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Avicii was an extremely popular and highly-paid Swedish-born DJ and music producer who had a net worth of $50 million at the time of his death in 2018. He rose to prominence in 2011 with his single ‘Levels.’

During his career, Avicii could regularly earn as much as $500 thousand per gig. He regularly earned $15 – $20 million per year. Between June 2014 and June 2015 alone, he earned $30 million. We estimate that during his career Avicii grossed approximately $140 million.

Key facts:

  • Avicii rose to prominence in 2011 with his single 'Levels', which reached #1 in Sweden and was certified 8x platinum.
  • His debut studio album, True, released in 2013, reached #1 in Sweden and Australia, and the Top 5 in the US and several European countries.
  • Avicii's hit single 'Wake Me Up' reached #1 in nine countries and his collaboration with Coldplay on 'Hymn for the Weekend' was a co-production success.
  • Avicii faced physical and mental health struggles, including anxiety and depression, and retired from performing live in 2016 due to deteriorating health.
  • Throughout his career, Avicii earned an estimated $140 million, with a regular earning capacity of up to $500,000 per gig and annual earnings of $15 - $20 million.

Basic Information About Avicii

CategoryCelebrities β€Ί DJs
ProfessionsDisc jockey, Record producer, Electronic musician, Remixer, Model, Actor
Net worth$50,000,000
Date of birth1989-09-08
Place of birthStockholm
Date of death2018-04-20 (aged 28)
Social Mediaβ†—οΈŽ Wikipedia

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Avicii: The Iconic DJ and Music Producer

The world of electronic music was forever changed by the iconic DJ and music producer known as Avicii. Born Tim Bergling on September 8, 1989, in Stockholm, Sweden, Avicii rose to fame with his unique blend of electronic beats and melodic tunes. His music captured the hearts of millions around the world, and his untimely death in 2018 left a void in the music industry that can never be filled. Let’s take a closer look at the life and accomplishments of Avicii, a true legend in the world of electronic dance music.

What is Avicii known for?

Avicii is best known for his groundbreaking contributions to the world of electronic dance music. He brought electronic music into the mainstream with his hit tracks like “Levels,” “Hey Brother,” and “Wake Me Up.” Avicii’s unique sound combined elements of house, trance, and pop music, creating anthems that resonated with fans all over the world.

Early life and education

Born into a musical family, Avicii’s passion for music was ignited at a young age. Inspired by his older brother, who was also a DJ, he began experimenting with mixing and creating music in his bedroom when he was just eight years old. By the age of 16, Avicii had already begun his professional career in music, signing with the Dejfitts Plays label and honing his skills through collaboration and experimentation.


Avicii’s career as a DJ and music producer took off in 201 when he released the track “Seek Bromance,” which became an international success. From there, he continued to release hit after hit, with tracks like “Levels” reaching number one in Sweden and earning him a Grammy nomination for Best Dance Recording.

Avicii’s success as a DJ propelled him to global stardom, and he embarked on a whirlwind touring career that took him to countries all over the world. He became the first DJ to headline Radio City Music Hall in New York City and performed at major music festivals like Lollapalooza.

In 2013, Avicii released his debut studio album, True, which reached number one in Sweden and Australia. The album’s hit single, “Wake Me Up,” topped the charts in nine countries and solidified Avicii’s status as a global superstar.

“Stories,” Avicii’s second studio album released in 2015, further established his reputation as a pioneer of electronic dance music. He collaborated with renowned artists like Coldplay and continued to experiment with different styles and sounds.

Tragically, in 2018, Avicii passed away at the age of 28, leaving behind a legacy that will forever be remembered. Despite his untimely demise, his music continues to inspire and influence countless musicians and fans around the world.


Avicii’s talent and innovation in the music industry earned him numerous awards and accolades throughout his career. He received Grammy nominations for Best Dance Recording and performed at some of the most prestigious venues in the world.

In addition to his commercial success, Avicii’s impact on the electronic dance music genre cannot be overstated. He paved the way for future DJs and producers to find mainstream success and brought electronic music to a wider audience. His contributions to the genre will forever be remembered and celebrated.

Net Worth Details

Avicii’s net worth at the time of his death in 2018 was estimated to be $50 million. His incredible success as a DJ and music producer allowed him to earn an impressive income throughout his career.

During his peak, Avicii could earn as much as $500,000 per gig, making him one of the highest-paid DJs in the world. His talent and popularity translated into substantial earnings, with him making around $15 to $20 million per year.

In terms of overall earnings, it is estimated that Avicii grossed approximately $140 million during his career. This figure includes his music sales, touring revenue, and brand endorsements.

Avicii invested his earnings wisely and owned valuable assets, including a $15.5 million house in the Hollywood Hills. Additionally, his fortune included real estate, trust accounts, financial investments, and other non-liquid assets.

In the wake of his tragic passing, Avicii’s fortune was inherited by his parents, Anki and Klas Bergling. They received his estimated liquid assets of 231 million Swedish Krona, equivalent to around $26 million, according to legal documents in Sweden.

Remembering Avicii

Avicii’s contributions to the music industry and the world of electronic dance music will be remembered for generations to come. His trailblazing sound and heartfelt melodies continue to resonate with fans worldwide. Though he may be gone, his legacy lives on as a testament to the power of music and the indelible mark one individual can make on the world.

Avicii’s tragic death brought attention to the importance of mental health and highlighted the struggles many artists face in the music industry. His story serves as a reminder to prioritize mental well-being and support those around us who may be facing similar challenges.

As we celebrate Avicii’s musical accomplishments, let us also remember the person behind the musicβ€”a talented and dedicated artist who left an everlasting impact on the world.

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