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Famous American actor and voiceover artist Richard Moll has a net worth of $20 million, according to the latest estimates. best known for his iconic role as bailiff Nostradamus β€˜Bull’ Shannon on the NBC series β€˜Night Court’ (1984–1992).

Key facts:

  • Richard Moll is an American actor and voiceover artist.
  • Moll is best known for playing bailiff Nostradamus 'Bull' Shannon on the NBC series 'Night Court' (1984–1992).
  • Richard has more than 170 acting credits, including several films, such as 'House' (1985), 'The Flintstones' (1994), and 'Jingle All the Way' (1996).
  • Moll has lent his voice to numerous animated projects, such as TV shows 'Batman: The Animated Series' (1992–1994) and video games like Fallout: A Post-Nuclear Role-Playing Game (1997).
  • In 1987, Richard earned a Saturn Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor in a Film for 'House'.

Basic Information About Richard Moll

CategoryCelebrities β€Ί Actors
ProfessionsActor, Voice Actor
Net worth$20,000,000
Date of birth1943-01-13 (81 years old)
Place of birthPasadena
NationalityUnited States of America
Curiosities and TrademarksDeep gravelly voice
Muscular stature
Towering height
Spouse24 July - Susan Brown (Β 1993 - 2005)Β (divorced)Β (2 children)
26 November - Laura Class (Β 1988 - 1992)Β (divorced)
Height6 ft 7 in (2.03 m)
Social Mediaβ†—οΈŽ Wikipedia β†—οΈŽ IMDb

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What Movie Awards did Richard Moll win?


Golden Globe

Golder Raspberry


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Richard Moll awards

Award Name State Movie / Series Name Year
Saturn Award - Best Supporting ActorNomineeHouse1987

Richard Moll roles

Movie / Series Role
The FlintstonesHoagie
Scary Movie 2Hell House Ghost
EvolutionFire Training Inspector
HouseBig Ben
CavemanAbominable Snowman
Loaded Weapon 1Prison Attendant
Jingle All the WayDementor
The Sword and the SorcererXusia
Batman: The Animated SeriesHarvey Dent / ... 14 episodes, 1992-1994
T.J. HookerMauler Mort 1 episode, 1982
Night CourtNostradamus 'Bull' Shannon 193 episodes, 1984-1992
BaywatchTrapper 1 episode, 1995
Happy DaysEugene 2 episodes, 1979
Sabrina the Teenage WitchSgt. Slater 1 episode, 1997
SmallvilleMr. Moore 1 episode, 2002
Santa BarbaraMorgan Malone 2 episodes, 1985
7th HeavenMike 'The Mutant' Mitchell 1 episode, 1996
SupermanEmperor Spooj 1 episode, 1996
Match Game/Hollywood Squares HourSelf - Panelist 10 episodes, 1984
Dr. Quinn, Medicine WomanJohn 4 episodes, 1994-1997
Kirby BucketsMr. Bostwick 1 episode, 2015
Spider-ManMac Gargan / ... 6 episodes, 1997
My Two DadsNostradamus 'Bull' Shannon 1 episode, 1989
The Dukes of HazzardMilo Beaudry 2 episodes, 1983
Buck Rogers in the 25th CenturyYarat 1 episode, 1980
Welcome Back, KotterBig Thug 1 episode, 1978
HighlanderSlan Quince 1 episode, 1992
Fantasy IslandOmo 1 episode, 1983
Justice LeagueJava / ... 2 episodes, 2002
The A-TeamChurlisco 2 episodes, 1984
MartinOfficer Warren 1 episode, 1992
Weird ScienceFrankenstein's Monster 1 episode, 1996
Laverne & ShirleyBiker / ... 2 episodes, 1981
Aaahh!!! Real MonstersBunny / ... 1 episode, 1996
CBS Schoolbreak SpecialCoach Hillman / ... 2 episodes, 1992
The Incredible HulkAbomination / ... 2 episodes, 1996-1997
Remington SteelePimp 1 episode, 1983
The Facts of LifeRichard Moll 2 episodes, 1987

Richard Moll – An American Actor with a Net Worth of $20 Million

Richard Moll is a well-known American actor who has accomplished an extensive career in both just movies as well as TV shows. Through his mesmerizing appearance and impeccable acting skills, Richard Moll has made his way into the hearts of audience worldwide. His selection of movie roles has significantly helped in diversifying his acting portfolio. His hard work and dedication towards entertaining people has paid off in a big way, with a net worth of $20 million.


What is Richard Moll known for?

As mentioned earlier, Richard Moll is a renowned mainstream actor and voiceover artist. While he has appeared on several tv shows during his career, his best-known work is the role of Nostradamus β€˜Bull’ Shannon in the NBC series β€˜Night Court’ (1984-1992).

Early life and education

Richard Moll was born on January 13, 1943, in Pasadena, California. He hails from a family of professionals, with his father working as a lawyer, and his mother worked as a nurse. At the young age of 12 years old, Richard had reached six feet in height; he eventually grew to be towering at 6’8β€³. Richard attended the University of California, Berkeley, where he joined the Kappa Alpha Order fraternity.


Bull Shannon’s character in the Night Court had variations that blended in a whole new layer of comedy to the show. Some of Richard Moll’s notable films include β€˜Loaded Weapon β€˜ (1993), β€˜The Flintstones’ (1994), β€˜Jingle All the Way’ (1996), β€˜But I’m a Cheerleader’ (1999), β€˜Scary Movie 2’ (2001), and β€˜Nightmare Man’ (2006).On the small screen, Richard has also appeared in television series, including β€˜Getting By’ (1993-1994), β€˜Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman’ (1994-1997), and β€˜100 Deeds for Eddie McDowd’ (1999–2002).

Richard has also lent his voice to various animated projects, such as the TV shows β€˜Batman: The Animated Series’ (1992-1994), β€˜Mighty Max’ (1993-1994), β€˜The Legend of Calamity Jane’ (1997), and β€˜Spider-Man’ (1997) and the video games β€˜The Adventures of Batman & Robin Activity Center’ (1996), β€˜Fallout: A Post-Nuclear Role-Playing Game’ (1997), and β€˜Outlaws’ (1997), β€˜The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction'(2005), and β€˜Dante’s Inferno’ (201).

Richard has received appreciation for his work throughout his career. In 1987, Richard earned a Saturn Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor for his role in the film β€˜House.’

Personal Life

Richard Moll is a reserved person when it comes to personal life. It is known that he married Susan Brown in 1993; unfortunately, the couple divorced in 1995. Richard currently has no information regarding any romantic involvement.

Real Estate

Richard Moll’s long career must have generated a significant amount of wealth that has allowed him to live an excellent lifestyle. Unfortunately, information on Moll’s real estate properties is not available.


Throughout his career, Richard Moll has been vastly appreciated for his exceptional acting skills. Moll received a Saturn Award nomination (from the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films) in 1987 for Best Supporting Actor for β€˜House.’ In 2013, the TV series β€˜Night Court’ was inducted into the Online Film & Television Association Hall of Fame.

Wrapping Up

Richard Moll is an incredible actor who has contributed immensely to the world of entertainment through his outstanding work. He has had a glorious career that helped him become a prominent public figure across the United States. The famous actor’s $20 million net worth speaks volumes about his great talent, dedication, and hard work.

Interesting Facts about Richard Moll

  1. Is an avid fly-fisherman.
  2. He was cast in Night Court (1984) not only for his comic skill as an actor, but also because the producers needed someone who could realistically tower over the fairly tall male cast (including Harry Anderson and John Larroquette) as the imposing yet lovable court guard Bull Shannon.
  3. Before his audition, the creators of "Batman: The Animated Series" had set their hearts on a Marlon Brando-"Godfather"-esque style voice for the villain Two-Face. Moll's raspy, growling voice changed their plans completely and the new Two-Face became one of the more popular of the comic book-adapted villains on the show.
  4. In between filming seasons of Night Court (1984), he grew his hair back. Many would then mistake him for his Night Court co-star John Larroquette.
  5. Best remembered by the public for his role as Bull Shannon in Night Court (1984).
  6. Auditioned for the recurring role of Gul Dukat in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (1993).
  7. Was the voice of Harvey Dent/Two-Face on 'Batman: The Animated Series' and 'The New Batman Adventures' and he was born 1 day before Kate Lardner, first wife of Tommy Lee Jones, who played Harvey Dent/Two-Face in the movie "Batman Forever" (1995).

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