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Samy Naceri, a famous French actor known for his roles in Taxi film series, has a net worth of $12 million. He has won several awards throughout his acting career, including Best Actor at the Cannes Film Festival in 2006 for Indigenes.

Key facts:

  • Samy Naceri is a French actor and has starred in several films including Taxi, Melody for a Hustler, Taxi 2, Return to Algiers, The Nest, The Repentant, Ferocious, The Code, Taxi 3, Days of Glory, Taxi 4, Dolls and Angels, Journey of No Return, and Tip Top.
  • He won awards at the Paris Film Festival and the Locarno International Film Festival for Rai.
  • Samy Naceri won Best Actor at the Cannes Film Festival in 2006 for Indigenes.
  • Despite massive success in his acting career, Naceri has been in trouble with the law and has been charged with abuse, road rage, assault, racially abusing police officers, and attempted.
  • In 2015 he starred in the television series A votre service.

Basic Information About Samy Naceri

CategoryCelebrities β€Ί Actors
Net worth$12,000,000
Date of birth1961-07-02 (62 years old)
Place of birthParis
SpouseMarie Guillard - (2005 - present)
Height6 ft (1.829 m)
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What Movie Awards did Samy Naceri win?


Golden Globe

Golder Raspberry


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Samy Naceri roles

Movie / Series Role
Redemption DayJaafar El Hadi
TaxiDaniel Morales
Love in ParisDrug Dealer #1

Samy Naceri: The Star of French Cinema

Samy Naceri is a French actor who has established his name in the world of cinema due to his incredible talent and acting skills. Born in Paris, France, in July 1961, Samy has made notable appearances in several films that are loved by people all over the world. With a net worth of $12 million, Samy’s journey from a struggling actor to becoming one of the most recognizable faces is both fascinating and inspiring.

Net Worth Details

Samy Naceri’s net worth has been estimated to be around $12 million. He earned his wealth through his successful career as an actor and on-screen performances that won millions of hearts worldwide. From receiving nominations for prestigious awards to winning the Best Actor award at the Cannes Film Festival, Samy’s talent and hard work have paid off handsomely, making him one of the most sought out actors in French cinema.


What is Samy Naceri Known For?

Samy Naceri is known for his captivating performances and his ability to bring his characters to life on-screen. He has left an indelible mark in the world of cinema by starring in several films that have become top-rated and some cult classics. Samy is best known for his lead role in the “Taxi” film series, where he played the character of Daniel, a worker at a taxi company who becomes involved in unexpected adventures with his co-worker. As an actor, Samy is admired for his versatility and his ability to portray a range of roles with ease and conviction.

Early Life and Education

Samy Naceri was born in an Algerian family in the suburbs of Paris. He spent his childhood in the suburbs and later moved to the city of Paris. Samy always had an inclination for acting and starred in his first play when he was ten years old. Despite lacking formal education in acting, Samy started auditioning for roles in movies and finally got his break in 1992 with his debut film, “My Little Business.” This started a journey that would solidify him as one of the most acclaimed actors in French cinema history.


Samy Naceri’s career peaked with his role as Daniel, a taxi driver turned hero, in the “Taxi” film series. Other notable performances by Samy include his work in films such as Melody for a Hustler, The Nest, Ferocious, The Code, Days of Glory, Dolls and Angels, Journey of No Return, and Tip Top. Samy worked hard to hone his craft and won several accolades for it. He also won the coveted Best Actor award at the Cannes Film Festival in 2006 for his role in “Indigenes.”

However, Samy’s personal life was marred by controversy and struggles. He has been arrested multiple times and charged with several offenses such as assault, road rage, and abuse of law enforcement officials. Regardless of his personal struggles, Samy’s acting talent could not be denied, and he remained a significant figure in French cinema.


Samy Naceri is still alive as of this writing and continues to work in the film industry.


Throughout his career, Samy has won numerous awards and accolades for his contribution to French cinema. Some of these include winning Best Actor at the Cannes Film Festival in 2006 for his role in “Indigenes.” He was also nominated for a Cesar Award in France for his performance in “Taxi” in 1999. In addition, Samy has won awards at the Paris Film Festival and the Locarno International Film Festival for his role in the movie “Rai.”

Samy Naceri’s contribution to the world of cinema will never be forgotten, and fans will always appreciate his excellent work. Indeed, his journey from a struggling actor to one of the biggest names in French cinema will inspire many aspiring actors to never give up on their dreams.

Interesting Facts about Samy Naceri

  1. Birth of his son, Julian in 1995. Julian is like his father an actor. He co-wrote, co-direct and lead his first short film "No Exit" in 2019.
  2. Brother of scriptwriter, actor and producer Bibi Naceri.
  3. Tbilisi, Georgia. TV commercial for Silknet and TeliaSonera Georgia - Actor. [October 2015]

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