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Jane Goldman, a famous English screenwriter, producer, and author, has a net worth of $7 million. Throughout her career, she has written several books and worked on various successful movies, including Stardust and Kick-Ass, for which she won awards for her exceptional screenplay.

Key facts:

  • Jane Goldman is an English screenwriter, producer, and author.
  • She has written several books, including Thirteen-Something, Streetsmarts: A Teenagers Safety Guide, and Sussed and Streetwise.
  • Goldman co-produced the 201 movie Kick-Ass and has produced or executive produced for The Big Fat Quiz TV movie series.
  • She wrote scripts for popular movies such as Stardust, Kick-Ass, The Debt, X-Men: First Class, The Woman in Black, X-Men: Days of Future Past, and Kingsman: The Secret Service.
  • Goldman won a Hugo Award for Best Dramatic Presentation โ€“ Long Form in 2008 for Stardust and a Writers' Guild of Great Britain Award in 201 for Best Original Film Screenplay for Kick-Ass.

Basic Information About Jane Goldman

CategoryCelebrities โ€บ Authors
ProfessionsPresenter, Film Producer, Author, Screenwriter, Actor, Model, Television producer, Novelist, Journalist, Writer
Net worth$7,000,000
Date of birth1970-06-11 (53 years old)
Place of birthHammersmith
NationalityUnited Kingdom
Curiosities and TrademarksDyed red hair
SpouseJonathan Ross - (August 1988 - present)ย (3 children)
Height5 ft 6 in (1.7 m)
Social Mediaโ†—๏ธŽ Wikipedia โ†—๏ธŽ IMDb

What Movie Awards did Jane Goldman win?


Golden Globe

Golder Raspberry


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Jane Goldman awards

Award Name State Movie / Series Name Year
Writers' Guild of Great Britain Award - Best Feature Film ScreenplayWinnerKick-Ass2010
Hugo - Best Dramatic Presentation - Long FormWinnerStardust2008
Bram Stoker Award - ScreenplayNomineeThe Woman in Black2012

Jane Goldman: A Talented Screenwriter, Producer, and Author

Jane Goldman, an exceptional English screenwriter, producer, and author, has made a remarkable impact in the entertainment industry. With a net worth of $7 million, she has established herself as a creative force to be reckoned with. Born in Hammersmith, London in June 197, Goldman has an impressive repertoire of work that transcends various mediums.

What is Jane Goldman known for?

Jane Goldman began her career as a journalist, writing for esteemed publications such as Cosmopolitan, The Times, Total Guitar, and Evening Standard. Her passion for storytelling led her to venture into writing books. In 1993, she released โ€˜Thirteen-Somethingโ€™, followed by โ€˜Streetsmarts: A Teenagers Safety Guideโ€™ in 1996, and โ€˜Sussed and Streetwiseโ€™ in 1997. One of her most notable contributions to literature is the two-volume best-selling book series โ€˜The X-Files Book of the Unexplainedโ€™ in 1997, which captivated fans with its captivating exploration of the unexplained.

Jane Goldmanโ€™s breakthrough came with the release of her own series titled โ€˜Jane Goldman Investigatesโ€™ from 2003 to 2004. The show allowed her to delve into mysteries and unravel intriguing stories that kept audiences on the edge of their seats.

Early life and education

Born and raised in London, Jane Goldman developed a passion for writing at a young age. She honed her skills and expanded her knowledge through her education. Although specific details about her early life and education are not widely available, it is evident that her love for literature and fascination with the unknown shaped her future endeavors.


Jane Goldmanโ€™s impact on the film industry cannot be understated. As a highly sought-after screenwriter and producer, she has contributed to numerous successful films. Some of her notable works include โ€˜Stardustโ€™, โ€˜Kick-Assโ€™, โ€˜The Debtโ€™, โ€˜X-Men: First Classโ€™, โ€˜The Woman in Blackโ€™, โ€˜X-Men: Days of Future Pastโ€™, and โ€˜Kingsman: The Secret Serviceโ€™.

Goldmanโ€™s ability to craft captivating stories filled with suspense, action, and intrigue has garnered critical acclaim and commercial success. Her collaborative work with talented directors and actors has resulted in memorable cinematic experiences that have resonated with audiences worldwide.

Notable Achievements

Jane Goldmanโ€™s talent and dedication have not gone unnoticed. Her contributions to the film industry have earned her prestigious accolades and recognition. In 2008, she received the Hugo Award for Best Dramatic Presentation โ€“ Long Form for her work on โ€˜Stardustโ€™. This remarkable achievement highlighted her ability to create a fantastical world that enthralls viewers.

In 201, the Writersโ€™ Guild of Great Britain acknowledged Goldmanโ€™s exceptional talent by presenting her with the Best Original Film Screenplay award for โ€˜Kick-Assโ€™. This recognition solidified her position as one of the industryโ€™s most talented screenwriters.

Inspiring Future Generations

Jane Goldmanโ€™s incredible journey serves as an inspiration to aspiring writers, producers, and authors around the world. Her ability to combine her love for literature, film, and the unexplained has allowed her to create intriguing narratives that defy conventions.

By consistently pushing boundaries and embracing her unique storytelling style, Jane Goldman has carved her name into the annals of entertainment history. As she continues to create captivating stories that enthral audiences, her impact on the industry only grows stronger.

Filled with creativity, talent, and an unwavering passion for her craft, Jane Goldman stands as a shining example of what one can achieve through dedication and a relentless pursuit of oneโ€™s dreams. With her net worth of $7 million serving as a testament to her success, she has solidified her place among the giants of the entertainment industry.

  • Thirteen-Something (1993)
  • Streetsmarts: A Teenagers Safety Guide (1996)
  • Sussed and Streetwise (1997)
  • The X-Files Book of the Unexplained (1997)
  • Dreamworld (200)
  • Do the Right Thing (2007)

Jane Goldmanโ€™s immense contribution to literature and film has made her a beloved figure among fans worldwide. Her work continues to captivate audiences and inspire countless individuals to explore their own creative potential.

Through her unwavering dedication to her craft, Jane Goldman has shaped the world of entertainment and left an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of those who have had the pleasure of experiencing her work.

Interesting Facts about Jane Goldman

  1. Sister-in-law of Paul Ross.
  2. She is an author.
  3. Met her future husband Jonathan Ross when she was 16 while working as a pop columnist for the Daily Star newspaper in the UK.
  4. Gave birth to her 3rd child at age 26, a daughter Honey Kinny Ross in February 1997. Child's father is her husband, Jonathan Ross.
  5. Gave birth to her 2nd child at age 23, a son Harvey Kirby Ross in March 1994. Child's father is her husband, Jonathan Ross.
  6. Gave birth to her 1st child at age 21, a daughter Betty Kitten Ross in July 1991. Child's father is her husband, Jonathan Ross.
  7. Frequent collaborator of director Matthew Vaughn.
  8. Was introduced to frequent collaborator Matthew Vaughn by Neil Gaiman, during pre-production on Stardust (2007), which Vaughn was adapting from Gaiman's novel. Goldman and Vaughn would go on to collaborate on Kick-Ass (2010), X: First Class (2011), Kingsman: The Secret Service (2014), Kingsman: The Golden Circle (2017) and The King's Man (2021), among others.

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