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Famous American actor, musician, composer, and cinematographer Tony Tarantino has a net worth of $400 thousand. He is also known as the father of talented Hollywood director Quentin Tarantino, but the two don’t have much of a relationship.

Key facts:

  • Tony Tarantino is an American actor, musician, composer, and cinematographer.
  • He has acted in numerous movies including Where the Boys Are, All the Rage, Family Tree, Holy Hollywood, Blood Money, and Mediterranean Blue.
  • Tony Tarantino produced the 2012 film Mediterranean Blue and Executive produced the 2011 movie Underbelly Blues.
  • He co-directed the 2003 movie Blood Money.
  • Tony Tarantino won a Valley Film Festival Selection Committee Award for Holy in 2004.

Basic Information About Tony Tarantino

CategoryCelebrities β€Ί Actors
ProfessionsActor, Film Producer, Musician, Film Director, Composer, Cinematographer
Net worth$400,000
Date of birth1940-07-04 (83 years old)
Place of birthQueens
NationalityUnited States of America
Social Mediaβ†—οΈŽ Wikipedia

Tony Tarantino – A Multi-talented Personality with Rewarding Career and Limited Influence

Tony Tarantino is an American actor, musician, cinematographer, and composer whose total net worth as of 2021 is worth $400 thousand. He was born in July 194 in Queens, New York. Tony Tarantino is known for his minor roles in films where he starred alongside actors such as Matt Dillon, Kevin Bacon, and Olivia D’Abo.

Early Life and Education

Tony Tarantino was raised in a blue-collar working family. His father worked as a music conductor. Growing up, Tony developed a liking for music and acting. However, he did not pursue his passion for performing from the beginning. Instead, came to show his creative abilities later in life when he moved to Los Angeles in the 197s.


As soon as Tony arrived in LA, he found himself constantly amongst exceptional artists and creatives. He began performing as a harmonica player in nightclubs to make ends meet, where he managed to earn a good reputation amongst locals. Since then, Tony has been performing alongside musicians such as Bruno Coon, Liane Carroll, Billy Higgins, among others.

In addition to music gigs, Tony started building his career as a cinematographer and film composer throughout the 198s and 199s. He debuted compositing music for a short melodrama called β€œA Fairy Tale” in 1996.

Later on his career timeline, Tony got more engaged in filmography and hence produced various films on his name. These movies include Where the Boys Are (1984), All the Rage (1997), Family Tree (1999), Blood Money (2003) , Mediterranean Blue (2012) and extensive inputs into the films Underbelly Blues(2011) and Beneath The Darkness (2011).

On the other hand, thousands of stories reveal Tarantino’s distress over his son’s unending efforts to distance himself away from his father’s shadow, where he hardly managed to land on the same frame or extended collaborations with his father’s networks.


  • Won a Valley Film Festival Selection Committee Award for Holy – 2004
  • Co-directed Blood Money – 2003
  • Produced Mediterranean Blue – 2012

Although Tony has made his influential contributions towards fulfilling his creative pursuits along with subtle recognitions from folks, the former barely reflects among today’s Hollywood skywalkers and dominant pop-culture enthusiasts.

Lastly, Let alone express objections over directorial profiles, it is more weighing for Tony to witness his only child, Quentin, on becoming an all-round dominant film fraternity, without much inclusion or acknowledging fatherly connections, as fortune wanders down the street.

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