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Eric Bauman is an American internet entrepreneur with a net worth of $5 million. He gained fame as the founder of the humor website eBaum’s World, which was one of the largest non-adult video sites on the internet and a precursor to YouTube. Despite facing copyright infringement accusations, Bauman’s website generated significant revenue and ultimately led to a lucrative sale to HandHeld Entertainment for $17.5 million.

Key facts:

  • Eric Bauman is the founder and former owner of the humor website eBaum's World.
  • eBaum's World was one of the largest non-adult video sites on the internet during its peak, around 2003-2005.
  • Bauman signed book deals and licensing deals to provide content to cell phones during eBaum's World's peak.
  • In 2007, Eric and his father Neil Bauman sold eBaum's World to HandHeld Entertainment for $17.5 million.
  • Eric launched a new site called after being fired from HandHeld but it is no longer operational.
  • Neil Bauman, Eric's father, filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in 2015 due to financial setbacks.
  • In 2006, Eric founded Better Than Pants LLC, a company that sells funny t-shirts.
  • In 2019, Eric founded, a website for buying and selling cars.

Basic Information About Eric Bauman

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Net worth$5,000,000
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The Success and Controversies of Eric Bauman: A Closer Look

Eric Bauman, an American internet entrepreneur, has made a name for himself in the digital world. Known as the founder and former owner of eBaum’s World, a popular humor website, Bauman has experienced both triumphs and controversies throughout his career. With a current net worth of $5 million, Bauman’s journey is one that has captured the attention of many.

What is Eric Bauman known for?

Eric Bauman rose to fame in the early 200s as the driving force behind eBaum’s World. Launched in 2001 during his high school years, the website quickly gained popularity and became one of the largest non-adult video sites on the internet. Serving as a precursor to platforms like YouTube, eBaum’s World faced its fair share of legal battles. Bauman was accused of copyright infringement by numerous individuals and businesses, including Viacom, Something Awful,, and

Despite these challenges, eBaum’s World continued to flourish under Bauman’s leadership. The website even secured book and licensing deals, allowing its content to reach audiences beyond the online sphere. At its peak, eBaum’s World employed approximately 30 people, operating out of a historic farmhouse in Rochester, NY.

The HandHeld Acquisition and Firing

In 2007, a significant turning point occurred for Eric Bauman when he and his father Neil Bauman sold eBaum’s World to HandHeld Entertainment for $17.5 million. The deal consisted of $2.5 million worth of publicly traded HandHeld stock and $15 million in cash. However, the benefits envisioned from this acquisition did not materialize for Bauman.

Within six months of the transaction, Eric Bauman claimed that he had been fired by ZVUE Corporation, the parent company of HandHeld Entertainment. He alleged that the new owners continued to use his likeness, giving the impression that he was still affiliated with the website. Despite these setbacks, Bauman remained resolute and launched a new site,, as his next venture.

Neil Bauman’s Financial Challenges

In 2015, Neil Bauman, Eric’s father and former financial planner, filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Neil’s investments in commercial real estate in Rochester, NY, were greatly impacted by the 2008 economic crisis. The resulting financial difficulties placed Neil in a precarious situation.

Continued Entrepreneurial Pursuits

Despite the adversities faced by his father and the controversies surrounding eBaum’s World, Eric Bauman remained resilient. In 2006, he founded Better Than Pants LLC, a company specializing in the sale of funny t-shirts. Additionally, in 2019, he launched, a platform where users can buy and sell automobiles.

Achievements and Recognitions

Although Eric Bauman’s journey has had its fair share of challenges, it is important to acknowledge his accomplishments. As the founder of eBaum’s World, he played a pivotal role in shaping the internet landscape during its early stages. The website’s success and reach during its peak years solidified Bauman’s status as a prominent figure in the online entertainment industry.

While his accomplishments may be overshadowed by controversies, it is undeniable that Eric Bauman left an indelible mark on the digital world. As he continues to navigate new entrepreneurial ventures, his contributions are a testament to his tenacity and drive.

Eric Bauman’s story serves as a reminder that success is often accompanied by obstacles. Despite the challenges he has faced, Bauman’s determination and ability to reinvent himself have positioned him as a notable figure within the internet community.

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