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With a net worth of $500 thousand, Jay Mariotti is a famous American sports commentator and writer. Known for his long stints at The Chicago Sun-Times and ESPN’s β€œAround the Horn,” Mariotti has established himself as one of the industry’s respected voices.

Key facts:

  • Jay Mariotti is an American sports commentator and writer who has had a successful career in the industry.
  • He gained recognition as a columnist for 17 years at the Chicago Sun-Times. His insightful and thought-provoking articles captivated readers and brought him widespread acclaim.
  • Mariotti was a regular panelist on the popular ESPN sports talk television series "Around the Horn" for eight years. His knowledgeable and passionate contributions made him a favorite among viewers.
  • Throughout his career, Mariotti has worked for various reputable news outlets, including The Detroit News, The Cincinnati Post, The Rocky Mountain News, The Denver Post, and The National Sports Day in New York. His extensive experience in different markets showcases his versatility and adaptability as a sports journalist.
  • Mariotti faced legal troubles in 201 when he was arrested on felony charges related to an incident with his ex-girlfriend. Despite the setback, he has since moved forward and launched his own internet print and broadcast venture called The Mariotti Show on MariottiShow.com.

Basic Information About Jay Mariotti

CategoryCelebrities β€Ί Authors
ProfessionsWriter, Journalist
Net worth$500,000
Date of birth1959-06-22 (64 years old)
Place of birthPittsburgh
NationalityUnited States of America
Social Mediaβ†—οΈŽ Wikipedia

Jay Mariotti’s Net Worth and Achievements

Jay Mariotti is an American sports commentator and writer who has made a name for himself in the industry. With a net worth of $500,000, Mariotti has achieved success through his career and accomplishments.


Mariotti was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in June 1959 and has always had a passion for sports. He started his career at The Detroit News before becoming one of the youngest sports columnists at The Cincinnati Post. His talent and dedication paved the way for him to work at The Rocky Mountain News and The Denver Post as well as The National Sports Day in New York.

What is Jay Mariotti known for?

Jay Mariotti is best known for his long-standing tenure as a columnist for the Chicago Sun-Times. For 17 years, he captivated readers with his insights and analysis on various sports topics. He also gained recognition as a regular panelist on the ESPN sports talk television series Around the Horn for eight years, where he engaged in lively discussions with other experts in the field.

Early life and education

Mariotti’s love for sports developed at an early age. Growing up in Pittsburgh, he was surrounded by a rich sports culture, which ignited his passion. He pursued his education at a local university where he honed his journalism skills, preparing him for the successful career that awaited him.


Mariotti’s career has been marked by his exceptional talent and commitment to sports journalism. His sharp wit and insightful commentary garnered him a dedicated fan base. His move to The San Francisco Examiner as the Sports Director and a columnist showcased his versatility in covering a wide range of sports stories. Despite facing legal issues in 201, Mariotti persevered and launched The Mariotti Show on MariottiShow.com, an internet print and broadcast venture, further showcasing his resilience and determination.

Throughout his career, Mariotti has demonstrated a deep understanding of sports and the ability to articulate his thoughts in a compelling manner. He has become a respected figure in the industry, gaining a substantial following of readers and viewers who value his expertise.


Over the years, Jay Mariotti has received recognition for his outstanding contributions to sports journalism. While specific awards have not been mentioned in the context provided, it is worth highlighting that his 17-year stint at the Chicago Sun-Times is a remarkable achievement in itself. Mariotti’s ability to engage readers and provide thought-provoking analysis solidified his position as one of the leading sports columnists of his time.

Outside of his journalistic achievements, Mariotti’s presence on the ESPN show, Around the Horn, showcased his ability to contribute to lively discussions and provide unique perspectives in a highly competitive sports talk television environment.

In Conclusion

Jay Mariotti has built a successful career in sports commentary and journalism, leaving an indelible mark on the industry. Despite facing challenges, he has remained dedicated to his craft. With a net worth of $500,000, Mariotti’s achievements and contributions in the field of sports journalism deserve recognition and admiration.

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