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Famous actor, director, and producer Patrick Kilpatrick has a net worth of $10 million. Kilpatrick has over 150 acting credits to his name, including several recurring roles on popular TV shows like Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman and movies such as Last Man Standing, Under Siege 2, Eraser, and more.

Key facts:

  • Patrick Kilpatrick is a versatile artist who has served as an actor, director, producer, screenwriter, and journalist.
  • He has played more than 150 character roles in films and TV series. Some of his notable performances include Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins, Death Warrant, and Last Man Standing.
  • In addition to acting, Patrick Kilpatrick is also an accomplished writer. He has written popular screenplays for many movies and some blockbuster TV series like Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman.
  • Prior to entering the entertainment industry, Patrick Kilpatrick's family founded the Cigna Corporation, showing his strong familial connections to the business world.
  • As the CEO and president of Uncommon Dialogue, an interdisciplinary consulting firm that provides visionary leadership solutions, he is fully committed to ensuring that his influence extends beyond just the film industry.

Basic Information About Patrick Kilpatrick

CategoryCelebrities β€Ί Actors
ProfessionsActor, Journalist, Film Producer
Net worth$10,000,000
Date of birth1949-08-20 (74 years old)
Place of birthOrange
NationalityUnited States of America
Curiosities and TrademarksMenacing characters.
His big grin.
Height6 ft 2 in (1.88 m)
Social Mediaβ†—οΈŽ Wikipedia β†—οΈŽ IMDb

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What Movie Awards did Patrick Kilpatrick win?


Golden Globe

Golder Raspberry


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Patrick Kilpatrick roles

Movie / Series Role
Minority ReportKnott
Under Siege 2: Dark TerritoryMercenary #2
The Toxic AvengerLeroy (as Pat Kilpatrick)
The Replacement KillersPryce
Black WaterFerris
Beyond the LawTerrance
Class of 1999Mr. Bryles
Last Man StandingFinn
The PresidioMark
Death WarrantChristian 'The Sandman' Naylor
Remo Williams: The Adventure BeginsStone
Criminal MindsVincent Perotta 1 episode, 2005
The X FilesRandall Cooper 1 episode, 2001
ChuckLeader 1 episode, 2008
Terminator: The Sarah Connor ChroniclesTriple-Eight Terminator 1 episode, 2008
JAGCapt. Lyle / ... 2 episodes, 1997-2000
LegendDave Larson 1 episode, 1995
Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of SupermanDevane 1 episode, 1994
Tour of Duty'Duke' Fontaine / ... 3 episodes, 1989-1990
CSI: MiamiTony Connor 1 episode, 2009
Burn NoticeDean Hunter 1 episode, 2012
Nip/TuckDenny Kessler 1 episode, 2009
ERMatthew Lindermulder 1 episode, 1997
Star Trek: Deep Space NineReese 1 episode, 1998
Pensacola: Wings of GoldBrad Nathan 1 episode, 2000
Santa BarbaraMickey James 4 episodes, 1989
ParadiseJack Donner 1 episode, 1991
Dr. Quinn, Medicine WomanSergeant O'Connor 8 episodes, 1996-1997
Las VegasLouis Ambrose 2 episodes, 2003-2006
CSI: Crime Scene InvestigationCesar Dabo / ... 2 episodes, 2005-2013
Time TraxCorden Fuller 1 episode, 1993
BoomtownTrevor Jankowski 1 episode, 2003
24Dale Spalding 1 episode, 2005
NCIS: Los AngelesDallas Alder 1 episode, 2015
NCIS: New OrleansGordan Bogdan 1 episode, 2016
V.I.P.Tensil 1 episode, 1998
Tales from the DarksideDr. Philip Carrol 1 episode, 1986
DragnetGilbert Muncie 1 episode, 2003
Dark AngelRed Five 2 episodes, 2001
Cagney & LaceyEric 1 episode, 1987
The PretenderOscar 1 episode, 1999
Nowhere ManC.W. Knox 1 episode, 1996
RoswellWatcher 1 episode, 2002
SharkPaul Masters 1 episode, 2007
Walker, Texas RangerLyle Guthrie 1 episode, 1994
MatlockProsecutor 1 episode, 1988
Arli$$1 episode, 1999
American PlayhouseAmadas 1 episode, 1986
Father Dowling MysteriesThe Killer 1 episode, 1991

Patrick Kilpatrick's Quotes

  • A wonderful thing about acting is that there's continually the possibility of that huge brass ring out there, like a degenerate gambler making a hit. You work hard and maybe that slick, glittering ring is sticking to your palm.
  • [1/13/03]. . . acting is tough, I know. And all actors who want to keep making it as they get older usually start producing. Even Mel Gibson. Come on, it's a tough field.
  • [about his role in Class of 1999 (1990)] I still have pictures of me with my robot arm and even I, who has died many times on film, consider being lynched by a forklift unique.

Meet Patrick Kilpatrick: The Actor who Found his Place in Hollywood

Patrick Kilpatrick, born in Orange, Virginia in August 1949, is an American actor, director, producer, screenwriter, and journalist. His father founded the Cigna Corporation but it was Kilpatrick’s love for acting that eventually made him pursue a career in Hollywood. His talents and hard work have certainly paid off with a net worth of $10 million.

The Journey to Fame

Early Life and Education

Kilpatrick was raised around CEOs and businessmen which may have influenced him to take up a career of his own. While at university, he showed a passion for acting and theater which led him to join different theater companies in Europe. He then moved to Hollywood to build his career in acting.


Kilpatrick has appeared in over 150 films and television series. Some of his recurring roles include stints on the TV series’, Santa Barbara, Tour of Duty, and more. He has also starred in notable films such as Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins, Death Warrant, and Last man Standing. Kilpatrick has a reputation of being a versatile actor and can adapt to different genres ranging from action to drama.

When Kilpatrick isn’t acting or producing he is busy working as the CEO and president of Uncommon Dialogue. Uncommon Dialogue connects producers and actors
with communities worldwide.


Aside from his notable filmography, Kilpatrick also has several accolades under his belt. In 2002 he won the Action on Film Award for Best Supporting Actor in a Feature Film for his performance in Nobody Knows Anything!. He has also been nominated
for six other awards in a variety of categories.

On top of his film work, Kilpatrick is an accomplished journalist and has written for a host of newspapers and magazines. This includes pieces for Rolling Stone and Backstage West.

The Man Behind the Camera

Kilpatrick is not just an actor, but he is also behind the scenes working as a writer and director. He has worked on both television shows and movies. In addition, he runs his production company, Patrick Kilpatrick Entertainment. The company had recently signed a deal for developing two feature-length films for 2021. His work ethic is unparalleled; he has numerous high-intensity film projects in various stages of development.


Patrick Kilpatrick is an accomplished actor, TV personality, director, writer, journalist, and leading advocate for innovation in mixed media storytelling. His talent has earned him numerous accolades and recognition not only in Hollywood but globally as well. Despite his success, he still involves himself in humanitarian work and advocacy for leadership through uncertainty, especially with regards to mixed media approaches and their effects. Patrick Kilpatrick’s contributions to the film industry are undoubtedly worth remembering as he continues to inspire younger artists to pursue their dreams with passion, diligence, and courage.

Interesting Facts about Patrick Kilpatrick

  1. Born in Virginia. Moved to New England with his family at the age of six. Attended Woodberry Forest School (Orange, Virginia) and The Gilbert School (Winsted, Connecticut). Attended the University of Richmond in Virginia, and graduated in English and history. He later attended New York University, where he studied film and video.
  2. Started as an off-Broadway actor.
  3. Has two sons, Ben and Sam, neither of whom are actors.
  4. Began his career as a journalist.
  5. Guest at Starfest (April 26th, 2003).
  6. Read for, but did not get, the role of "Sonny Crockett" on the hit TV series Miami Vice (1984).
  7. He is a Certified Aerial Gunner for predator control.
  8. He was a Reserve Policeman-home department Lake Arthur, New Mexico.
  9. He has participated in LAPD trainings, Active Shooter courses, civilian and military tactical movement championships.
  10. He is a frequent producing consultant for a wide variety of film and media projects.
  11. He is an outdoorsman and avid competitive shooter.
  12. Teaches and speaks on acting, directing, producing and writing at universities (Hampton Sydney College, University of Wisconsin among them) and various venues internationally.
  13. His father, Bob Kilpatrick, received the Silver Star at Okinawa for his service as a "Beach Jumper Team Member" during WWII.
  14. President and CEO of Uncommon Dialogue Films, Inc.
  15. Attended as a special guest at FedCon (largest Star Trek convention in Europe) in Fulda, Germany. [May 2006]
  16. Former writer and journalist for such publications as Time Magazine, Sports Illustrated, Playboy, People Magazine, Rolling Stone, and The New York Times, among others.

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