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Jermain Defoe, the English professional soccer player, has accumulated a net worth of $20 million dollars throughout his successful career. Known for his impressive goal-scoring abilities, Defoe has established himself as a famous figure in the world of soccer.

Key facts:

  • Jermain Defoe has played for several renowned soccer clubs including Charlton Athletic, West Ham United, Tottenham Hotspur, Portsmouth, and Toronto FC.
  • In 2011, Jermain Defoe became the 20th player to score 100 goals in the Premier League, showcasing his scoring prowess and importance to his team.
  • He holds the record for the most goals scored as a substitute in the Premier League, with an impressive total of 22 goals coming off the bench.
  • Jermain Defoe has represented England at multiple levels, starting from the Under-16 team and progressing through the Under-18 and Under-21 levels before earning a spot in the senior national team in 2004.
  • He scored a goal for England in the 201 FIFA World Cup, emphasizing his ability to perform on the international stage.

Basic Information About Jermain Defoe

CategoryAthletes β€Ί Soccer Players
ProfessionsFootball player, Soccer Player
Net worth$20,000,000
Date of birth1982-10-07 (41 years old)
Place of birthBeckton
NationalityUnited Kingdom
Height5 ft 5 in (1.67 m)
Social Mediaβ†—οΈŽ Wikipedia

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Jermain Defoe: A Soccer Star with a Net Worth of $20 Million

Jermain Defoe, an English professional soccer player, has had an illustrious career that has elevated him to the highest ranks of the sport. With a net worth of $20 million, Defoe’s success on and off the field is a testament to his exceptional talent and hard work.

What is Jermain Defoe known for?

Jermain Defoe is renowned for his remarkable goal-scoring ability, lightning-fast pace, and clinical finishing. Throughout his career, he has consistently displayed a knack for finding the back of the net, making him one of the most feared strikers in the game. His ability to score crucial goals and make an impact in big matches has earned him a special place in the hearts of soccer fans worldwide.

Early life and education

Jermain Defoe was born in Beckton, London, England, in October 1982. From a young age, it was clear that he possessed exceptional talent and passion for the beautiful game. He honed his skills playing youth soccer for Charlton Athletic from 1997 to 1999.


Defoe’s professional career began with West Ham United in 1999, where he rapidly made a name for himself as a prodigious talent. During his time at West Ham, he was loaned to Bournemouth, providing him with valuable experience and further enhancing his skills. In 2004, Tottenham Hotspur secured his services for a fee of Β£6 million pounds, cementing his reputation as one of the most promising strikers in English football.

In 2008, Defoe joined Portsmouth for another fee of Β£6 million pounds, where he continued to excel and demonstrate his prowess in front of goal. However, his time at Portsmouth was short-lived as he returned to Tottenham Hotspur in 2009 for a staggering fee of over Β£15 million pounds. This marked a significant turning point in Defoe’s career, as he found his feet once again at his beloved club.

Despite brief spells at other clubs such as Toronto FC and Sunderland, Defoe’s heart always remained with Tottenham Hotspur. His contributions to the team were immense, and he became an influential figure on and off the pitch. In 2011, he etched his name in the record books by becoming the 20th player to score 100 goals in the Premier League.

As of January 2014, Defoe holds the remarkable record for the most goals scored as a substitute with 22. This statistic is a testament to his ability to impact the game from any position, further solidifying his status as one of the finest finishers in the sport.


Jermain Defoe’s exceptional career has been punctuated by numerous achievements and accolades. He has represented England in international play, showcasing his skills on their Under-16, Under-18, and Under-21 teams before making his debut for the senior English team in 2004.

Defoe’s greatest international moment came in the 201 FIFA World Cup when he scored a goal for England. His relentless work ethic and unwavering determination have earned him admiration from fans globally and have solidified his place as one of the most respected English footballers of his generation.

Off the field, Defoe has also made a significant impact through his philanthropy work. He founded the Jermain Defoe Foundation, which focuses on supporting homeless and vulnerable young people in the United Kingdom and the Caribbean. His dedication to making a difference in the lives of others is truly commendable.

Jermain Defoe’s enduring legacy as one of English football’s great strikers is a testament to his passion, skill, and relentless pursuit of excellence. With a net worth of $20 million, he has not only achieved success in his profession but has also become an inspiration for aspiring footballers across the world.

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