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Robert Bowling, a famous American video game designer, has a net worth of $400 thousand dollars. Bowling is an integral part of the key team at Infinity Ward, the company behind the immensely popular β€˜Call of Duty’ video game series. Despite the departure of many original team members due to a dispute with their parent company, Activision, Bowling continues to serve as Infinity Ward’s Creative Strategist and also hosts a weekly show called β€˜GamerGeekDad’ with Len Peralta. His diverse achievements include publishing a children’s book called β€˜Look! The Book’ and co-founding SubStream Music Press, while formerly occupying the position of CEO at FourzerotwoMedia.

Key facts:

  • Robert Bowling is an American video game designer
  • Bowling is part of a key team at Infinity Ward, the company that developed the popular video game series 'Call of Duty' and its subsequent sequels
  • He currently serves as Infinity Ward's Creative Strategist
  • Bowling hosts the weekly show 'GamerGeekDad' with Len Peralta, where they play and review video games
  • He has published a children's book called 'Look! The Book'
  • Bowling is the co-founder of SubStream Music Press
  • He previously served as the CEO of FourzerotwoMedia
  • Bowling expressed happiness about the recent sales of 'Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3'

Basic Information About Robert Bowling

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Net worth$4,000,000
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Robert Bowling: A Creative Mastermind with a Net Worth of $400 Thousand

Robert Bowling, an American video game designer, has made a name for himself in the gaming industry. With a net worth of $400 thousand dollars, Bowling is a prominent figure at Infinity Ward, the company best known for creating the beloved β€˜Call of Duty’ series and its subsequent sequels. Holding the position of Creative Strategist at Infinity Ward, he continues to make waves even as many original team members have departed due to a dispute with Activision, their parent company.

What is Robert Bowling known for?

When it comes to the world of gaming, Robert Bowling’s contributions are hard to overlook. One of his notable achievements includes hosting β€˜GamerGeekDad’, a weekly show where he collaborates with Len Peralta. As dedicated fathers, both men review and play various video games while bringing a unique perspective to the gaming community.

Bowling’s creativity extends beyond the realm of video games. He has ventured into the world of literature as well, publishing a children’s book entitled β€˜Look! The Book’. This endeavor showcases Bowling’s versatility as an artist, allowing him to connect with a whole new audience through storytelling.

Early life and education

Before making his mark in the gaming industry, Robert Bowling had a humble beginning. Born and raised in the United States, Bowling’s passion for video games was evident from a young age. His early exposure to gaming sparked a fire within him that would shape his future and lead him to pursue a career in this dynamic field.

Throughout his educational journey, Bowling’s gaming enthusiasm remained unwavering. He embraced his love for technology and pursued courses that could further enhance his skills. It was during this time that Bowling began to hone his artistic abilities, setting the stage for his future success in the video game design industry.


Bowling’s professional journey took an exciting turn when he joined Infinity Wardβ€”a turning point that would redefine the β€˜Call of Duty’ franchise. His creative prowess led him to become an integral part of the team responsible for delivering groundbreaking experiences to gamers worldwide.

Since joining Infinity Ward, Bowling has showcased his innovation and passion through various roles and projects. As Creative Strategist, he plays a vital role in developing visionary concepts and driving the company’s creative direction. Each contribution he makes ensures that the β€˜Call of Duty’ series continues to captivate audiences and push boundaries within the gaming landscape.


Robert Bowling’s contributions to the gaming industry have not gone unnoticed. Alongside his successful career, he has garnered multiple awards and accolades, solidifying his status as a creative force to be reckoned with.

His accomplishments span beyond video games and delve into various other creative endeavors, proving his immense talent and versatility. Bowling’s dedication to his craft has earned him the respect and admiration of both fellow industry professionals and avid gamers alike.

While there are no official records of Robert Bowling’s involvement in movies or music, it would not come as a surprise if his talent extends into other realms of entertainment. Given his inclination towards creativity and his propensity for developing immersive experiences, it is not far-fetched to envision him leaving a lasting mark on the industry in various capacities.

In conclusion, Robert Bowling has undoubtedly left an indelible impact on the gaming world. His net worth of $400 thousand is a testament to his unwavering dedication and passion for creating exceptional gaming experiences. As one of the leading figures at Infinity Ward, Bowling continues to shape the β€˜Call of Duty’ franchise and inspire future game designers to push the boundaries of creativity. With a bright future ahead, it is safe to say that we have not seen the last of Robert Bowling’s remarkable contributions to the world of gaming and beyond.

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