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Lee Yoo-mi is a famous South Korean actress who has a net worth of $4 million. She is primarily known for her roles as Ji-yeong in the acclaimed Netflix series β€˜Squid Game’ and Na-yeon in β€˜All of Us Are Dead’.

Key facts:

  • Lee Yoo-mi is a South Korean actress who has a net worth of $4 million
  • She landed her first acting role in the action thriller film, 'The Yellow Sea' in 201
  • Yoo-mi rose to international fame for her role as Ji-yeong in the hit Netflix series, 'Squid Game'
  • In 2021, she won the Best New Actress awards at the Blue Dragon Film Awards, Buil Film Awards, and Cine21 Awards
  • Yoo-mi kept a low profile about her dating and personal life

Basic Information About Lee Yoo-mi

Full NameYoo-mi Lee
CategoryCelebrities β€Ί Actors
Net worth$4,000,000
Date of birth1994-07-18 (29 years old)
Place of birthJeonju, South Korea
Social Mediaβ†—οΈŽ Wikipedia β†—οΈŽ Instagram β†—οΈŽ Imdb

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Lee Yoo-mi: The Rising Korean Actress You Need To Know About

South Korean actress, Lee Yoo-mi, is slowly rising through the ranks of the entertainment industry. Having started her career back in 201 with a minor role in a film, she now has a net worth of $4 million. Her recent runs in Netflix shows such as β€˜Squid Game’ and β€˜All of Us Are Dead’ have landed her on a global stage.

Early Life

Lee Yoo-mi was born on July 18, 1994, in Jeonju, South Korea. She spent her childhood days in South Korea, where her family had settled down. That’s where she developed an interest in acting and got started in the entertainment industry.


Lee Yoo-mi’s career started with her role in the action-thriller film, β€˜The Yellow Sea’ in 201. Afterward, Lee went on to star in numerous minor roles in television series and movies alike.

Over the years, Lee Yoo-mi worked on various projects and gained recognition in the South Korean industry. However, her work only caught the attention of the world after she starred in β€˜Squid Game’, a Netflix original series.

The series took the internet by storm, and Lee Yoo-mi’s portrayal of Ji-yeong was widely praised. This role has transformed Lee Yoo-mi’s career and led to more significant opportunities. Besides notable success from Squid Game, Lee Yoo-mi starred in a decent supporting role in β€˜Young Adult Matters.’

This performance at Young Adult Matters alone got her nominated for Best New Actress at the 2021 Blue Dragon Film Awards. She also earned several Best New Actress awards for her splendid work throughout recent times.

What is Lee Yoo-mi known for?

Lee Yoo-mi is best known for her roles as Ji-yeong in β€˜Squid Game’ and Na-yeon in β€˜All of Us Are Dead.’

Personal Life

Lee Yoo-mi keeps her personal life private, and the actress has not been reporting or spotted being openly with anyone.

What is Lee Yoo-mi’s Net Worth and Salary?

According to sources, Lee Yoo-mi’s net worth is approximately $4 million. Her massive success on platforms such as Netflix has played a vital role in increasing her fortune. Despite not receiving as high profile salaries like the top Korean actors, she has received quite impressive sums being cast in peak-hour shows.

With her profound success, she seamlessly packed an exclusive representative contract with Varo Entertainment. Her work within the industry is centered on continuously mastering the craft; the monetary success apparent thanks to the endorsement gigs also pops up like you would imagine of world-famous superstars.


Since her breakout role in Squid Game, Lee Yoo-mi has picked up a host of accolades. She brought a fresh new acting perspective to Squid Game, earning a nomination for Best Supporting Actress in Television Series at the 58th Baeksang Arts Awards.

Her most recent award was for Best New Actress in a Supporting Role at the 31st Buil Film Awards, and such won just after tremendous feedback from Young Adult Matters.

Her rising global stardom and influence are a clear indication that she will be star-studded yet, if not outdoing herself, with other films in the pipeline.

The Bottom Line

Lee Yoo-mi is undoubtedly a shining star of this generation’s South Korean entertainment industry. She solidifies the level of remarkable talent and character combination rarely essential for celebrity success, alongside alluring both instant fans and massive praise. As Lee continues to work on her craft, we can only expect greatness from her in the years to come. With her captivating projects dropping now and then, who knows what marvels may emerge!

Additional information of Lee Yoo-mi

Lucky Number12
Lucky StoneMoonstone
Lucky ColorSilver
Best Match for MarriageTaurus, Pisces, Scorpio
Eye ColorDark Brown
Hair ColorDark Brown
EthnicityEast Asian

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