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Tiffany Trump is an American public figure and aspiring singer who has a net worth of $10 million. Tiffany is most famous for being the daughter of businessman, reality television star, and former U.S. president Donald Trump. Unlike the rest of her family, she is not focused on a career in business.

Key facts:

  • Tiffany Trump is an American public figure and aspiring singer.
  • She released her first single, 'Like a Bird,' in 2011.
  • In 2016, she was a central figure in her father's successful presidential campaign, speaking at the Republican National Convention and participating in debates and media interviews.
  • She graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a Bachelor of Arts degree in sociology.
  • Tiffany attended Georgetown University Law Center and graduated in 202.
  • She scored an internship at 'Vogue' magazine in 2015 and walked the runway during New York Fashion Week in 2016 for a friend's fashion show.
  • Tiffany is engaged to billionaire heir/business executive Michael Boulos.
  • She is active on Instagram and has 1.4 million followers.
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Basic Information About Tiffany Trump

Full NameTiffany Trump
CategoryCelebrities β€Ί Singers
Net worth$10,000,000
EducationBachelor of Arts degree in sociology
FatherDonald Trump
MotherMarla Maples
SiblingsDon Jr., Ivanka, Ivana and Melania
Social Mediaβ†—οΈŽ Wikipedia β†—οΈŽ Instagram β†—οΈŽ Twitter β†—οΈŽ Imdb

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Tiffany Trump: A Rising Public Figure with an Impressive Net Worth

Tiffany Trump, a prominent American public figure and aspiring singer, has made waves in both the entertainment industry and political realm. With a net worth of $10 million, Tiffany has achieved considerable success, despite not following in her family’s footsteps in the business world. Let’s delve into Tiffany’s biography, career, and her notable achievements.

Early Life and Education

Tiffany Ariana Trump was born on October 13, 1993, in West Palm Beach, Florida. Her parents, Marla Maples and Donald Trump, tied the knot just two months after her birth. Interestingly, Tiffany was named after the iconic jewelry brand Tiffany & Company, a homage to her father’s construction of Trump Tower next to the jeweler’s flagship store on Fifth Avenue in the early 198s.

Following her parents’ divorce in 1999, Tiffany moved to California with her mother. Growing up, she had the privilege of having siblings from different mothers – a half-sister, Ivanka, and three half-brothers, Donald Jr., Eric, and Barron. After completing her high school education at Viewpoint School in Calabasas, California, Tiffany enrolled at the prestigious University of Pennsylvania, her father’s alma mater.

During her time at the university, Tiffany joined the Kappa Alpha Theta sorority and successfully earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in sociology in 2016. Driven by her passion for intellectual growth, she later attended Georgetown University Law Center and graduated in 202.


With a flare for creativity and a love for music, Tiffany exhibited her talents at a young age. At just 17 years old, she released an electronic pop song titled β€œLike a Bird.” During an appearance on β€œThe Oprah Winfrey Show,” she expressed her deep affection for music, calling it a significant passion in her life. Although she considered it a hobby at the time, Tiffany hinted at the possibility of pursuing a career in music in the future.

In addition to her musical aspirations, Tiffany also explored other ventures. In 2015, she secured an internship at the esteemed β€œVogue” magazine, gaining invaluable experience in the fashion industry. The following year, Tiffany graced the runway during New York Fashion Week, participating in a fashion show for close friend and clothing designer Andrew Warren.

Tiffany’s involvement in the political arena came to the forefront during her father’s presidential campaign in 2016. As a vital figure in her father’s campaign, she spoke at the Republican National Convention and made frequent appearances in debates and media interviews. Her charismatic personality and heartfelt speeches captivated the audience, earning her respect as a public speaker.

After her father’s presidency came to an end, Tiffany joined Georgetown Law professor Shon Hopwood as a research assistant. Profoundly inspired by Hopwood’s journey from serving 11 years in prison for bank robbery to becoming a lawyer, Tiffany embraced this opportunity to broaden her legal expertise.

Personal Life

In between her pursuit of education and career advancement, Tiffany found time for personal relationships. From the fall of 2015 to the spring of 2018, she dated Ross Mechanic, a fellow University of Pennsylvania student.

However, love blossomed once again for Tiffany when she met Michael Boulos, a billionaire heir and business executive, while on vacation in Greece with actress Lindsay Lohan. In January 2021, Michael proposed to Tiffany at the White House on the final day of her father’s presidency, solidifying their engagement.

Beyond her professional and personal endeavors, Tiffany also enjoys sharing her experiences with her 1.4 million Instagram followers. She often delights her audience by posting captivating photos alongside the children of celebrity parents or grandparents, such as GaΓ―a Jacquet-Matisse, Kyra Kennedy, and EJ Johnson. Together, they have been touted as the β€œrich kids of Instagram,” offering a glimpse into the world of opulence and luxury.

Achievements and Recognition

Tiffany Trump stands out not only as a member of the renowned Trump family but also as an individual with her own unique achievements. Her contribution to her father’s presidential campaign helped galvanize support and showcase her public speaking prowess. Additionally, Tiffany’s exploration of the music and fashion industries underscores her versatility and willingness to venture beyond the familiar.

It is clear that Tiffany Trump has carved a niche for herself in various sectors, earning recognition for her talent and dedication. With an impressive net worth at such a young age, Tiffany’s future promises even brighter prospects and exciting opportunities.

As we eagerly await Tiffany’s next endeavor, there is no doubt that she will continue to make a name for herself as a multi-talented individual venturing into new territories.

Additional information of Tiffany Trump

Lucky Number9
Lucky StonePeridot
Lucky ColorBlue
Best Match for MarriageGemini
Break UpRoss Mechanic
Eye ColorBlue
Hair ColorBlonde
Body Size34-26-34 cm

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