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Óliver Pérez is a Famous Mexican professional baseball player with a net worth of $23 million. He has had a successful career playing for various teams in the Major League Baseball, including the San Diego Padres, Pittsburgh Pirates, New York Mets, Seattle Mariners, and Arizona Diamondbacks.

Key facts:

  • Óliver Pérez is a Mexican professional baseball player.
  • He is a left-handed pitcher.
  • Pérez played for the San Diego Padres, Pittsburgh Pirates, and New York Mets in Major League Baseball.
  • He represented the Mexican national team in the World Baseball Classic in 2006, 2009, and 2013.
  • As of the 2014 season, Pérez had a win-loss record of 65-79 with 1,300 strikeouts and an ERA (earned run average) that was not mentioned in the text.

Basic Information About Óliver Pérez

CategoryAthletes › Baseball Players
ProfessionsBaseball player
Net worth$23,000,000
Date of birth1981-08-15 (42 years old)
Place of birthCuliacán
Height6 ft 3 in (1.91 m)
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Óliver Pérez: The Talented Pitcher

Óliver Pérez, the Mexican professional baseball player, has proven to be one of the most skilled pitchers in the game. With a net worth of $23 million, Pérez’s journey to success is filled with determination, dedication, and numerous accomplishments.

What is Óliver Pérez known for?

Óliver Pérez is known for his exceptional talent as a left-handed pitcher. Born in Culiacan, Sinaloa, Mexico in August 1981, Pérez has made a lasting impression in the Major League Baseball.

Early life and education

Pérez’s love for baseball started at a young age. He showed great promise and was signed by the San Diego Padres as an amateur free agent in 1999. This marked the beginning of his professional career in the sport.

While playing in the minor leagues, Pérez honed his skills and developed into a formidable player. His dedication and hard work paid off when he made his debut for the San Diego Padres in 2002.


Pérez played for the San Diego Padres from 2002 to 2003 before joining the Pittsburgh Pirates from 2003 to 2006. It was during this time that Pérez showcased his exceptional talent, earning recognition as one of the top pitchers in the league.

In 2006, Pérez joined the New York Mets and continued to excel in his career. His stellar performance on the field led to a three-year contract with the Mets worth $36 million in 2009. During his time with the Mets, he became a fan favorite and was admired for his strong pitches and accuracy.

After his tenure with the Mets, Pérez signed a one-year deal worth $1.5 million with the Seattle Mariners in 2012. He continued to impress with his incredible skills, solidifying his reputation as an elite pitcher.

In 2014, Pérez signed another lucrative contract, this time with the Arizona Diamondbacks. The two-year deal was worth $4.25 million and demonstrated the high regard in which Pérez’s talent is held.

Throughout his career, Pérez has also represented the Mexican national team in the World Baseball Classic in 2006, 2009, and 2013. His contributions to the team have made him a pride of Mexico, and he continues to be a role model for aspiring young athletes.


Óliver Pérez’s career is punctuated by numerous accomplishments. His remarkable pitching abilities have earned him recognition and awards throughout the years.

Notably, Pérez has an impressive win-loss record of 65-79 combined with an impressive total of 1,300 strikeouts. His remarkable performances on the mound have left fans and analysts in awe of his talent and determination.

Although he is known primarily for his outstanding baseball career, Pérez’s impact extends beyond the game. He is regarded as a generous philanthropist, supporting various charitable initiatives and making a positive impact on different communities.

With his immense talent, charismatic personality, and philanthropic endeavors, Óliver Pérez continues to inspire aspiring athletes around the world. He serves as a testament to the power of dedication and hard work, proving that dreams can indeed become a reality.

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