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Spike Jonze is a Famous American director, producer, screenwriter, and actor with a net worth of $50 million. Jonze accumulated his fortune through directing, producing, and acting in films, television shows, commercials, and music videos. He is also known as a co-founder of Directors Labels.

Key facts:

  • Spike Jonze is an American director, producer, screenwriter, and actor.
  • He gained recognition for directing popular music videos such as the Beastie Boy's "Sabotage" and Weezer's "Buddy Holly."
  • Jonze established himself as a director with the critically acclaimed film "Being John Malkovich," which earned him an Academy Award nomination for Best Director.
  • He wrote, directed, and produced the film "Her," which earned him numerous awards, including an Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay.
  • Jonze has also directed commercials for various top brands like Nike, Wrangler, and Apple.

Basic Information About Spike Jonze

CategoryCelebrities β€Ί Directors
ProfessionsFilm director, Film Producer, Actor, Screenwriter, Cinematographer, Music Video Director
Net worth$50,000,000
Date of birth1969-10-22 (54 years old)
Place of birthRockville
NationalityUnited States of America
Curiosities and Trademarks[Off-beat] His films/music videos are off-beat in their visual storytelling, particularly their mix of live-action, animation, and puppetry.
Seamless integration of special effects into live-action photography (Being John Malkovich (1999), Adaptation. (2002), Max en de maximonsters (2009)).
Subtle handheld camera operation
Frequently uses music from Karen O and the Arcade Fire
Frequently has a male character unexpectedly break into dance: John Malkovich in Being John Malkovich (1999), Christopher Walken in "Weapon of Choice", Theodore in Her (2013)
Often makes his actors appear unattractive, e.g. Cameron Diaz's frizzy hair and frumpy wardrobe in Being John Malkovich (1999), outfitting Nicolas Cage in a fatsuit and receding hairline in Adaptation. (2002).
Many of his music videos are short films set to music
Often shoots exterior scenes around sunset
Green and blue tinged scenes lit by fluorescents
SpouseSofia Coppola - (26 JuneΒ 1999 - 9 DecemberΒ 2003)Β (divorced)
Height5 ft 6 in (1.7 m)
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What Movie Awards did Spike Jonze win?


Golden Globe

Golder Raspberry


1 1 0 0 48

Spike Jonze awards

Award Name State Movie / Series Name Year
Oscar - Best Writing, Original ScreenplayWinnerHer2014
EDA Award - Best Writing, Original ScreenplayWinnerHer2013
Best Film - Feature-Length FilmNomineeHer2014
ACCA - Best Original ScreenplayWinnerHer2013
Bodil - Best American Film (Bedste amerikanske film)NomineeHer2015
Critics Choice Award - Best Original ScreenplayWinnerHer2014
COFCA Award - Best Original ScreenplayWinnerHer2014
CFCA Award - Best Original ScreenplayWinnerHer2013
CinEuphoria - Top Ten of the Year - International CompetitionWinnerHer2015
CCOP - Best Original Screenplay (Melhor Argumento Original)WinnerHer2015
FFCC Award - Best Original ScreenplayWinnerHer2013
Gold Derby Award - Original Screenplay of the DecadeNomineeHer2020
Gold Derby Award - Original ScreenplayWinnerHer2014
Golden Globe - Best Screenplay - Motion PictureWinnerHer2014
Golden Schmoes - Best Screenplay of the YearWinnerHer2013
Grammy - Best Song Written for Visual MediaNomineeHer2015
Guardian Film Award - Best DirectorNomineeHer2014
HFCS Award - Best ScreenplayNomineeHer2013
IFJA Award - Best Original ScreenplayWinnerHer2013
INOCA - Best Original ScreenplayWinnerHer2014
IOFCP Award - Best Original ScreenplayWinnerHer2015
IFCS Award - Best DirectorWinnerHer2013
KCFCC Award - Best Screenplay, OriginalWinnerHer2013
Sierra Award - Best ScreenplayWinnerHer2013
ALFS Award - Screenwriter of the YearNomineeHer2014
Audience Award - WinnerHer2014
NYFCC Award - Best DirectorNomineeHer2013
NYFCO Award - Best ScreenplayWinnerHer2013
OFCS Award - Best Original ScreenplayWinnerHer2013
PGA Award - Outstanding Producer of Theatrical Motion PicturesNomineeHer2014
RAFA - Screenwriter of the YearWinnerHer2014
Rondo Statuette - Best FilmNomineeHer2013
SFFCC Award - Best DirectorNomineeHer2013
Sant Jordi - Best Foreign Film (Mejor PelΓ­cula Extranjera)WinnerHer2015
Satellite Award - Best Screenplay, OriginalNomineeHer2014
Bradbury Award - NomineeHer2014
Screenplay Competition - Best Original ScreenplayNomineeHer2013
SEFCA Award - Best Original ScreenplayWinnerHer2013
SLFCA Award - Best Original ScreenplayWinnerHer2013
TFCA Award - Best Screenplay, Adapted or OriginalWinnerHer2013
VFCC Award - Best ScreenplayNomineeHer2014
WAFCA Award - Best Original ScreenplayWinnerHer2013
WGA Award (Screen) - Best Original ScreenplayWinnerHer2014
Bodil - Best American Film (Bedste amerikanske film)NomineeBeing John Malkovich2001
Critics Choice Award - Breakthrough ArtistWinnerBeing John Malkovich2000
CΓ©sar - Best Foreign Film (Meilleur film Γ©tranger)NomineeBeing John Malkovich2000
Robert - Best American Film (Γ…rets amerikanske film)NomineeBeing John Malkovich2001
Critics Award - WinnerBeing John Malkovich1999
DGA Award - Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Motion PicturesNomineeBeing John Malkovich2000
Empire Award - Best DebutNomineeBeing John Malkovich2001

Spike Jonze roles

Movie / Series Role
The Wolf of Wall StreetDwayne (uncredited)
Being John MalkovichDirector
Being John MalkovichDerek Mantini's Assistant for Emily Dickinson Puppet (uncredited)
HerAlien Child (voice) (as Adam Spiegel)
The GameAirbag EMT Beltran
MoneyballAlΓ‘n (uncredited)
Three KingsConrad Vig
Where the Wild Things AreDirector
Where the Wild Things AreWriter
Where the Wild Things AreBob / Terry (voice)
Jackass 4Writer
Adaptation.Self (uncredited)
Jackass: The MovieWriter
Jackass: The MovieSelf
Jackass 3DSelf
Jackass Number TwoSelf
Bad GrandpaWriter
Bad GrandpaWriter
Bad GrandpaGloria
Mi vida locaTeenage Drug Customer
Jackass 3DWriter
Jackass Number TwoWriter
Jackass Number TwoWriter
GirlsMarcos 1 episode, 2015
Keeping Up with the KardashiansSelf 1 episode, 2015
The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd MargaretDoug Whitney / ... (uncredited) unknown episodes
JackassSelf / ... 2 episodes, 2000-2002
The Late Show with Stephen ColbertDirector
The Late Show with Stephen ColbertSelf 1 episode, 2016
The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy FallonSelf 1 episode, 2017

Spike Jonze's Quotes

  • As a feature film director you got to be a guarding dog of the whole production. You got to be able to hold 100 script pages in the head at the same time. If you miss a detail it's wasted. I don't know how the music video generation can affect the movie business, but I'm curious what feature films the English Chris Cunningham and the Swedish guy Jonas Γ…kerlund are going to make.
  • [on the origins of Her (2013) from his long-ago encounter with an artificial-intelligence computer program] For the first 30 seconds, I had that buzz, like, It's responding to me! Then it quickly fell apart and you realize, Here are the tricks, here's how this works. But what if I could sustain that forever? What would that be like? I wanted to take that idea as far as I could possibly imagine and feel.
  • [on Joaquin Phoenix's first reading for/ acting in Her (2013)] I loved him...[He was] all instinct [and] when something felt weird, when Joaquin was uncomfortable with something, I knew it meant there was some place I had cheated or hadn't thought through or hadn't gone deep enough. His flinch is always worth listening to...I'm always amazed when any actor can decipher my direction. I think, 'God, I can't believe Joaquin just understood what I meant when I barely said anything'.
  • There was definitely a point in my thirties when I thought, 'Oh, wow, I'm not the youngest person on the set anymore. But I like it. Working with younger artists is totally exciting...[And Arcade Fire:] Most of them are ten years younger than me and they just feel like peers. Their process is very democratic. Anyone in the group can come up with an idea and play over someone else.
  • [on Amy Adams] The thing I realized with Amy is, she can make any dialogue you write sound unwritten. She just has a way of internalizing it. She's such a thinker, and you can see her thinking her way through all of that until it's all coming from within her.

Spike Jonze's photos

Spike Jonze: A Multi-Talented Creative

When it comes to creativity and pushing boundaries, few individuals can match the talent and vision of Spike Jonze. As an American director, producer, screenwriter, and actor, Jonze has made a significant impact on the entertainment industry with his unique style and innovative storytelling. With a net worth of $50 million, Jonze’s success can be attributed to his diverse contributions to films, television shows, music videos, commercials, and even as a co-founder of Directors Labels.

Early Life and Education

Born as Adam Spiegel on October 22, 1969, in New York City, Spike Jonze had an upbringing that would shape his creative path. Growing up with his siblings Sam and Julia in Bethesda, Maryland, Jonze showed an early interest in photography and filmmaking. His parents, Sandra L. Granzow and Arthur H. Spiegel III, provided a supportive environment for his artistic endeavors.

During his high school years at Walt Whitman High School, Jonze took on a job at the Rockville BMX store. It was here that he earned the nickname β€œSpike Jonze” due to his unique appearance. Little did he know that this nickname would become synonymous with artistic genius in the years to come.

Career Beginnings and Breakthrough

Jonze’s journey in the entertainment industry started as a photographer for BMX and skateboarding publications. His unique eye caught the attention of Kim Gordon from Sonic Youth, leading to his first music video co-directing opportunity for the band’s β€œ100%” alongside Tamra Davis in 1992. This experience paved the way for more directing opportunities, including The Breeders’ β€œCannonball” music video alongside Gordon in 1993.

With the founding of Girl Skateboards in 1993, Jonze continued to make his mark by directing music videos for prominent artists such as Weezer, Beastie Boys, R.E.M., and BjΓΆrk. These music videos showcased his ability to incorporate innovative visual techniques that captivated audiences worldwide. Jonze’s talent behind the camera translated seamlessly into the world of filmmaking.

From Music Videos to Feature Films

Building on his success as a music video director, Jonze took a leap into the world of feature films. In 1999, he made his directorial debut with β€œBeing John Malkovich,” a groundbreaking film that earned him an Academy Award nomination for Best Director. The film’s uncanny premise and offbeat storytelling established Jonze as a filmmaker with a unique voice.

Continuing to surprise audiences, Jonze directed β€œAdaptation.” in 2002, a film that showcased his ability to merge various genres and challenge conventional storytelling. His filmography expanded further with β€œWhere the Wild Things Are” in 2009 and the Academy Award-winning β€œHer” in 2013. Each of these films demonstrated his versatility and commitment to exploring the depths of human emotions.

Achievements and Contributions

In addition to his impressive directorial accomplishments, Spike Jonze has received numerous awards and nominations throughout his career. He co-wrote β€œThe Moon Song,” which was nominated for both an Academy Award and a Grammy Award. Jonze’s directing talents transcend beyond the silver screen, as he has also directed commercials for major brands like Nike, Apple, and Levi’s.

Jonze’s contributions extend to the world of stage performances and documentaries as well. He has directed immersive stage shows and thought-provoking documentaries that have garnered critical acclaim and showcased his ability to captivate audiences across various mediums.

Personal Life and Legacy

While Spike Jonze’s professional accomplishments are widely celebrated, his personal life remains relatively private. However, his dedication to his craft and the influence he has had on the entertainment industry are undeniable. With each project, Jonze continues to push boundaries, challenge expectations, and leave a lasting impact on the world of film and creative storytelling.

Innovation and Inspiration: Spike Jonze’s Enduring Legacy

As we explore Spike Jonze’s vast body of work, it becomes clear that his impact resonates far beyond the realm of entertainment. His ability to blend imagination, emotions, and visual storytelling has made him a true pioneer in the industry. Whether it is through mesmerizing music videos, boundary-pushing films, or thought-provoking documentaries, Jonze’s artistic vision continues to inspire and captivate audiences around the world.

With a net worth of $50 million, Spike Jonze’s success serves as a testament to his unparalleled talent and unwavering commitment to his craft. As he continues to break barriers and surprise audiences, we eagerly anticipate what innovative projects he will bring forth in the future.

Without a doubt, Spike Jonze has carved out a remarkable place in the realm of creativity, leaving an enduring legacy that will continue to shape the entertainment industry for years to come.

Interesting Facts about Spike Jonze

  1. In 2001, at the age of 32, he directed the video for Fatboy Slim's "Weapon of Choice." This video contains 32 cuts.
  2. Brother of Sam Spiegel.
  3. Was a member of Propaganda Films.
  4. Continues to shoot some of the finest films in the skateboarding scene, among these is Blind's 1991 magnum opus "VideoDays" and Girl's 2003 "Yeah Right!".
  5. He is co-owner of the Girl skateboard company.
  6. Was offered the opportunity to direct the movie The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (2005), but declined. He suggested small British production company "Hammer and Tongs", instead.
  7. Contrary to popular belief is not an heir to the Spiegel catalog fortune, although he is a distant relative of those that are.
  8. (early 1990s) Featured in a "Spike-Needs-A-Girlfriend" contest in Christina Kelly's 'What Now' column in Sassy Magazine. His requirements for a girlfriend were: "short hair, clear skin, and good teeth".
  9. One of the most renowned directors for music videos, he has received numerous awards and recognition from MTV for his outstanding work in the medium.
  10. Started as a magazine editor and contributor before moving into film.
  11. Was originally offered the chance to direct Human Nature (2001) after the success of Being John Malkovich (1999). He considered it, but declined, recommending fellow music video director Michel Gondry for the project.
  12. Considered directing Memoirs of a Geisha (2005) but was already in pre-production on Max en de maximonsters (2009), a pet project of his.
  13. Is not to be confused with famous novelty musician and band leader Spike Jones.
  14. While filming Max en de maximonsters (2009), Jonze kept in contact with the book's original writer Maurice Sendak, to mix Sendak's ideas with his own.
  15. Jonze was an avid BMX freestyle rider in his youth.
  16. Was originally going to direct Synecdoche, New York (2008), but took the role as producer instead, to finish Max en de maximonsters (2009).
  17. Told Nicolas Cage to ignore all of his acting instincts, for his role in Adaptation. (2002). Cage later received a Oscar Nomination for his acting in that movie.
  18. Before George Lucas decided to make the movie himself, Spike was in talks to direct Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones (2002).
  19. Has directed two actors and two actresses to a Oscar Nomination - Catherine Keener (Best Actress in a Supporting Role, Being John Malkovich (1999)), Chris Cooper (Best Actor in a Supporting Role, Adaptation. (2002), Meryl Streep (Best Actress in a Supporting Role, Adaptation. (2002)) and Nicolas Cage (Best Actor in a Leading Role, Adaptation. (2002). Cooper won the Oscar for his role in Adaptation. (2002).
  20. Good friends with musician Kanye West and director David Fincher.

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