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Liz MacDonald, also known as Elizabeth MacDonald, is a famous American editor and television personality with a net worth of $4 million. She has appeared on numerous TV series for FOX News and the FOX Business Network, showcasing her expertise and contributing to her financial success.

Key facts:

  • Liz MacDonald is an American editor and television personality.
  • She has appeared on several TV series for FOX News and the FOX Business Network.
  • She served as the host of "The Evening Edit" since 2016.
  • Liz MacDonald has also made appearances on various TV shows, including "Cavuto on Business," "Outnumbered," and "Forbes on Fox."
  • She has been a prominent figure in the media industry with her extensive presence on different television programs.

Basic Information About Liz MacDonald

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Net worth$4,000,000
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Liz MacDonald – A Multi-talented Media Personality

Liz MacDonald, also known by her full-first name Elizabeth MacDonald, is an American editor and television personality who has made a remarkable name for herself in the media industry. With a net worth of $4 million, Liz MacDonald has achieved great success throughout her career.

Net Worth Details

With her dedication and hard work, Liz MacDonald has amassed an impressive net worth of $4 million. Her contributions to the media industry have been pivotal in securing her financial success.


What is Liz MacDonald known for?

Liz MacDonald is best known for her captivating presence on various TV series for FOX News and the FOX Business Network. Her engaging personality and insightful commentary have earned her a loyal fan base.

Early life and education

Liz MacDonald was born in Rockville Centre, New York in January 1962. From a young age, she displayed a passion for journalism and media. She pursued her education at a renowned institution, where she honed her skills and gained the knowledge necessary to excel in the industry she was so passionate about.


Liz MacDonald’s career has been nothing short of impressive. She has appeared on several TV series, showcasing her expertise and captivating audiences with her sharp commentary and in-depth analysis.

From 2012 to 2015, Liz MacDonald appeared on Cavuto on Business, where she shared valuable insights about the world of business and economics. Her appearances on Mornings with Maria Bartiromo from 2014 to 2015 allowed her to delve deeper into financial topics and connect with viewers on a personal level.

Furthermore, Liz MacDonald made a lasting impression on Red Eye w/ Tom Shillue from 2011 to 2016, where her wit and humor shone through. Her time on Forbes on Fox from 2012 to 2018 solidified her reputation as a respected business commentator.

Currently, Liz MacDonald serves as the host of The Evening Edit, a show she has been part of since 2016. Her impeccable hosting skills and ability to engage with her audience make her a valuable asset to the FOX Business Network.


Liz MacDonald’s accomplishments extend beyond her captivating on-screen presence. Throughout her career, she has received recognition and accolades for her contributions to the media industry.

Her insightful commentary has garnered the attention of viewers and critics alike, earning her respect and admiration. Liz MacDonald’s achievements include appearances on esteemed shows such as The O’Reilly Factor, Huckabee, Freedom Watch with Judge Napolitano, and On the Record w/ Brit Hume, among many others. These opportunities have showcased her expertise and allowed her to reach a wider audience.

While primarily known for her work in television, Liz MacDonald has also left her mark in print journalism. Her articles and insights have been featured in reputable publications, solidifying her status as a versatile media personality.


Liz MacDonald’s unwavering dedication and talent have propelled her to become one of the most recognized faces in the media industry. From her early days as a journalist to her current role as a beloved television host, she continues to captivate audiences with her charisma and insightful commentary.

With a net worth of $4 million and a trail of accomplishments under her belt, Liz MacDonald is undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with. Her contributions to the media industry have solidified her status as an influential figure, earning her the respect and admiration of viewers and colleagues alike.

As Liz MacDonald’s career continues to flourish, it will be exciting to see what new heights she will reach and the impact she will have on the industry. With her passion, talent, and undeniable charm, the future looks exceptionally bright for this multi-talented media personality.

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