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Jaimie Hilfiger, famous American model and niece of fashion icon Tommy Hilfiger, has a net worth of $5 million. Despite her family connections and wealth, she is determined to make a name for herself in the entertainment industry and is aspiring to be a reality TV star like Kim Kardashian.

Key facts:

  • Jaimie Hilfiger is an American model.
  • She comes from a fashion-oriented family, as her uncle is fashion icon Tommy Hilfiger.
  • Jaimie aspires to be a reality TV star and has expressed a desire for a lifestyle similar to the characters on "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills".
  • In addition to her reality TV dreams, she has also worked on a line of loungewear and has a career in the fashion industry.
  • Jaimie Hilfiger has appeared in numerous magazine covers, print campaigns, and television shows throughout her career.
  • She is also a writer and columnist for publications such as Fox News Magazine, Huffington Post, and US Weekly.
  • Aside from her work in the entertainment industry, Jaimie Hilfiger has collaborated with the skincare brand La Curcio Skincare to release her own collection.
  • She is married to artist and entrepreneur Igal Dahan, and they have a daughter together.

Basic Information About Jaimie Hilfiger

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Net worth$5,000,000
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Net Worth Details

Jaimie Hilfiger, the American model and niece of fashion icon Tommy Hilfiger, has a net worth of $5 million. Despite her family’s wealth and connections in the fashion industry, Jaimie is determined to make a name for herself. Her primary ambition is to become a reality TV star, drawing inspiration from Kim Kardashian. She has not been shy about her aspirations, expressing her desire for a luxurious lifestyle akin to that portrayed on β€œThe Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.”

But Jaimie Hilfiger’s ambitions extend beyond reality television. She also aspires to have a successful career in fashion. In fact, she has already ventured into the industry by working on her own line of loungewear. With her determination and family lineage, it’s clear that Jaimie Hilfiger is ready to carve her own path to fame and success.


What is Jaimie Hilfiger known for?

Jaimie Lynn Hilfiger was born on August 28, 1989, in Poughkeepsie, New York. She is the daughter of JoAnn and Robert Hilfiger, with the latter being the brother of renowned fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger. As a child, Jaimie started her modeling career by appearing in catalogs like Sears. Despite her early success, she took a break from the entertainment and fashion industry to focus on her education.

Jaimie Hilfiger attended John S. Burke Catholic High School in Goshen, New York, before pursuing a degree in radio and television broadcasting at the University of Central Florida. She graduated with a B.A. in Broadcast Media and minored in Cinema Studies.


After completing her studies, Jaimie Hilfiger returned to New York City to embark on her career in the entertainment industry. Though her height prevented her from booking runway modeling gigs, she managed to secure commercial modeling jobs and graced the covers of several magazines.

In 2007, Jaimie gained recognition when she was crowned β€œMiss Howard TV,” a title associated with β€œThe Howard Stern Show.” This win opened doors for her, and she soon secured various television hosting gigs and appeared in commercials. She co-starred in the MTV show β€œRich Girls” and made an appearance on the E! Network show β€œNew Money.”

In addition to her modeling and television work, Jaimie Hilfiger established herself as a writer and columnist for multiple print publications. She became a fashion correspondent for β€œFox News Magazine” and contributed to publications like β€œHuffington Post” and β€œUS Weekly.” Jaimie also conducted interviews on beauty and lifestyle topics for magazines such as β€œELLE Spain,” β€œHuffington Post,” and β€œPsychology Today.”

Moreover, Jaimie Hilfiger collaborated with the skincare brand, La Curcio Skincare, to create her own collection, The Jaimie Hilfiger Collection. Inspired by her own struggle with rosacea, she developed a range of high-performing skincare and makeup products that utilize top-quality ingredients.

Personal Life

Jaimie Hilfiger is married to artist and entrepreneur Igal Dahan. Together, they have a daughter named [daughter’s name].


While Jaimie Hilfiger continues to write her own success story, she has already achieved notable accomplishments in the fashion and entertainment industry. Her versatility as a model, host, writer, and columnist has allowed her to build a diverse portfolio. She has landed magazine covers, endorsement deals, and television appearances, showcasing her talent and determination.

Furthermore, Jaimie’s collaboration with La Curcio Skincare demonstrates her entrepreneurship and passion for beauty and skincare. Her dedication to creating high-quality products that address specific skin conditions, like rosacea, showcases her commitment to helping others feel confident and beautiful.

As she continues to pursue her dreams of reality TV stardom and furthering her career in fashion, Jaimie Hilfiger is undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment industry.

In Conclusion

Jaimie Hilfiger is an American model, entrepreneur, and aspiring reality TV star. With a net worth of $5 million, she is determined to establish her own brand outside the shadow of her famous uncle. Jaimie’s ambitions extend to the fashion industry, where she has already made strides with her line of loungewear.

Throughout her career, Jaimie Hilfiger has proven herself to be a versatile talent. From modeling and hosting gigs to writing and skincare collaborations, she has showcased her range and determination in the entertainment industry. Her unique journey sets her apart, and she continues to make a name for herself on her own terms.

As she balances her personal and professional life, Jaimie Hilfiger is undoubtedly an emerging force in the fashion and entertainment world.

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