Together, they became the faces of rap for thousands of young viewers, bringing hip hop culture to the forefront of mainstream media.

Early life and education

Ed Lover, born James Robert on February 12, 1963, in Queens, New York City, was raised in the city. Although little is known about his early life and education, his talent and passion for music eventually led him on a path to stardom.


In the late 198s, Ed Lover was a member of the hip hop trio called No Face, along with Kevon Shah and Mark β€˜Sexx’ Skeete. They performed around New York City and released their debut album on Island Records’s Club music imprint. Despite limited commercial success, their underground cult classic single β€˜Fake-Hair-Wearin’ Bitch’ established Ed Lover as a unique voice in the rap scene.

In the early 199s, Ed Lover began hosting the weekend version of the television show β€˜Yo! MTV Raps Today,’ where he created his signature dance move known as the Ed Lover Dance. This dance became popular in the 199s and showcased Lover’s charisma and love for hip hop music. The show itself was highly successful and contributed to the growth of rap music’s popularity.

To further expand his career, Ed Lover ventured into acting and appeared in movies and television series such as β€˜Who’s the Man,’ β€˜Undisputed,’ β€˜Psych,’ and β€˜Fresh Off the Boat.’ He showcased his versatility as a performer and earned recognition for his acting skills.

In addition to his television and film work, Ed Lover pursued a career in radio. He hosted popular radio shows for New York’s Hot 97 FM and Power 105.1 FM, showcasing his knowledge and passion for hip hop music. He also had his own show called β€˜The Ed Lover Show’ on multiple radio stations, including WRKS in New York City and Old School 100.3 FM in Philadelphia.

Currently, Ed Lover is the host of β€˜The Ed Lover Show’ on SiriusXM’s Old Skool rap station, BackSpin. As a radio personality, he continues to entertain and engage audiences with his unique style and extensive knowledge of hip hop culture.


Ed Lover has received numerous accolades throughout his career. His contributions to hip hop music and culture have been recognized by various award ceremonies. Although specific awards may vary, Ed Lover’s impact on the industry cannot be denied.

In conclusion, Ed Lover’s journey in the entertainment industry has been truly remarkable. From his early days as a member of No Face to his iconic role on β€˜Yo! MTV Raps’ and his ongoing success as a radio personality, Lover has left an indelible mark on the world of hip hop. His net worth is a testament to his talent and hard work, and he continues to inspire aspiring artists and entertain audiences around the globe.

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