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Noah Emmerich is a famous American actor with a net worth of $3 million dollars who is best known for his roles in both film and television projects. He has appeared in several co-starring roles in films such as โ€˜Beyond Bordersโ€™, โ€˜Cellularโ€™ and โ€˜Little Childrenโ€™ and has also played recurring roles on TV series including โ€˜White Collarโ€™ and โ€˜The Walking Deadโ€™.

Key facts:

  • Noah Emmerich is an actor from New York, who graduated from Yale University with a degree in History.
  • He started his professional on-camera career in the early 90s working on both television and film projects.
  • Some of his notable works include roles in 'The West Wing,' 'Beautiful Girls,' 'The Truman Show,' and 'Super 8'.
  • Emmerich has also played recurring roles on the television series, 'White Collar' and 'The Walking Dead'.
  • Currently, he is co-starring as FBI Agent Stan Beeman on 'The Americans,' which has received critical acclaim for his performance in the show.

Basic Information About Noah Emmerich

CategoryCelebrities โ€บ Actors
Net worth$3,000,000
Date of birth1965-02-27 (58 years old)
Place of birthNew York City
NationalityUnited States of America
SpouseMary Regency Boies - (26 Aprilย 2014 - present)
Melissa Fitzgerald - (28 Novemberย 1998 - 2003)ย (divorced)
Height6 ft 3 in (1.91 m)
Social Mediaโ†—๏ธŽ Wikipedia โ†—๏ธŽ IMDb

What Movie Awards did Noah Emmerich win?


Golden Globe

Golder Raspberry


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Noah Emmerich awards

Award Name State Movie / Series Name Year
PFCS Award - Best Ensemble ActingWinnerSuper 82011
Actor - Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama SeriesNomineeThe Americans2019

Noah Emmerich roles

Movie / Series Role
The Truman ShowMarlon
WarriorDan Taylor
Super 8Colonel Nelec
Little ChildrenLarry Hedges
LifeStan Blocker
Last Action HeroRookie
FrequencyGordo Hersch
MiracleCraig Patrick
Cop LandDeputy Bill Geisler
CellularJack Tanner
Beautiful GirlsMichael 'Mo' Morris
Fair GameBill
Blood TiesLieutenant Connellan
TrustAl Hart
Jane Got a GunBill Hammond
Pride and GloryFrancis Tierney, Jr.
Love & SexEric
The Walking DeadEdwin Jenner 2 episodes, 2010
BillionsFreddie Aquafino 2 episodes, 2016-2019
Law & Order: Special Victims UnitOfficer Pete Breslin 1 episode, 2005
The West WingBobby Zane 1 episode, 2000
White CollarGarrett Fowler 4 episodes, 2009-2010
Master of NoneMark 1 episode, 2015
The Hot ZoneLt. Col. Jerry Jaax 6 episodes, 2019
Space ForceGeneral Kick Grabaston 4 episodes, 2020
MonkRoderick Brody 1 episode, 2009
The AmericansDirector
The AmericansStan Beeman 75 episodes, 2013-2018
Melrose PlaceSam Bennett 1 episode, 1995

Noah Emmerich's Quotes

  • In the modern world there's no such thing as formality. A dinner jacket used to mean a tuxedo, you know?
  • I'm not really a zombie genre guy; I'm not particularly versed in it. Doing 'The Walking Dead' sort of turned me on to the whole thing.
  • I did do a war movie, 'Windtalkers.' That was a lot of action. But once you've done one big action/war movie, you don't need to do another one.
  • After every movie, you get offered the role that you just did in the last movie.
  • A movie set or any set is a completely private place and it feels very insulated.

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The Talented Noah Emmerich โ€“ Net Worth and Biography

Noah Emmerich is an incredibly talented actor with a net worth of $3 million dollars. He was born in New York, New York, and has had a very successful career in both film and television.

What is Noah Emmerich known for?

Noah Emmerich is best known for his outstanding character Acting. He began his professional on-camera career early in the 90s, with his early television work, including guest-starring roles on shows such as โ€˜Flying Blindโ€™, โ€˜NYPD Blueโ€™, โ€˜Melrose Placeโ€™, โ€˜The West Wingโ€™, and โ€˜Wonderlandโ€™ among others.

His uncanny talent and captivating on-screen presence helped him transition into more significant roles, which blossomed during the early 21st century when he bagged some prominent film projects. He co-starred in โ€˜Beyond Bordersโ€™, โ€˜Cellularโ€™, โ€˜Little Childrenโ€™, and โ€˜Super 8โ€™ among many other great successes throughout the years.

Early life and education

Noah Emmerich spent his childhood years in New York. He graduated from Yale University with a degree in History. Following graduation, he studied acting privately with Ron Stetston at the Neighborhood Playhouse, exploring his love for stage plays as an art form.


Noah Emmerich is a professional actor, producer, and director. Still, Receiving awards and nominations that recognize his unparalleled talent throughout the years takes pride in his filmography that spans one and a half decades.

He has significant credits to his fascinating portfolio with leading as well as supporting roles in films like Last Action Hero, Beautiful Girls, Cop Land, The Truman Show, Life, to mention but six.

The incredibly talented actor has gone ahead and co-starred as FBI Agent Stan Beeman on โ€˜The Americansโ€™ from 2013-2018. His fantastic performance saw him earn critical acclaim, several nominations, and one award for โ€˜Best Supporting Actor in a TV Seriesโ€™ at the โ€˜Criticsโ€™ Choice Television Awards.โ€™

Noah Emmerich has over time become one of the most sought-after actors due to his ability to portray diverse roles, often seen as challenging and difficult. He understands the characterโ€™s depth and personality and immerses himself into the role perfectly.


As a distinguished personality in the entertainment industry, Noah Emmerich has received an incredible list of accolades throughout his career. He perfectly embodies his roles, leaving an everlasting impression on his audiences.

He earned his first award at the Cinequest San Jose Film Festival for โ€˜Best Supporting Actorโ€™ in a French-American romantic comedy-drama film called โ€˜Forces of Natureโ€™ (1999). Noah received more nominations in later years, including: the Satellite Award for Best Actor- Television series Drama for his outstanding performance in โ€˜The Americansโ€™.

The talented actor was recognized with an award nomination for โ€˜Best Supporting Actor in a TV Seriesโ€™ at the Criticsโ€™ Choice Television Awards. For several years, he served both on and behind the camera, serving as a voice and role model for upcoming filmmakers who looked up to him.

The Bottom Line

Noah Emmerich is a multi-talented person who excels in several areas in front of the camera. His passion, unparalleled talent, and intense devotion to his craft have helped him carve his way to a successful career in film and television. His unique character acting expertise has set him apart from the competition and enabled him to create critical opinions and an excellent reputation within the industry. He is motivated, dynamic, and always working towards achieving greatness in whichever role he takes on, a quality attributed to peak performers.

Noah Emmerichโ€™s success story is an inspiration to many. Going to Yale, privately studying with a known professional actor, Stetson Ron, and then leaping with his undeniable talent firmly set him on a path to greatness.

Interesting Facts about Noah Emmerich

  1. Brother of New Line Cinema executive Toby Emmerich.
  2. Noah's grandparents were born in four different countries. Noah's paternal grandfather was a German Jew (born in Bad Homburg), and Noah's paternal grandmother was a French Jew (born in Paris). Noah's father was born in Frankfurt, Germany, and later moved to the United States. Noah's maternal grandfather was a Romanian Jewish immigrant, and Noah's maternal grandmother was born in New York, to Hungarian Jewish parents.

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