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Antoine Fuqua is an American film director who has a net worth of $60 million. Antoine Fuqua is best known for directing such action and thriller films as ‘Training Day,’ ‘Tears of the Sun,’ ‘Shooter,’ ‘The Equalizer’ and its sequels, and ‘Southpaw.’

Key facts:

  • Antoine Fuqua is an acclaimed American film director known for directing action and thriller films.
  • He made his directorial debut in 1998 with the action film 'The Replacement Killers' and had his breakthrough in 2001 with the crime thriller 'Training Day.'
  • Fuqua has directed several successful films including 'Tears of the Sun,' 'Shooter,' 'King Arthur,' 'Brooklyn's Finest,' and the 'Equalizer' series.
  • He has also ventured into documentary filmmaking, directing films such as 'American Dream/American Knightmare' and 'What's My Name: Muhammad Ali.'
  • Fuqua has directed episodes of television series such as 'Ice' and 'The Terminal List.'
  • In 2021, he signed a partnership with Netflix for his film productions and in 2022, he signed an overall deal with Paramount's MTV Entertainment Studios for television productions.
  • Antoine Fuqua is married to actress Lela Rochon and they have two children together. He also has a son from a previous relationship.
  • In 2022, Fuqua and Rochon purchased a mansion in Hidden Hills, California for $10.8 million.

Basic Information About Antoine Fuqua

CategoryCelebrities β€Ί Directors
ProfessionsFilm director, Film Producer, Music Video Director
Net worth$60,000,000
Date of birth1966-01-19 (57 years old)
Place of birthPittsburgh
NationalityUnited States of America
Social Mediaβ†—οΈŽ Wikipedia

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Net Worth Details

Antoine Fuqua is an American film director who has a net worth of $60 million. He has achieved great success in his career, directing a number of popular action and thriller films, as well as critically acclaimed documentaries. His movies have generated over $1.3 billion at the box office, making him one of the most successful directors in Hollywood.


Antoine Fuqua was born on May 30, 1965, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He grew up in a violent neighborhood, which had a significant impact on his life and career trajectory. After surviving a gunshot wound at the age of 15, Fuqua began spending more time at the movies and developed a passion for filmmaking. He also dedicated himself to sports.

What is Antoine Fuqua known for?

Antoine Fuqua is best known for his work as a film director, particularly in the action and thriller genres. Some of his most famous films include ‘Training Day,’ ‘Tears of the Sun,’ ‘Shooter,’ ‘The Equalizer,’ and its sequels, and ‘Southpaw.’ In addition to directing fictional films, Fuqua has also received acclaim for his work on documentaries such as ‘American Dream/American Knightmare’ and ‘What’s My Name: Muhammad Ali.’ He has also ventured into television directing and has directed episodes of series like ‘Ice’ and ‘The Terminal List.’

Early life and education

Fuqua had a challenging upbringing in Pittsburgh. Growing up in a violent neighborhood, he faced adversity at a young age. However, his love for movies and sports provided an escape and inspired him to pursue a creative career. Despite not having formal film education, Fuqua honed his skills through practical experience and eventually landed opportunities to direct music videos.


Fuqua began his career in the entertainment industry directing music videos for major artists. His first video was for Mr. Lee’s song ‘I Like the Girls’ in 199. Throughout the 199s, he directed videos for well-known artists such as Shanice, Toni Braxton, Prince, Stevie Wonder, and Pras. He gained recognition for directing Coolio’s smash hit ‘Gangsta’s Paradise’ in 1995.

In 1998, Fuqua made his feature film directorial debut with the action film ‘The Replacement Killers.’ He continued to direct a range of films in various genres, including action, comedy, crime, and historical adventure. His breakthrough came in 2001 with the crime thriller ‘Training Day,’ starring Denzel Washington, which earned Washington an Academy Award for Best Actor.

Fuqua’s success continued with films like ‘Tears of the Sun,’ ‘King Arthur,’ ‘Shooter,’ and ‘Brooklyn’s Finest.’ He also achieved great acclaim with his collaborations with Denzel Washington on the ‘Equalizer’ series. Fuqua’s filmography showcases his versatility as a director, and he has consistently delivered engaging stories through his work.


Antoine Fuqua has received numerous accolades throughout his career. His films have been recognized by prestigious awards and have garnered critical acclaim. His direction of ‘Training Day’ led to Denzel Washington winning an Academy Award for Best Actor. Fuqua’s documentaries, ‘American Dream/American Knightmare’ and ‘What’s My Name: Muhammad Ali,’ solidified his reputation as a skilled filmmaker beyond fiction.

In addition to his achievements as a director, Fuqua has established partnerships with major studios. He signed a first-look partnership for his film productions with Netflix in 2021 and an overall deal with Paramount’s MTV Entertainment Studios for television productions in 2022.

Personal Life

Antoine Fuqua married actress Lela Rochon in 1999. Lela is best known for her role in the romantic drama film ‘Waiting to Exhale.’ Together, they have a daughter named Asia and a son named Brando. Fuqua also has a son named Zachary from a previous relationship. The Fuqua family resides in their newly built mansion in Hidden Hills, California, which they purchased for $10.8 million in 2022.

What is Antoine Fuqua’s Net Worth?

As of now, Antoine Fuqua’s net worth is estimated to be $60 million. His successful career as a film director, as well as his ventures into documentaries and television, have contributed to his wealth. With his consistent box office success and critical acclaim, Fuqua continues to thrive in the entertainment industry.

In conclusion, Antoine Fuqua is an accomplished film director known for his work on action and thriller films like ‘Training Day,’ ‘The Equalizer,’ and ‘Southpaw.’ His talent extends beyond fiction, as he has directed compelling documentaries as well. With a net worth of $60 million and numerous achievements under his belt, Fuqua remains a prominent figure in the entertainment industry.

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