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Famous Canadian actress Megan Follows has a net worth of $2 million. Best known for her remarkable performance in the highly acclaimed miniseries Anne of Green Gables, Follows has starred in various other films and movies throughout her career.

Key facts:

  • Megan Follows is a Canadian actress most known for her portrayal of Anne Shirley in the miniseries 'Anne of Green Gables'.
  • She made her big-screen debut in Stephen King's 'Silver Bullet' in 1985 and won Gemini Awards for her performance in Anne of Green Gables.
  • Megan Follows is a versatile actress who has performed in plays, movies, and TV shows throughout the eighties and nineties.
  • She lent her voice in the animated feature 'The Nutcracker Prince' in 199 and appeared in the Canadian comedy 'Reluctant Angel' in 1997.
  • In 200, she reprised her most famous role as an adult aspiring writer in New York in 'Anne of Green Gables: The Continuing Story'.

Basic Information About Megan Follows

CategoryCelebrities β€Ί Actors
Net worth$2,000,000
Date of birth1968-03-14 (55 years old)
Place of birthToronto
NationalityUnited States of America
SpouseChristopher Porter - (27 AprilΒ 1991 - 18 JanuaryΒ 1996)Β (divorced)Β (2 children)
Height5 ft 2 in (1.6 m)
Social Mediaβ†—οΈŽ Wikipedia β†—οΈŽ IMDb

What Movie Awards did Megan Follows win?


Golden Globe

Golder Raspberry


0 0 0 0 3

Megan Follows awards

Award Name State Movie / Series Name Year
Outstanding Directorial Achievement - Family SeriesWinnerHeartland2020
Canadian Screen Award - Best Performance by an Actress in a Continuing Leading Dramatic RoleNomineeReign2016
Canadian Screen Award - Best Direction in a Children's or Youth Program or SeriesWinnerHolly Hobbie2020

Megan Follows roles

Movie / Series Role
I Am Number FourSupermarket Cashier (uncredited)
Silver BulletJane Coslaw
Lie to MeLorraine Burch 1 episode, 2009
HeartlandLily Borden / ... 6 episodes, 2009-2021
LongmireAlice Stewart 1 episode, 2012
The X FilesKath McCready 1 episode, 2001
ReignCatherine de' Medici 78 episodes, 2013-2017
CSI: MiamiChloe Grand 1 episode, 2005
Law & OrderMegan Parnell 1 episode, 2000
The DivisionScience Teacher 1 episode, 2001
Wynonna EarpMichelle Gibson 6 episodes, 2018
ERChristy Larkin 1 episode, 2001
Republic of DoyleWarden Barton 1 episode, 2014
Murdoch MysteriesDirector
Murdoch MysteriesMegan Byrne 1 episode, 2017
Murder, She WroteLila Nolan 1 episode, 1995
Big Wolf on CampusViolet Thorne 1 episode, 1999
The FugitivePaula Bennett 1 episode, 2000
CSI: Crime Scene InvestigationBeth Darian 1 episode, 2004
October FactionDirector
October FactionEdith Mooreland 8 episodes, 2020
When Hope CallsDirector
The Ray Bradbury TheaterAimee 1 episode, 1989
That's LifeStella 1 episode, 2002
Crossing JordanBeth 1 episode, 2006
The Outer LimitsKaren Ross 1 episode, 1995
Holly HobbieDirector
Brothers & SistersMaggie Stephens 1 episode, 2009
American PlayhouseAnna Mae Morgan 1 episode, 1987
The Facts of LifeTerry Largo 1 episode, 1982
Family LawNancy Quinn 1 episode, 2000

Megan Follows's Movie/Shows Salary

Movie / Series Salary
ReignΒ (2013)$37,000 per episode

Megan Follows's Quotes

  • You see the allure of theatre. You see the jealousy. You see the frustration. All of it. My parents lived, breathed, ate and slept theatre. Emotions were right on the surface. Growing up, the unreal had as much importance as the real. - MF, 2005 interview
  • I do experience more scrutiny because of [Anne of Green Gables], but I have come to the conclusion, for my own sanity, that I can only choose things according to my own barometer of what I'm trying to achieve or how I'm stretching and reaching. That's all I really have in my control. - MF, 2005 interview
  • [on the title role in 'Anne of Green Gables'] It was not an easy character. She's iconic, so people think they know what she is, but she was multifaceted. She was not the appendage of a male character; she was number one. She had a lot of character defects that were fantastic to play. She had an uncontrollable temper; she was a compulsive talker; she had a rich fantasy life - all of which were products of the fact she was an orphan and raised in undesirable circumstances. And it is her intellect, her wit which turns that around and turns the community around. I think that is why that is why that story has had lasting power.
  • [remembering her "Anne Of Green Gables" co-star and friend Jonathan Crombie] Truly I just remember at times just laughing so hard that you'd just be crying. He was so playful and silly and as I said really bright, so his humor was always informed with that, which made him even funnier. He had that beautiful face. He was a lot of fun, he was very open so you just felt he was someone who really wanted to play and it really was a new experience for him. We were all just in it to do the best that we could and we had a lot of fun.
  • I like to say Reign (2013) is the 24 (2001) of the pre-Renaissance. I think we're going to take a lot of liberties with history, as well as extend it over a longer period of time.

Megan Follows Net Worth

Megan Follows is a popular Canadian actress with a net worth of $2 million. Born in Toronto, Ontario on March 14, 1968, Megan Follows began her acting career as a young child. Her parents were also actors.


What is Megan Follows known for?

Megan Follows is mainly known for her portrayal of Anne Shirley in the 80s miniseries, Anne of Green Gables. The production won numerous awards, including a prestigious Emmy Award and captured the hearts of millions of viewers across several countries. Megan Follows’ performance in the role of Anne Shirley was so compelling that it brought her international stardom, paving the way to a fulfilling and successful career in the entertainment industry.

Early Life and Education

As we’ve mentioned earlier Megan Follows was born to two actor parents, with her mother being an actress as well as a teacher of acting. So arguably, Megan was always going to pursue acting herself. At the age of nine, she joined the cast of the Canadian TV Show β€œMatt and Jenny” and kept making her mark on Canadian television throughout her childhood. By the time she reached the age of 18, she already had an extensive resume in theatre and television.


In 1985, Megan auditioned for the role of Anne Shirley in director Kevin Sullivan’s new miniseries adaptation of Anne Of Green Gables. Once she got the role, she instantly became everyone’s favorite and critics adored her performance. After β€œAnne of Green Gables”, Megan decided to take up a challenge with more serious works, something that did not scare her or pulled her back – unlike comedy. She wanted to break free from the label of being a child actress and start playing more mature, dramatic roles.

Some of her successful performances in dramatic roles include her work in Termini Station, a drama film in which she played the part of an immigrant condemned to a solitary existence in New York City whose chance occurrence brings a change to her bleak life. Megan also tried her hand in independent films artfully designed to match her abilities such as Edward the King (shown on BBC and PBS), while enjoying a new level of independence in Canada. Since the 199s, Megan has been dividing her time and taking up less major roles while focusing on her family.

Megan Follows may have started her career in Canada, but it was the film β€œUnder The Piano” that probably sparked her Hollywood movie interests. She also starred in the romantic film β€œHeartland” portraying a satisfied homemaker being involved in torrid love affairs with her neighbor on the side. Megan Follows starred in the Canadian TV series β€œWorld’s Beyond” and Larry Lancaster’s disturbing cable TV drama β€œSin of Innocence,” in which she played the victim of incest


Megan Follows’ succession of prominent TV credits includes highly-regarded drama productions like β€˜L.A Law,’ and she has also forged a successful stage career since establishing her name as a leading Canadian theatre actress in 1983, being highly regarded for her playing Sonia in her spirited rendition of Uncle Vanya.

  • In 1985 Megan Follows won Gemni Award for TV in 1986 (as Anne Shirley) for Anne of Green Gables
  • In 1986, she became an Emmy Award finalist for Best Supporting Actress (Miniseries or Special) for Anne of Green Gables performance.
  • She has won a total of three Gemini Awards in her career.<\li>

Personal Life

After Megan’s first marriage ended in divorce, she married Christopher Porter and moved to Los Angeles with him and their two children. Megan Follows is a mother to two children, Lyla Anne and Russell Jesse. Staying true to her Canadian roots, Megan Follows appeared in the CBC pilot for the Series Of Children’s Programs called β€˜NOW See This’ aired in Canada during the late 198s. In her free time Follows loves indulging herself in writing scripts and stories since age of nine All her literary efforts will give an insight into her creative thoughts.


All in all, Megan Follows is a powerhouse of a woman with remarkable talent. She has made her way through the Canadian acting scene and emerged as an icon to many Canadians, with fans on every continent. Her impressive list of achievements includes various awards, such as Gemini, in honor of her hard work and abilities. We look forward to seeing her make even greater strides in the entertainment industry in the future and can’t wait for updates on her game-changing projects.

Interesting Facts about Megan Follows

  1. Became a U.S. citizen. Has dual Canadian/American citizenship.
  2. Met future ex-husband Christopher Porter of Chester, Nova Scotia, on the set of Deep Sleep (1990), where he worked as a gaffer.
  3. Only had three weeks to prepare for her role in Under the Piano (1996).
  4. Her mother Dawn Greenhalgh starred with her in Anne of Green Gables (1985) as Mrs. Cadbury, the stern headmistress of the orphanage where Anne is brought to at the beginning of the film.
  5. Has two children with ex-husband Christopher Porter: Lyla Anne (born December 1991) aka Lyla Porter-Follows and Russell Porter-Follows (b. 13 July 1994).
  6. Sister-in-law of Sean O'Bryan. Aunt of Mckayla and Rowan O'Bryan.
  7. Lately has been appearing with the Soulpepper Theatre Company in Canada in such productions as "Fool for Love" (alongside previously real-life partner Stuart Hughes, who is a founding member of the Company), "The Real Thing," "Top Girls," "'night, Mother" (opposite real-life mother Dawn Greenhalgh), and "Cloud 9".
  8. Engaged to Stuart Hughes (1996-2010).
  9. She played the younger version of her mother Dawn Greenhalgh's character in Big Wolf on Campus: Interview with a Werewolf (1999).

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