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Saku Koivu, the famous former Finnish professional ice hockey player, has a net worth of $40 million. Born in Turku, Finland in 1974, Koivu had a successful career playing professionally in his home country before joining the Montreal Canadiens in 1995. Despite battling injuries and a diagnosis of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma in 2001, Koivu returned to the ice and captained the Canadiens for a decade, becoming the team’s second-longest-serving captain. He retired in 2014 after playing for 18 years and has earned multiple medals with Finland’s national hockey team.

Key facts:

  • Saku Koivu battled several injuries during his career but still managed to have a successful NHL rookie season, ranking fourth among all rookies in scoring.
  • Koivu showed immense perseverance by returning to the ice after being diagnosed with a form of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma in 2001. His comeback was met with an eight-minute standing ovation.
  • He captained the Montreal Canadiens for a decade, making him only the second person in team history to hold the captaincy for ten years.
  • Koivu represented Finland in international competition, earning three bronze and one silver medal at the Olympic Games (1994, 1998, 2006, 201). He also won gold at the 1995 World Championships in Sweden.
  • In addition to his achievements on the ice, Koivu has been recognized for his contributions off the ice. He appeared in Simple Plan's music video for "Save You" in 2008, alongside other cancer survivors.

Basic Information About Saku Koivu

CategoryAthletes › Hockey
ProfessionsIce hockey player, Athlete, Nordic combined skier, Cross-country skier
Net worth$40,000,000
Date of birth1974-11-23 (49 years old)
Place of birthTurku
Height5 ft 9 in (1.77 m)
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Saku Koivu: A Finnish Hockey Legend

Saku Koivu, a former Finnish professional ice hockey player, has left an indelible mark on both the sport and the hearts of fans around the world. Known for his incredible skill, unwavering spirit, and inspirational journey, Koivu has become a true hockey legend. With a net worth of $40 million, he has built an impressive legacy both on and off the ice.

What is Saku Koivu known for?

Saku Koivu is widely recognized for his illustrious career as a center in the National Hockey League (NHL). Born in 1974 in Turku, Finland, Koivu began playing professionally in his home country before catching the attention of the Montreal Canadiens, who drafted him in the first round of the 1993 NHL Entry Draft.

Koivu quickly proved himself as a standout player, showcasing his exceptional skills and becoming one of the top NHL rookies in scoring. However, his remarkable journey was briefly interrupted when he was diagnosed with a form of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma in 2001. Despite facing this formidable challenge, Saku Koivu showed unparalleled resilience and determination in his battle against cancer.

His admirable fight against the disease captured the hearts of fans worldwide. In a truly awe-inspiring moment, Koivu made an astonishing comeback, stepping back onto the ice just months after completing his intensive treatment. The entire arena erupted with thunderous applause, giving him an eight-minute standing ovation that served as a testament to his courage and tenacity.

Early life and education

Saku Koivu was born and raised in Turku, Finland. From an early age, he displayed an exceptional talent for ice hockey and a burning passion for the sport. Koivu’s dedication and hard work earned him recognition at a young age and paved the way for his successful future in the NHL.


After being drafted by the Montreal Canadiens in 1993, Koivu made his debut in the NHL in 1995. He quickly established himself as a force to be reckoned with, captivating fans and fellow players alike with his incredible playmaking abilities and leadership skills.

Koivu’s talent would not go unnoticed, as he was named the captain of the Montreal Canadiens in 1999. This appointment made him only the second person in the team’s storied history to hold this prestigious position for over a decade. Koivu’s exemplary leadership skills guided the Canadiens to the playoffs on numerous occasions, resulting in unforgettable moments and cherished memories for fans.

Following his tenure with the Canadiens, Koivu joined the Anaheim Ducks in 2009, signing a one-year, $3.25 million contract. He quickly became a valuable asset to his new team, earning a two-year contract extension. After dedicating 18 extraordinary years to professional hockey, Saku Koivu retired on September 10, 2014, leaving behind a legacy that will forever be etched in the sport’s history.


Saku Koivu’s list of achievements is nothing short of remarkable. Throughout his career, he showcased extraordinary skills that earned him numerous accolades and honors.

In addition to his successful NHL career, Koivu has been a mainstay on Finland’s national hockey team. He proudly represented his country on multiple occasions, earning three bronze medals and one silver medal at the Olympic Games (1994, 1998, 2006, 201). Furthermore, he won a gold medal at the 1995 World Championships in Sweden, solidifying his spot among the hockey elite.

Off the ice, Saku Koivu has proved to be an inspirational figure. In Simple Plan’s 2008 music video for “Save You,” he is featured alongside other cancer survivors, highlighting his inspiring journey and providing hope to others facing the same battle.

Saku Koivu is not only a tremendous athlete but also a dedicated family man. He shares his life with his loving wife and two children, who undoubtedly serve as his motivation and support system.

A Lasting Legacy

Saku Koivu’s exceptional career and remarkable journey have solidified his status as a true hockey icon. His enduring legacy serves as a reminder that with unwavering determination, courage, and resilience, one can overcome any obstacle. Saku Koivu will forever be remembered for his outstanding contributions to the world of ice hockey and the inspiration he provided to countless individuals along the way.

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