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Sarah Steele is an accomplished American actress who has a net worth of $300,000 as of latest reports. She has starred in various films, including the famous movies The To Do List and Margaret. Sarah has also appeared in several off-Broadway productions and has won the Independent Spirit Award in 2011.

Key facts:

Here are the key facts about Sarah Steele mentioned in the text:
  • Sarah Steele is an American actress with a net worth of $300 thousand.
  • She was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in September 1988.
  • Steele graduated from Columbia University in 2011.
  • Her first role was as Bernice 'Bernie' Clasky in the 2004 movie Spanglish.
  • Steele has appeared in numerous movies such as The Good Student, Please Give, Margaret, and The To Do List.
  • She has had recurring roles in several TV shows including Gossip Girl, The Good Wife, and Nurse Jackie.
  • Steele has also appeared in off-Broadway productions such as The Prime of Miss Jean Bodie, Speech & Debate, and Russian Transport.
  • In 2004, she won a Phoenix Film Critics Society Award and in 2011 an Independent Spirit Award.
  • She was named one of the 55 faces of the future in Nylon Magazine's Young Hollywood.

Basic Information About Sarah Steele

CategoryCelebrities β€Ί Actors
Net worth$300,000
Date of birth1988-09-16 (35 years old)
Place of birthPhiladelphia
NationalityUnited States of America
Curiosities and TrademarksHer upbeat, perky personality.
Her long curly brown hair.
Height4 ft 11 in (1.524 m)
Social Mediaβ†—οΈŽ Wikipedia β†—οΈŽ IMDb

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What Movie Awards did Sarah Steele win?


Golden Globe

Golder Raspberry


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Sarah Steele roles

Movie / Series Role
The To Do ListWendy
Viena and the FantomesLoona
My Father's WillNancy Curtis
GirlsRebecca 1 episode, 2014
Blue BloodsRebecca 1 episode, 2013
Gossip GirlKira Abernathy 2 episodes, 2009
Law & OrderKatie White 1 episode, 2006
Harry's LawSela Vinson 1 episode, 2011
Law & Order: Criminal IntentTessa Nobile 1 episode, 2008
BullEllen Huff 1 episode, 2016
Nurse JackieHannah Cohen 2 episodes, 2013

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Sarah Steele Net Worth

Sarah Steele, an American actress best known for her performances on-screen, has a net worth of $300 thousand. Despite the low figure, she is celebrated for her remarkable acting skills that make her stand out among many others currently in the industry.


What is Sarah Steele known for?

Sarah Steele is known for her exceptional acting skills that have made her a renowned name in the entertainment industry. Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in September 1988, her first acting role came at a tender age in the 2004 movie Spanglish. She has since then worked hard to cement her name in the ever-competitive acting industry with each new role showcasing her outstanding acting abilities.

Early life and education

For Sarah Steele, acting was not always the plan. In fact, before pursuing her career in acting, she had dreams of becoming a lawyer. Her love for the theater won out over time, pushing her towards acting. This led to her graduation from Columbia University in 2011, where she studied theatre studies.


Having caught the acting bug, Sarah Steele has dedicated herself full-time to building her career as an actress ever since. Steele has got numerous credits to her name, having appeared in various productions both on-screen and off-screen. Some of the movies she has featured in include β€œMr. Gibb,” β€œThe Lucky Ones,” β€œMy Father’s Will,” and β€œThe To-Do List.” Sarah has also had recurring roles on series like β€œGossip Girl,” β€œThe Good Wife,” and β€œNurse Jackie,” in which she impressed audiences with her natural ability to embody different roles assigned to her.

Besides TV shows and film appearances, Steele has also made a name for herself in off-Broadway theater productions, having appeared in β€œThe Prime of Miss Jean Brodie,” β€œSpeech & Debate,” and β€œRussian Transport.”


Sarah Steele’s numerous acting roles have earned her quite a few prestigious accolades. She won a Phoenix Film Critics Society Award in 2004 and an Independent Spirit Award seven years later.

In Nylon Magazine’s Young Hollywood, Steele was named one of the fifty-five (55) up-and-coming faces of the future. This proves that Sarah Steele’s career has only just begun, and with more roles under her belt, her net worth is sure to soar even higher.

Personal Life

It’s hard to tell what Sarah Steele’s personal life is like because she keeps things private, apart from her life on-screen. The actress, who will turn 33 years old in September of 2021, appears to be focused on building her acting career rather than wasting energy revealing her private life to the public.

Final Thoughts

With her impressive and captivating acting skills, Sarah Steele maintains her position among the top young actresses in Hollywood today despite her relatively low net worth. Her progressing career actor promises to be one filled with undeniable grit, determination, and mind-blowing performances that leaves audiences speechless.

Interesting Facts about Sarah Steele

  1. Sang several times in the Chapel of Episcopal Academy (where she attended high school) in front of the whole student body.
  2. Attended the same high school (The Episcopal Academy, Merion Pennsylvania) as Academy Award Nominee Director, M. Night Shyamalan.
  3. Was a high school junior at Episcopal Academy in Merion, Pennsylvania (a suburb of Philadelphia) during the 2004-2005 school year.
  4. She was cast from over 2,000 young actresses for her first movie role in Spanglish (2004).
  5. Was named one of the 55 faces of the future in Nylon Magazine's Young Hollywood Issue (May 2010).
  6. Starting her senior year at Episcopal Academy High School in Merion, Pennsylvania. [September 2005]
  7. She is of Bohemian/Czech (one quarter), English, Scottish, Welsh, German, and 1/64th Polish descent (her Polish ancestor immigrated to the USA in the early 19th century, settling in North Carolina).
  8. Spent over a year on Broadway in the Tony Award winning play "The Humans," in which Steele co-starred as the daughter of Jayne Houdyshell's character. Houdyshell won a Tony for the role, and then was also cast with Steele in The Good Wife (2009) spin-off, The Good Fight (2017).

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