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Famous American musician Gene Vincent, known for his influences on rockabilly and the single β€˜Be-Bop-A-Lula’, had a net worth of $400 thousand at the time of his death in 1971. Vincent was inducted into both the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the Rockabilly Hall of Fame.

Key facts:

  • Gene Vincent was an influential American musician known for his contributions to the genre of rockabilly.
  • Gene Vincent released his debut single 'Be-Bop-A-Lula' in 1956, which reached #9 in the US and #16 in the UK, becoming one of his most popular songs.
  • Vincent achieved success in the UK with other singles like 'Blue Jean Bop', 'My Heart', and 'Pistol Packin' Mama' that reached the Top 20.
  • Gene Vincent was inducted into both the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the Rockabilly Hall of Fame for his significant contributions to music.
  • Throughout his career from 1955 to 1971, Vincent released multiple albums, starting with his debut album Bluejean Bop! in 1956.

Basic Information About Gene Vincent

CategoryCelebrities β€Ί Rock Stars
ProfessionsMusician, Singer
Net worth$400,000
Date of birth1935-02-11
Place of birthNorfolk
Date of death1971-10-12 (aged 36)
NationalityUnited States of America
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Gene Vincent: The Rockabilly Legend

With a lasting impact on the genre of rockabilly and his iconic single β€˜Be-Bop-A-Lula’, Gene Vincent left an indelible mark on the music industry. Born in Norfolk, Virginia in February 1935, Vincent rose to fame during the 195s and 196s. He was not only a talented musician, but also a guitarist with an exceptional ability to blend rock and roll, rockabilly, blues, and country.

Net Worth Details

At the time of his untimely death in October 1971, Gene Vincent had amassed a net worth of $400,000. Although he may not have reached the pinnacle of financial success, his legacy as a pioneer in the rockabilly genre remains unparalleled.


What is Gene Vincent Known For?

Gene Vincent is best known for his significant contributions to the genre of rockabilly. His distinct style and energetic performances propelled him to the forefront of the musical scene during the 195s and 196s. Vincent’s impactful single β€˜Be-Bop-A-Lula’ became a timeless classic, solidifying his place in music history.

Early Life and Education

Gene Vincent’s journey began in Norfolk, Virginia. Born in February 1935, he developed a passion for music at an early age. Inspired by the sounds of rhythm and blues emanating from the local scene, he honed his guitar skills and unearthed his natural singing ability.


Gene Vincent’s career spanned from 1955 to 1971. During this time, he released numerous albums that showcased his musical versatility and creative prowess. In 1956, Vincent marked his debut with the album β€˜Bluejean Bop!’, setting the stage for his meteoric rise in the music industry.

Although he achieved notable success in the United States, it was the United Kingdom that truly embraced his artistry. Singles such as β€˜Blue Jean Bop’, β€˜My Heart’, and β€˜Pistol Packin’ Mama’ captivated UK audiences and secured their place in the Top 20 charts. In the US, Vincent’s hit single β€˜Lotta Lovin’ reached an impressive #14 position.


Tragically, Gene Vincent’s promising career was cut short when he passed away on October 12, 1971, at the age of 36. The cause of death was a ruptured stomach, leaving behind a legacy that would continue to inspire generations to come.


Throughout his career, Gene Vincent attained remarkable achievements and received recognition for his groundbreaking contributions to music. He was honored with inductions into both the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the Rockabilly Hall of Fame, cementing his status as a true legend of his craft.

Gene Vincent’s musical career may have been relatively short-lived, but his impact on rockabilly and popular music as a whole remains immeasurable. His music and performances embodied an era defined by its rebellious spirit and unbridled energy. The world lost a true pioneer when he left us, but his legacy lives on through his timeless songs.

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