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Judy Landers, a Famous American actress, has a net worth of $500 thousand dollars. Her physical attributes and pleasing personality have helped her become a popular character actress, with appearances in various situation comedies and action series such as Vega$ and B.J. and the Bear during the 197s and 198s.

Key facts:

Here are five key facts about Judy Landers based on the given text:
  • Judy Landers is an American actress who gained popularity for her pleasing personality and physical attributes.
  • She has appeared in a variety of television shows and movies such as B.J. and the Bear, Vega$, Night Court, The Love Boat, Armed and Dangerous, and Stewardess School.
  • Although she is a former student of the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, Judy Landers has excelled more in comedies due to her ability to portray naΓ―ve, innocent, and dimwitted characters.
  • Judy Landers is married to Tom Niedenfuer, a baseball player, and they have two daughters together named Lindsey and Kristy.
  • With her sister Audrey Landers and mother Ruth Landers, Judy produced the children's series "The Huggabug Club" and also starred in it while making significant contributions to its music.

Basic Information About Judy Landers

CategoryCelebrities β€Ί Actors
Net worth$500,000
Date of birth1958-10-07 (65 years old)
Place of birthPhiladelphia
NationalityUnited States of America
SpouseTom Niedenfuer - (7 NovemberΒ 1987 - present)Β (2 children)
Height5 ft 4 in (1.63 m)
Social Mediaβ†—οΈŽ Wikipedia β†—οΈŽ IMDb

What Movie Awards did Judy Landers win?


Golden Globe

Golder Raspberry


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Judy Landers roles

Movie / Series Role
ManipulatedFrancine Davis
Armed and DangerousNoreen
Match Game PMSelf - Panelist 3 episodes, 1978-1980
CHiPsJudy Landers (uncredited) unknown episodes
The HitchhikerFrances Packard 1 episode, 1983
Knight RiderMicki Bradburn / ... 2 episodes, 1982-1985
Night CourtDan's Date / ... 3 episodes, 1984-1988
The JeffersonsJudy Smith 1 episode, 1979
Happy DaysBoom Boom 1 episode, 1977
Murder, She WroteBobbie 1 episode, 1987
Match Game/Hollywood Squares HourSelf - Panelist 15 episodes, 1983-1984
The Love BoatEdie Adams-Rosenberg / ... 8 episodes, 1978-1987
Burke's LawJustine 1 episode, 1994
Buck Rogers in the 25th CenturyJoanna 1 episode, 1980
Match Game 73Self - Panelist 5 episodes, 1978
ALFBrenda 2 episodes, 1987
Fantasy IslandJudy Jennings / ... 3 episodes, 1980-1984
The A-TeamJennifer 'Jenny' O'Hannorhan 1 episode, 1985
L.A. LawDinitra Lewis 2 episodes, 1986

Judy Landers: A Bright Actress with $500,000 Net Worth

Born in the City of Brotherly Love in 1958, Judy Landers became well-known in the late 197s and early 198s as a popular character actress on television and in some films. While she was a student at Juilliard music school, she was discovered by an actor in Central Park and offered a role on a daytime television drama, which gave her a good start in the entertainment industry. Throughout her career, Judy Landers has proven herself as a versatile actress who can portray various characters from different genres, but her excellence in comedy certainly was what kept her relevant throughout different generations of viewers.

Early Life and Education

The future icon of the entertainment industry was born and raised in a Jewish family in a Philadelphia suburb. Judy Landers grew up along with two younger siblings and demonstrated her passions for arts from an early age. She studied acting and attended the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, even though music had first compelled her into studying at Juilliard’s preparatory school. Her exquisite voice led her to perform with the New York City Opera, but her love for acting pushed her towards fame, rewards and acting accomplishments.


Judy Landers’ success dates back to the late 197s when she was cast for several popular action series such as B.J. and the Bear and Vega$. In both shows, she gave impressive performance and became beloved by viewers, offering her much-needed exposure and enticing plenty of offers for other projects. Along with satirical sitcom Night Court in 1984, she has also acted in many movies like Stewardess School, Armed and Dangerous, and Dr. Alien.

However, what boosted her popularity were certainly many comedic performances that presented her as a natural blond beauty with unique style, mass appeal and talent. Judy Landers was particularly great in playing innocent, sometimes even simple-minded, characters often serving as fallback comedic relief or key players in the most wild comic capers. Her appearances in TV sitcoms were impressive – she performed on The Love Boat alongside famous personalities such as Lauren Tewes and Gavin MacLeod, among others.


The actress has gained admiration from her contemporaries for her unforgettable performance. So far, Judy Landers’ professional career has brought her fame, fortune and awards. With more than 70 credits, she has remained one of the most energetic Hollywood stars during the 80s, but also 90s and beyond. Although she has not won many awards throughout her career, she successfully achieved recognition among audiences that have supported her generational celebrity status until today.

What made her accomplishments in the entertainment industry unique were certainly well-balanced performances, versatility and a charming persona that has captured audiences from various categories. Whether she was serving with drama, action or comedy, every time she was on a screen, everybody loved her.

Death (Optional)

Luckily, Judy Landers is alive and enjoying life with her family. People sometimes wrongly assume that actresses or celebrities who did not make headline news in quite a while, might have already left us, but many four-wall citizens choose to live outside spotlights.

Total Net Worth

As of 2021, Judy Landers’ net worth is estimated to be around $500 thousand. Considering her incredible talent and accomplishment, it is not surprising to see that she has built such comfortable accounting status over the years. It is safe to say that expenditures have been successfully covered by steady projects and being employed throughout the years.

A Side Note About the Actress

The iconic blonde actress and her sister Audrey Landers are famous beyond their Hollywood accomplishments. As producers, they have created a project that was nearest and dearest to their hearts called The Huggabug Club, a children’s series that aired on public broadcasting.

Part of the sisters’ love for this project is down to their affection for children: Judy’s ex-husband, Tommy Niedenfuer, with whom she has two lovely daughters, Kristy and Lindsey happens to be a former LA Dodgers player.

Final Thoughts

The very best actors and actresses are considered chameleons capable of playing every role their energy, talent and imagination allow them. Few actresses are distinguished by great charisma, creative advantage, work enthusiasm, professional fitness and diversity like Judy Landers. Moreover, she has managed to reinvent herself in every new project she participated in beyond other blonde divas of the time.

Today, with $500 thousand net worth, Judy Landers stills makes the world a brighter place – effortlessly charming viewers even after all these years.

Interesting Facts about Judy Landers

  1. Younger sister of Audrey Landers and daughter of Ruth Landers.
  2. Her husband, Tom Niedenfuer, used to be a relief pitcher for the Los Angeles Dodgers. He gave up the game-winning home run to Ozzie Smith, of the St. Louis Cardinals, during the 1985 National League Championship.
  3. Owes some of her great shape to the fact that she began gymnastics at age 9 and has remained a devotee to fitness ever since.
  4. Bears such a strong resemblance to her sister, Audrey Landers, that they have appeared together in a number of features as identical twins, even though they were actually born more than two years apart.
  5. Judy, sister Audrey Landers and mother Ruth Landers own and operate "Landers Productions" out of Florida.
  6. Mother, with Tom Niedenfuer, of daughters Lindsey Landers and Kristy Landers.
  7. Aunt of Adam Landers Berkowitz and Daniel Landers.
  8. Sister-in-law of Donald Berkowitz.
  9. Made a career out of recreating the act of "Orange" made popular by Connie Hoffman on Starsky & Hutch. Later, it would be reprised by April Bowlby as Kandi in Two & Half Men. All these actresses assumed the same personality and talked exactly the same way, pouting a la Shirley Temple.

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