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Famous American reality television personality and Amish leader Merlin Miller has a net worth estimated to be around $150,000. Miller gained widespread recognition when he led the Ohio Amish Community and featured on the television show β€˜Amish Mafia’ where he was known for being quite eccentric and the rival of Lancaster, Pennsylvania Amish leader Lebanon Levi.

Key facts:

The achievements of Merlin Miller mentioned in the text are as follows:
  • Merlin is the leader of the Ohio Amish Community.
  • He plays a prominent role in the reality TV show 'Amish Mafia' on the Discovery Channel.
  • Merlin is known for being eccentric and being the rival of another Amish leader, Lebanon Levi.
  • Lebanon Levi had him removed from his position as head of the Ohio Amish, but he was later reinstated.
  • Merlin is shown plotting ways to unseat Lebanon Levi, with his fellow Amish enforcer, on the show.

Basic Information About Merlin Miller

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Net worth$150,000
Place of birthUnited States of America
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Merlin Miller: The Reality TV Personality and Amish Leader

Merlin Miller has been one of the most prominent faces of the American reality television in recent times. He is an Amish leader and a well-known personality in the Ohio Amish community. With his unique style, he has won the hearts of millions of viewers on the Discovery Channel show, β€˜Amish Mafia’. According to the latest reports, Merlin Miller’s net worth is $150 thousand dollars.


What is Merlin Miller Known For?

Merlin Miller is considered to be one of the most influential leaders in the Ohio Amish community. He is known for his unconventional and eccentric ways of dealing with problems. He has a unique perspective on life which is very different from others. Miller has gained international fame because of his portrayal in the show Amish Mafia.

Early Life and Education

The Ohio Amish leader was born and raised in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. He belongs to a family that has been associated with the Amish community for several generations. Unlike other people, he did not attend school beyond the elementary level. Instead, he decided to follow his family’s tradition, living a life of simplicity and hard work.


Merlin started his career as a farmer but eventually became involved in the Ohio Amish community. As he gained popularity, he was chosen as the leader of the Ohio Amish, a position he took quite seriously. While being a leader, he was also given an opportunity to star in β€œAmish Mafia,” Discovery Channel’s popular show that follows a group of Amish men who protect the Amish community. In the show, Miller’s character is seen leading the Ohio Amish and going toe-to-toe with Lancaster, Pennsylvania’s Amish leader Lebanon Levi. Merlin has become a household name since appearing on the show.

Current Affairs

Over the years, Merlin Miller has been involved in numerous feuds. One of the biggest ones was with Lebanon Levi, who thought Merlin had grown too powerful and removed him from his position as head of the Ohio Amish. There have been numerous allegations of criminal activity relating to the show but no charges were ever filed against anyone involved. As for Miller, he managed to get his position back and is still serving as a leader in the Ohio Amish community.


Merlin Miller participated in various television shows throughout his career. However, β€œAmish Mafia” is what made him a star. Through his appearance on the show, he has become a source of inspiration for many viewers. He is also widely respected in the Ohio Amish community because of his leadership qualities and unconventional methods.

Personal Life

Miller has spent most of his life in rural communities, and this lifestyle has greatly influenced his personality. He stands out as a very open person who boldly faces his challenges and fears. He is also married and has a few kids.

Final Thoughts

Merlin Miller is a true symbol of determination and grit. He has managed to achieve massive popularity despite the challenges he faced in life. Miller’s stint on β€œAmish Mafia” has brought unprecedented attention to the Amish way of life. And while the show faced controversy because some scenes were staged, it undoubtedly provided an interesting glimpse into some aspects of Amish communities’ everyday life. Ultimately, Merlin Miller is an icon and will continue to inspire many with his unique personality, leadership qualities, and thoughts on life.

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