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John Wall is an American professional basketball player with a net worth of $110 million. He gained fame during his nine-season stint with the Washington Wizards and is known for being a five-time NBA All-Star and receiving All-NBA honors in 2017.

Key facts:

  • John Wall is a professional basketball player who played for the Washington Wizards of the NBA for nine seasons.
  • He established himself as one of the most talented point guards in the league and was selected as a five-time NBA All-Star.
  • In 2017, Wall received All-NBA honors, solidifying his status as one of the best players in the league.
  • During his career, Wall signed several lucrative contracts, including a five-year, $80 million contract with the Wizards in 2013 and a four-year, $170 million contract extension in 2017.
  • He also earned significant income through brand endorsements, further adding to his financial success as a professional athlete.

Basic Information About John Wall

CategoryAthletes β€Ί NBA Players
ProfessionsBasketball player
Net worth$110,000,000
Date of birth1990-09-06 (33 years old)
Place of birthRaleigh
NationalityUnited States of America
Height6 ft 3 in (1.93 m)
Social Mediaβ†—οΈŽ Wikipedia

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Net Worth Details

John Wall, the American professional basketball player, has a remarkable net worth of $110 million. His wealth comes from his successful basketball career and numerous lucrative contracts and endorsements. Throughout his career, Wall has played for the Washington Wizards and the Houston Rockets, earning substantial salaries that have contributed to his impressive net worth.


What is John Wall known for?

Johnathan Hildred Wall Jr., popularly known as John Wall, was born on September 6, 199, in Raleigh, North Carolina. He is widely recognized for his outstanding play as a point guard in the NBA. Wall first gained recognition during his time at the University of Kentucky, where he showcased his exceptional skills and talent. He entered the NBA in 201 when he was drafted by the Washington Wizards. Throughout his career, Wall has achieved various accolades and accomplishments that have solidified his place as one of the league’s top point guards.

Early life and education

John Wall’s early life was marked by challenges and adversity. Raised in Raleigh, North Carolina, Wall grew up without a proper father figure in his life. His father was convicted of armed robbery, while his older half-brother, who attempted to take care of the family, was also incarcerated shortly thereafter. Despite these obstacles, Wall’s mother worked tirelessly to support him and his two sisters.

During his school years, Wall often exhibited rebellious behavior and even had trouble with the law. However, basketball provided him with an outlet to channel his energy and passion. After being cut from his first high school team due to attitude-related issues, he transferred to a private Christian academy, where he began to change his mindset and improve under the guidance of Coach Levi Beckwith. By his senior year, Wall had gained national recognition as one of the best high school players in the country.

With his remarkable talent, Wall attracted the attention of several universities, ultimately choosing to attend the University of Kentucky. During his time there, he continued to shine on the court and showcased his exceptional skills as a point guard.


In 201, John Wall was selected as the first overall pick by the Washington Wizards in the NBA Draft. From his debut season, Wall exhibited his remarkable talent, scoring his first triple-double and being named the 2011 Rookie Game MVP.

Throughout his career, Wall has consistently impressed both fans and critics alike. He has been recognized as a five-time NBA All-Star and received All-NBA honors in 2017. Some of his notable achievements include winning the Slam Dunk Contest and scoring a franchise record of 17 assists in a playoff game.

In 202, Wall was traded to the Houston Rockets, bringing his exceptional skills to a new team. Despite facing injuries and setbacks, he continues to be a force to be reckoned with on the court.


Awards and Recognition

John Wall’s achievements extend beyond his impressive skills on the court. Throughout his career, he has garnered numerous awards and recognition for his contributions to the sport.

  • NBA All-Star: Wall has been selected as an NBA All-Star five times, showcasing his status as one of the league’s top players.
  • All-NBA Honors: In 2017, Wall received All-NBA honors, solidifying his position as one of the premier point guards in the league.
  • Rookie Game MVP: During the 2011 All-Star Weekend, Wall was named the MVP of the Rookie Game, further establishing his prowess as a rising star.
  • Slam Dunk Contest Winner: Wall became the first Washington Wizards player to win the Slam Dunk Contest, displaying his athleticism and showmanship.

These accomplishments highlight Wall’s impact on the game of basketball and cement his legacy as one of the most talented players of his generation.

Contract and Earnings

Throughout his career, John Wall has secured lucrative contracts and earnings that have significantly contributed to his net worth. In 2013, he signed a five-year, $80-million contract with the Washington Wizards. This was followed by a four-year, $170-million contract extension in 2017. The extension made Wall one of the highest-paid players in the NBA at that time.

In July of 2019, he signed another four-year, $170-million contract extension with the Washington Wizards. However, Wall eventually made a move to the Houston Rockets in 202. As he heads into the 2022-2023 season with the Rockets, he is currently the second-highest-paid player in the NBA, earning a base salary of $44.3 million.

Brand Endorsements

Outside of basketball contracts, John Wall has also secured lucrative brand endorsements throughout his career. These endorsements have helped him supplement his income considerably. While specific deals may change over time, Wall has collaborated with major brands such as Adidas, ensuring his presence transcends basketball arenas.

With his skill, determination, and business acumen, John Wall has not only made a name for himself in the world of basketball but also made a significant impact on popular culture and commerce.

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