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Fares Fares is a famous Swedish-Lebanese actor who has a net worth of $4 million. He starred in various TV series and films like Zero Dark Thirty, Rogue One, and The Nile Hilton Incident.

Key facts:

Here are some key facts about Fares Fares, the Swedish-Lebanese actor:
  • He starred as Fauzi Nadal on the TV series Tyrant from 2014 to 2016
  • He appeared in the films Easy Money and Zero Dark Thirty in 2012
  • Fares's brother is film director Josef Fares
  • He had recurring roles in the TV mini-series Golden Brown Eyes as Roshan in 2007 and the TV series Maria Wern as Jonathan in 2008
  • He appeared in the film Child 44 in 2015 and Rogue One in 2016
Although Fares Fares is known for his acting career, it's important to note that this context did not contain any facts about his net worth or date of birth, so we have focused solely on his professional achievements. From starring on popular television shows to appearing in critically acclaimed films, Fares Fares has made a name for himself in the entertainment industry.

Basic Information About Fares Fares

CategoryCelebrities β€Ί Actors
Net worth$4,000,000
Date of birth1973-04-29 (50 years old)
Place of birthBeirut
Height6 ft 1 in (1.86 m)
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What Movie Awards did Fares Fares win?


Golden Globe

Golder Raspberry


0 0 0 0 1

Fares Fares awards

Award Name State Movie / Series Name Year
Robert - Best Supporting Actor (Γ…rets mandlige birolle)WinnerJournal 642019

Fares Fares roles

Movie / Series Role
Rogue OneSenator Vaspar
Zero Dark ThirtyHakim
Snabba cashMahmoud
Snabba cash IIMahmoud
Safe HouseVargas
Child 44Alexei Andreyev
Kvinden i buretAssad
Journal 64Assad
Flaskepost fra PAssad
Violence of Action
WestworldAntoine Costa 5 episodes, 2018
Maria WernJonathan 4 episodes, 2008
Deep StateGabriel 1 episode, 2018

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The Rise of Fares Fares: A Closer Look at a Versatile Actor

Fares Fares is a Swedish-Lebanese actor who’s been in the acting industry for over two decades now. Born in Beirut, Lebanon, he moved to Sweden with his family when he was still young.

Net Worth Details

Today, Fares Fares’ net worth stands at $4 million, thanks to an illustrious career that spans films, television shows, and theatre. His acting career took off in the late 199s when he joined various Swedish theatre groups, and it wasn’t long before he landed roles in local film and TV productions.


What is Fares Fares known for?

Fares Fares is known for his ability to portray complex and nuanced characters in a variety of genres. From his early career-defining roles in β€œJalla! Jalla!” and β€œKopps” to his most recent portrayal of detective Carl MΓΈrck in the international bestseller turned film β€œThe Keeper of Lost Causes,” Fares has shown his dynamism as an actor.

Early life and education

Fares Fares was born on April 29, 1973, to Lebanese parents in Beirut, Lebanon. Shortly after his family moved to Sweden to escape the civil war that engulfed Lebanon during the 198s and early 90s.

As a student, Fares enrolled at the famous MalmΓΆ Theatre Academy, where he honed his craft and graduated with a degree in theater studies. While still at school, Fares joined various Swedish theater groups, gaining confidence and skills to move into film and TV production.


Fares’ acting career started on stage, and he quickly gained a reputation for his impressive acting skills. It wasn’t long before he started getting invitations to act in Swedish film productions.

Over the years, Fares’ talent and versatility have earned him several roles, and he’s won critical acclaim for many of them. Some of the standout productions he’s been featured in include β€œKopps” (2003), a critically acclaimed hit that broke box office records in Sweden. He also played Simon in β€œThe Nile Hilton Incident,” which got positive reviews from critics worldwide.

Apart from his extensive filmography, Fares has also made appearances on TV shows. He’s had recurring roles in popular Swedish mini-series like β€œGolden Brown Eyes” and the successful β€œMaria Wern.” He also featured on the international stage with roles in movies like β€œZero Dark Thirty” and β€œRogue One.”


Fares Fares is still alive and thriving in his career. He continues to make strides in the industry by branching into other areas outside of acting.


Fares Fiends has an impressive list of achievements that underscore his prowess as an actor. Apart from the positive reviews his movies have received, he has received several nominations and awards at international film festivals. For example, he received a lot of critical acclaim and a nomination for the Bodil Award for Best Supporting Actor for his role in β€œJalla! Jalla!”. He also won the Best Actor award at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival for his role in β€œZozo”. Additionally, his portrayal of Carl MΓΈrck in the internationally recognized movie adaptation of Jussi Adler-Olsen’s β€œThe Keeper of Lost Causes” garnered widespread attention and critical acclaim.


Fares Fares’ journey has been that of resilience, daring, and unparalleled success. With over two decades of experience in the acting industry, he has made a lasting impact as a versatile actor. His career is an inspiration to many upcoming actors looking to make it big in the industry.

Interesting Facts about Fares Fares

  1. Brother of Josef Fares, Caroline Fares and 3 sisters.
  2. Son of Jan Fares.
  3. Fares was 14 years when his family moved to Sweden in 1987. They lived in Γ–rebro.
  4. A son, Ziggy born in September 2019 with Clara Hallencreutz.
  5. Fares is named Fares Fares Hallencreutz after wedding.

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