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Yevgeny Prigozhin, a famous Russian oligarch, has a net worth of $1 billion. He is known for his close association with Russian President Vladimir Putin and his involvement in a network of companies, including the paramilitary organization Wagner Group and companies accused of interfering in the 2016 and 2018 US elections.

Key facts:

  • Yevgeny Prigozhin is a Russian oligarch known for his close association with Russian President Vladimir Putin.
  • He runs a network of companies that include the paramilitary organization Wagner Group and several businesses accused of interfering in the US elections in 2016 and 2018.
  • Prigozhin opened a successful network of hog dog joints and co-founded the first casinos in St. Petersburg after his release from prison.
  • He founded Concord Catering and a number of restaurants, where he personally served food to political leaders like Vladimir Putin and Jacques Chirac.
  • Since 2014, Prigozhin has been a leader of the Wagner Group, a paramilitary organization involved in conflicts around the world, including war crimes and alleged involvement in the invasion of Ukraine in 2022.
  • He has been tied to the Russian online propaganda organization called the Internet Research Agency, which is accused of interfering in the 2016 US presidential election and 2018 midterms.
  • Prigozhin and his companies have faced numerous sanctions and criminal charges, including being indicted by a US grand jury for funding and orchestrating operations to undermine the US electoral process.
  • He is married to Lyubov Valentinovna and they have a daughter named Polina. They live on a compound in St. Petersburg and own several luxury businesses.

Basic Information About Yevgeny Prigozhin

CategoryBusiness › Billionaires
Net worth$1,000,000,000
Date of birth1961-06-01 (62 years old)
Place of birthLeningrad, Russian SFSR, Soviet Union
NationalityRussia (1991-present)
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The Fascinating Life and Controversies of Yevgeny Prigozhin

Yevgeny Prigozhin, the Russian oligarch with a net worth of $1 billion, has a life story that reads like a Hollywood movie. Known for his close association with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Prigozhin has been involved in a web of businesses and activities that have earned him international attention, sanctions, and criminal charges. From his early life and prison time to his involvement with the Wagner Group and the Internet Research Agency, Prigozhin’s journey is filled with intrigue and controversy.

Early Life and Prison Time

Yevgeny Prigozhin was born on June 1, 1961, in what was then Leningrad, Russian SFSR in the Soviet Union. He had a troubled youth and became involved in crime, including theft and fraud. In 1981, he was sentenced to 12 years in prison but served only nine. This experience seemed to shape his future path in unexpected ways.

Restaurants and Casinos

Upon his release from prison in 199, Prigozhin saw opportunities where others saw barriers. He opened a network of hot dog joints with his stepfather, which turned out to be incredibly profitable. He also ventured into investments and became a shareholder in a grocery store chain franchise. But it was in the entertainment hospitality industry where Prigozhin truly made his mark.

In 1995, he founded Concord Management and Consulting, which owns and operates Concord Catering and several restaurants. Some of these establishments became prestigious dining destinations, frequented by political leaders including Vladimir Putin, Jacques Chirac, and even hosting George W. Bush in 2002. Prigozhin personally served food and gained recognition as both a chef and confidante to Putin.

Wagner Group

Since 2014, Prigozhin has been linked to the infamous Wagner Group, a Russian paramilitary organization dubbed Putin’s private army. Wagner Group contractors have allegedly participated in conflicts across the world, from Syria to Libya and Mali. They have faced numerous accusations of war crimes, including robbery, rape, and torture.

In September 2022, Prigozhin finally admitted to founding the Wagner Group. Throughout the years, he has used his association with the group to forge business and political ties in Africa, particularly in the Central African Republic and Madagascar. Prigozhin’s ventures in the mining industry, including gold, diamonds, and other minerals, have become sources of both wealth and controversy.

Internet Research Agency

Another aspect that has garnered Prigozhin international attention is his alleged involvement with the Internet Research Agency. This Russian online propaganda organization has been accused of interfering in the 2016 US presidential election and the 2018 midterms. Prigozhin has been implicated as a financer and director of this operation. He has also been linked to other companies that allegedly undermine political events, both in the US and abroad.

Sanctions and Criminal Charges

Prigozhin and his companies have faced numerous sanctions and criminal charges. In response to their involvement in the 2016 US election interference, several companies owned by Prigozhin, such as Concord Management and Consulting, Evro Polis, Beratex Group, Autolex Transport, and Linburg Industries, were sanctioned by the US. The Internet Research Agency and other associated companies were indicted by a US grand jury, with Prigozhin himself charged with funding and orchestrating operations to undermine the US electoral process.

More recently, as a result of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Prigozhin was added to the FBI’s wanted list, and his assets and those of his family were frozen.

Personal Life

Beyond his controversial business endeavors, Yevgeny Prigozhin leads a life of luxury and secrecy. He is married to Lyubov Valentinovna, a successful pharmacist who owns a network of high-end boutique stores and runs several other upscale establishments. The couple resides in a lavish compound in St. Petersburg that boasts a helipad and a basketball court. Prigozhin owns a private jet and lives a life of opulence.

Celebrity Status and Legacy

Yevgeny Prigozhin’s story is one that has captivated the world. From his rise as a hot dog entrepreneur to his involvement with Vladimir Putin and the controversial Wagner Group, his actions have drawn both admiration and condemnation. His role in the 2016 US election interference, among other activities, has had far-reaching consequences and earned him sanctions and criminal charges. Today, Prigozhin’s legacy remains shrouded in mystery, leaving many wondering what the future holds for this enigmatic figure.


Although Yevgeny Prigozhin’s accomplishments are controversial, they cannot be ignored. He has built a vast network of businesses that span from restaurants to paramilitary organizations. His meteoric rise from a troubled youth to a billionaire oligarch demonstrates an impressive ability to seize opportunities and overcome obstacles. However, it is important to remember that his actions have also had significant negative consequences, leading to international sanctions and criminal charges.

While Yevgeny Prigozhin’s net worth may be impressive, it is overshadowed by the scrutiny and controversy surrounding his activities. His story serves as a reminder of the complex intersection between power, politics, and personal ambition in today’s world.

Wagner Group’s March on Moscow

On June 24th, Wagner Group leader Yevgeny Prigozhin announced that his forces were ending their march on Moscow after travelling from Rostov-on-Don to the outskirts of the capital city. Prigozhin stated that the “march for justice” was meant to punish Russian military leaders for failures in the Ukraine war that led to deaths of Wagner mercenaries.

However, to avoid potential bloodshed from clashes with Russian troops, Prigozhin ordered his fighters to turn back after negotiations involving Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko. The Kremlin agreed not to prosecute Wagner participants and said Prigozhin would go to Belarus without facing charges for his role.

The incident defused weeks of tensions between top Russian brass and Prigozhin stemming from disputes over the handling of military operations in Ukraine. Lukashenko facilitated discussions leading to Wagner forces standing down to prevent violence on Russian soil.

Per the agreement, the Wagner troops not involved will now sign contracts to join the Russian Defense Ministry. The retreat from advancing on Moscow appears to have prevented a potential civil war type scenario between government forces and the mercenary group.

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Prigozhin’s Death

On August 27th, 2023, Russia’s investigative committee announced that forensic testing confirmed Wagner Group head Yevgeny Prigozhin was among 10 people killed in a recent plane crash 185 miles north of Moscow on August 24th. The committee did not provide specifics on the cause of the crash. However, American and Western government officials have assessed that the aircraft was likely deliberately exploded, with suspicions centering on the possibility that Russian President Vladimir Putin orchestrated Prigozhin’s death.

The crash followed a short-lived June mutiny led by Prigozhin, in which Wagner forces took over a military headquarters in Rostov and marched towards Moscow, posing the most serious challenge to Putin’s power since he became president. Reactions in Ukraine have been limited, as the Wagner Group withdrew from the country months ago. Putin has moved quickly in the aftermath to require loyalty oaths from private military fighters and eulogized Prigozhin as a “talented businessman” while alluding to past mistakes.

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