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Famous American actor and comedian, Tim Conway had a net worth of $15 million dollars at the time of his death in 2019. Throughout his career, Conway appeared in over 100 films and television shows, winning five Emmy Awards during his time in “The Carol Burnett Show.”

Key facts:

Key facts about Tim Conway from the context:
  • Tim Conway was an American actor and comedian who made over 100 appearances in films and TV shows.
  • He began gaining fame in the late 195s as the co-host of a late-night show called 'Ghoulardi'
  • Conway played the role of Ensign Charles Parker on 'McHale's Navy' which made him a nationally well-known celebrity back then.
  • 'The Carol Burnett Show' where he remained a regular cast member throughout its run and won five Emmy Awards in the process, really brought him to public attention.
  • Conway was also a voice actor and voiced the popular Mermaid Man character in Nickelodeon's 'SpongeBob SquarePants' series.

Basic Information About Tim Conway

CategoryCelebrities β€Ί Actors
ProfessionsComedian, Actor, Screenwriter, Film Producer, Voice Actor
Net worth$15,000,000
Date of birth1933-12-15
Place of birthWilloughby
Date of death2019-05-14 (aged 85)
NationalityUnited States of America
Curiosities and TrademarksHis thick nasally voice
Frequently worked with Harvey Korman or Don Knotts
SpouseCharlene Conway - (18 MayΒ 1984 - 14 MayΒ 2019)Β (his death)
27 May - Mary Anne Dalton (Β 1961 - 1978)Β (divorced)Β (6 children)
Height5 ft 6 in (1.68 m)
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What Movie Awards did Tim Conway win?


Golden Globe

Golder Raspberry


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Tim Conway awards

Award Name State Movie / Series Name Year
Golden Globe - Best Supporting Actor - TelevisionWinnerMary Tyler Moore1976
Primetime Emmy - Outstanding Continuing or Single Performance by a Supporting Actor in Variety or MusicWinnerThe Carol Burnett Show1977
Primetime Emmy - Outstanding Achievement by a Supporting Performer in Music or VarietyWinnerThe Carol Burnett Show1973
Golden Globe - Best Supporting Actor - TelevisionWinnerThe Carol Burnett Show1976
Legend Award - WinnerThe Carol Burnett Show2005
WGA Award (TV) - Variety Script, Musical or ComedyNomineeThe Carol Burnett Show1979
WGA Award (TV) - Variety: Series or Special: Musical or ComedyNomineeThe Carol Burnett Show1978
Primetime Emmy - Outstanding Guest Actor in a Comedy SeriesWinnerCoach1996

Tim Conway roles

Movie / Series Role
Speed 2: Cruise ControlMr. Kenter, Driving Instructor
The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of WaterSeagull (voice)
Cannonball Run IICHP Officer #1
The Apple Dumpling GangAmos Tucker
Melissa & JoeyRev. Matthews 1 episode, 2014
SpongeBob SquarePantsBarnacle Boy 14 episodes, 1999-2012
The SimpsonsTim Conway 1 episode, 1997
The Larry Sanders ShowTim Conway 1 episode, 1997
30 RockBucky Bright 1 episode, 2008
Sesame StreetSelf 1 episode, 1971
GleeMarty Rogers 1 episode, 2014
7th HeavenRocky / ... 1 episode, 1998
CSI: Crime Scene InvestigationKnuckles Pratt 1 episode, 2010
Cosby1 episode, 1997
McHale's NavyWriter
McHale's NavyEnsign Charles Parker 138 episodes, 1962-1966
The TalkSelf 1 episode, 2013
ConanSelf 1 episode, 2013
Late Night with Jimmy FallonSelf 1 episode, 2013
The Proud FamilyMr. Peterson 1 episode, 2002
HerculesGriffin 1 episode, 1998
Dragons: Riders of BerkMulch 15 episodes, 2012-2013
Faerie Tale TheatreMayoral Candidate 1 episode, 1987
Two and a Half MenTim 1 episode, 2014
The Carol Burnett ShowWriter
The Carol Burnett ShowVarious Characters / ... 110 episodes, 1967-1978
Hot in ClevelandNick / ... 3 episodes, 2010-2013
EllenComedian 1 episode, 1998
Mike & MollyExhibitionist 1 episode, 2013
CoachKenny Montague 2 episodes, 1996-1997
The Drew Carey ShowGus 1 episode, 1997
The Daily ShowSelf 1 episode, 1998
The Golden PalaceMilton 1 episode, 1992
Mad About YouClerk / ... 2 episodes, 1999
The Tonight Show with Jay LenoSelf 2 episodes, 1994-1995
Laugh-InGuest Performer / ... 3 episodes, 1968-1971
CluelessMr. Hubley 2 episodes, 1997-1998
CybillMajor Milo 1 episode, 1996
The Maury Povich ShowSelf 1 episode, 1994
Late Night with Conan O'BrienSelf - Guest 2 episodes, 1995-1996

Tim Conway's Quotes

  • People come up to me and start conversations. Dogs sniff me. It's quite an easy life, actually.
  • [on his childhood dyslexia] People thought that I was kidding when I would read out loud in school, so they started laughing. For instance, the book "They Were Expendable" I read as "They Were Expandable". People were going, "This guy is great! Expandable! What are you talking about, rubber people?" I thought, "I must be funny, so I might as well continue with this."
  • [on the late Harvey Korman, his friend and co-star on The Carol Burnett Show (1967)] Harvey was one of the brightest people I've ever met, but the man could not tie his own shoes. He looked at life from an entirely different angle. I would put him on constantly. We were on an airplane one time, coming back [to Los Angeles] from New York, and we had to land in Arizona to refuel. We were taxiing out to the next runway, and I said to Harvey, "I don't know if the guy put the gas cap back on. It was on the wing and now it's not." Harvey got worried. So he got up and went to the pilot and said, "Your gas cap is not on." And the pilot just looked at him. There is no gas cap!
  • It's been such a great ride because I've got to do all the great things I respect in comedy, and met the people I respect in comedy.
  • [on his favorite comic heroes of all time] Jackie Gleason, Steve Allen, Tom Poston, Don Knotts. Don Knotts was a really big influence, especially on The Steve Allen Show (1951). I mean, look at the guy, his entire life is in his face. And you can't TV surf without coming across an The Andy Griffith Show (1960) episode, where you've just got to watch Don as "Barney Fife". And that's why I put Don in several of my movies.

Tim Conway's photos

The Legendary Life of Tim Conway: Net Worth, Career, and Legacy

Tim Conway was a multi-talented comedian and actor known for his impeccable performances in television classics and blockbuster Disney films. Born on December 15, 1933, in Willoughby, Ohio, Tim’s entertainment career spanned over five decades, and his work earned him praise and accolades from all over the world.

Early Life and Education

Tim Conway grew up in a world where comedy reigned supreme. He attended Bowling Green State University, where he honed his radio and broadcasting skills while being part of Phi Delta Theta fraternity. After graduation, he enlisted in the United States Army and served from 1956 to 1958.


Tim Conway began his career in television while working with an NBC affiliate and then eventually moving to WJW-TV, CBS affiliate. His career kickstarted when he was featured on “The Steve Allen Show” and then cast as Ensign Charles Parker on “McHale’s Navy”. He later became known for his partnering with comedians such as Don Knotts in movies like “The Apple Dumpling Gang”, garnering him massive fame and award nominations in both television and movies. However, Conway’s most notable contribution came when he joined the cast of “The Carol Burnett Show” in 1975. With the show ‘s popularity at an all-time high, Conway won 5 Emmy Awards for his brilliant performances on the series.

He also had a commendable voice-over career. In his later years, he voice-acted on well-received shows such as “SpongeBob SquarePants” and lent his voice to the children’s series “Hermie & Friends.” His collaborations have become legendary and valued contributions to the realm of entertainment.

What was Tim Conway’s Net Worth and Salary?

Tim Conway showcases his decades of work globally as he successfully managed to amass a $15 million net worth at the time of his death in 2019. Besides his earnings from Television and movies, he had a side gig selling his famous “Why Ask Me?” T-shirts

Personal Life

Tim Conway was married twice. He and his first wife Mary Anne Dalton had six children together before they divorced. In 1984, Tim remarried Charlene Fusco, with whom he spent the rest of his life until his demise in May 2019 following complications from normal-pressure hydrocephalus.


The American icon and treasure, Tim Conway, has won a gamut of awards across his long-tenured career, including several Emmy Awards and an induction into the TV Hall of Fame. Hollywood knows him as one of the founding fathers of physical comedy, universally beloved by audiences and actors alike. Even after he retired, cartoons and films continued to rely on dubs of his original voice work – a true testament to his timeless talent.


The life of Tim Conway has humanized the world, bringing people together through laughter and fun-filled moments. From classic TV comedies to Disney movie franchise hits, Tim poured his heart and soul into everything he did, becoming a perfect symbol of comedy and making America happy again and again. Rest in Peace, Tim Conway – you will always be remembered as one of the most talented comics the world has ever seen.

Interesting Facts about Tim Conway

  1. Changed his first name to Tim, to avoid confusion with actor Tom Conway.
  2. Comedienne Rose Marie discovered him and arranged for him to audition for The Steve Allen Show (1951). He so impressed Allen that Conway wound up with a regular spot on the show.
  3. Has been called "the best second-banana in the business".
  4. He became notorious on The Carol Burnett Show (1967) for making the cast members--especially co-star Harvey Korman--break up with laughter during taping, while he remained in character. Unlike most shows, these bits were usually left in the routines when the episodes were aired.
  5. His car's license plate reads "13 WKS", a reference to the fact that all of his solo television projects have been cancelled after 13 weeks.
  6. Father of Tim Conway Jr., Corey Conway, Jaime Conway (aka "Jake"), Pat Conway, Seann Conway and Kelly Conway.
  7. Received his Bachelor's degree in television and radio from Bowling Green State University in Bowling Green, Ohio. Was a member of Phi Delta Theta fraternity.
  8. After he graduated from Bowling Green State University, he enlisted in the United States Army, where he served between 1956-1958.
  9. Biography in: "Who's Who in Comedy" by Ronald L. Smith. Pg. 115-116. New York: Facts on File (1992). ISBN 0816023387.
  10. In 2004, he was named a Disney Legend.
  11. His father was an Irish immigrant and his maternal grandparents were Romanian. His birth first name was the Romanian name Toma, later changed to Thomas.
  12. Was local television comedy team partner with Ernie Anderson (father of director Paul Thomas Anderson) until Conway moved away from Cleveland.
  13. In his guest appearance on 30 Rock: Subway Hero (2008), his character, Bucky Bright, is escorted around the NBC office. When he identifies himself in a picture, the image is an actual publicity photo of the McHale's Navy (1962) cast. Conway starred on "McHale's Navy" and is the person in the picture at which he pointed.
  14. Best known by the public for his role as Ensign Charles Parker on McHale's Navy (1962).
  15. Worked many times with his co-star Harvey Korman outside The Carol Burnett Show (1967) on a comedy tour. He also worked with Carol Burnett in Touched by an Angel (1994) and Hot in Cleveland (2010). The co-star he worked with most was Vicki Lawrence in Yes, Dear (2000) six times and Hermie & Friends (2004).
  16. Took part in honoring his friend Carol Burnett in All-Star Party for Carol Burnett (1982) and the The Mark Twain Award Ceremony.
  17. Received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame at 6740 Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood, California on February 9, 1989.
  18. Revealed that he had a wonderful working relationship with Ernest Borgnine on McHale's Navy (1962).
  19. His acting mentor and former neighbor Ernest Borgnine, passed away on July 8, 2012, at age 95. Conway had also worked with Borgnine on the popular cartoon, SpongeBob SquarePants (1999), voicing the roles of Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy for 13 years.
  20. Credited Ernest Borgnine as his favorite acting mentor/best friend.

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