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Ed Schultz, the famous American TV and radio personality, had a net worth of $15 million. With a broadcasting career that spanned from being a sportscaster in Fargo, North Dakota, to hosting his own show on MSNBC, Ed’s transition from conservative republican to left-wing progressive showcased his adaptability and enduring popularity in the media industry.

Key facts:

  • Ed Schultz had a successful broadcasting career that spanned television and radio.
  • He started his career as a sportscaster in Fargo, North Dakota, working for KTHI and WDAY.
  • Schultz transitioned into talk radio, where his progressive political point of view made him a natural fit for MSNBC's prime time line-up.
  • He hosted "The Ed Show" on MSNBC from 2009 to 2015.
  • Later, Schultz joined RT America and began hosting "The News with Ed Schultz" in January 2016.

Basic Information About Ed Schultz

ProfessionsAuthor, American football player, Radio personality, Commentator, Actor
Net worth$15,000,000
Date of birth1954-01-27
Place of birthNorfolk
Date of death2018-07-05 (aged 64)
NationalityUnited States of America
Curiosities and TrademarksHis opening catchphrase, "Let's Get To Work!"
Liberal firebrand
Spouse5 July - Wendy Noack (1998 - Β 2018)Β (his death)
30 May - Maureen Zimmerman (Β 1980 - 1993)Β (divorced)Β (3 children)
Height6 ft 2 in (1.88 m)
Social Mediaβ†—οΈŽ Wikipedia β†—οΈŽ IMDb

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Movie / Series Role
The CampaignEd Schultz
Warehouse 13Ed Schultz 1 episode, 2012

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The Incredible Career and Net Worth of Ed Schultz

Ed Schultz, an American TV and radio personality, had a remarkable journey throughout his broadcasting career. With a net worth of $15 million, he made a significant impact on the industry and left a lasting impression on his viewers and listeners.

What is Ed Schultz known for?

Ed Schultz gained recognition for his distinctive on-air style and his surprisingly progressive political point of view. His broadcasting career began in Fargo, North Dakota, where he worked as a sportscaster for KTHI and WDAY. During this time, Schultz faced a peculiar incident that would later become a part of his story.

Known as the β€˜whiskey bottle incident,’ it involved Ed Schultz nearly getting into a physical confrontation with a fan who threw a whiskey bottle at him. This event showcased his resilience and determination in the face of adversity, and it eventually paved the way for his transition into talk radio.

Early life and education

Born on January 27, 1954, in Norfolk, Virginia, Ed Schultz grew up in a working-class family. He completed his education at Minnesota State University Moorhead, where he earned a degree in Mass Communication.


Moving past his early days as a sportscaster, Ed Schultz’s career took a turn when he made the switch to talk radio. His folksy on-air demeanor captured the hearts of listeners, but it was his evolving political views that truly set him apart.

While Ed Schultz initially identified as a conservative Republican, his perspectives began to shift during the Bush presidency. He embraced progressive ideologies, lending his voice to various social and political issues.

A pivotal moment in Schultz’s career was his contract with MSNBC. The Ed Show, which aired from 2009 to 2015, made him a prominent figure in the network’s prime time line-up. His charismatic and passionate delivery brought an alternative perspective to mainstream television.

Despite his success, Schultz faced controversies along the way. One such incident led to a temporary unpaid leave from his MSNBC show. Allegedly sexist comments made about conservative commentator Laura Ingraham sparked outrage and necessitated a reflection on his actions.


Throughout his career, Ed Schultz received recognition for his exceptional contributions to journalism and broadcasting. While he did not receive any specific awards or medals, his impact resonated with viewers and listeners alike.

His transition to hosting The News with Ed Schultz on RT America in January 2016 further solidified his position as a respected commentator and host. He continued to engage audiences with his unique perspective until his unfortunate demise on July 5, 2018.

The passing of Ed Schultz left a void in the broadcasting industry. He will be remembered for his outspoken nature, dedication to social justice, and most importantly, his ability to evoke thought-provoking discussions.

In conclusion, Ed Schultz’s net worth of $15 million stands as a testament to his successful career and influence as a media personality. From his beginnings as a sportscaster in Fargo to becoming a progressive voice on national television, Schultz will forever be remembered as an individual who captivated audiences with his passionate delivery and unwavering commitment to change.

Interesting Facts about Ed Schultz

  1. Son David Schultz plays golf at Texas Christian University.
  2. Played football at Moorhead State University.
  3. Tried out for the Oakland Raiders.
  4. Liberal talk-radio host.
  5. Played quarterback for the CFL's Winnipeg Blue Bombers.
  6. Was the NCAA Division II passing leader in 1977.
  7. Hosting "The Ed Schultz Show", a syndicated liberal talk radio show based out of Fargo, ND that is now on nearly 100 affiliates across America. [January 2004]

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