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Carly Pope has a net worth of $2 million dollars. Famous for her appearances in numerous movies and TV shows since 1996, Pope pursued acting alongside her studies at Lord Byng Secondary School and the University of British Columbia. She speaks French, Italian and Spanish and aims to pursue literary education in all three languages.

Key facts:

  • Carly Pope is a Canadian actress.
  • She has been active in the entertainment industry since 1996.
  • Pope is best known for her appearances in The Odd Couple, A Midsummer Night's Dream, Snow Day, and more.
  • She was cast as Sam McPherson for the WB series Popular.
  • Pope is bilingual and fluent in French, Italian, and Spanish.

Basic Information About Carly Pope

CategoryCelebrities β€Ί Actors
Net worth$2,000,000
Date of birth1980-08-28 (43 years old)
Place of birthVancouver
Height5 ft 5 in (1.67 m)
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What Movie Awards did Carly Pope win?


Golden Globe

Golder Raspberry


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Carly Pope roles

Movie / Series Role
ElysiumCCB Agent
The Glass HouseTasha
The Lost HusbandLanie
Disturbing BehaviorAbbey
Orange CountyTanya
Young People FuckingKris
Two for the MoneyTammy
Snow DayFawn
The Good DoctorLily Cross 2 episodes, 2020
SuitsTara Messer 11 episodes, 2016-2017
ArrowSusan Williams 10 episodes, 2016-2017
CalifornicationAnnika 2 episodes, 2008
BlindspotQuinn Bonita 1 episode, 2018
Republic of DoyleAlisha Maracle 5 episodes, 2014
The Tomorrow PeopleMorgan Burke 6 episodes, 2013-2014
Game of SilenceDA Victoria Edmunds / ... 2 episodes, 2016
Kim PossibleAmelia 2 episodes, 2002-2003
24Samantha Roth 5 episodes, 2009
Tru CallingOff. Kate Wilson 1 episode, 2005
The Wonderful World of DisneyStudent 1 episode, 1998
RushEllen Murphy 1 episode, 2014
The 4400Kara 1 episode, 2007
Grosse PointeSelf 1 episode, 2000
Night ManTeresa Chase 1 episode, 1998
Jake 2.0Rachel / ... 1 episode, 2003
DirtGarbo 6 episodes, 2007

Carly Pope's Quotes

  • I kind of see myself as a cartoon that's on its way to becoming a real person that has to find that special amulet or mushroom to get to that next realm or level. I don't feel like anything is that tangible. It freaks me out, why I feel unhappy or conflicted and why that can change on a dime. I feel very manic right now, but I'm confident where I am.
  • I've kept my phone on silent for a year and a half. For me, it's too much noise. It's not my jam. I like to keep things a lot more easygoing. The world's not going to stop if you don't pick up your phone.
  • People are totally overusing LOL and a wink - and I'm very guilty of using the wink - that's probably my favorite emoticon to use because 'I'm being sarcastic, don't misinterpret; don't misconstrue; I'm just kidding.' Again, for as many benefits as it has, also picking up the phone and having a conversation speaks volumes.
  • I do think we've become so reliant that the phones are never out of our reach. We're always trying to stay connected that way and the irony is that it's actually disconnecting us from everything else because we're not just focused on what's in front of us; we focus on what's in our hand or off to the side.
  • I think when you're starting up a situation, it's really fun texting or BBMing or whatever.

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Carly Pope Net Worth and Biography

Carly Pope is a Canadian actress best renowned for her compelling acting in films like The Odd Couple, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Snow Day,made her debut in the entertainment industry in 1996 and has been active ever since. Her net worth is currently estimated to be $2 million dollars.

What is Carly Pope known for?

Carly Pope is best recognized for her exceptional acting prowess and her signature red hair. Her performances have garnered her praise from fans and industry peers alike, leading to memorable roles in numerous movie and television productions. Carly Pope has gained tremendous popularity from her acting roles that bring unique elements to the screen, enabling her to establish a mark in the entertainment industry.

Early Life and Education of Carly Pope

Carly Pope was born on August 28, 198, in Vancouver, British Columbia. Carly attended Lord Byng Secondary School before enrolling in the University of British Columbia to further her education. She started acting while at the University, taking roles in small commercials and plays.

Career of Carly Pope

Carly Pope began her career journey as a help desk girl on the X-Files and has since become a seasoned actress with credits in various productions. She made her film debut with a small role in Snow Day in 200 before starring in the series Popular in 1999 as Sam McPherson, which marked her rise to fame. Besides acting, Carly Pope has produced several films such as Sundowners and Elysian.

Achievements of Carly Pope

Carly Pope’s talent and dedication to acting have earned her remarkable recognitions throughout her career. For one, she clinched a Gemini Award nomination due to her portrayal of Molly McBride in Eight Days to Live. Carly has also starred in several other productions, such as the film Everyone.

Personal Life

Carly Pope has remained private about her personal life. However, her fans know she is fluent in five languages, including French, Spanish, and Italian. Carly Pope continues to work with various organizations that aim to eliminate global poverty and injustice.

In Conclusion

Carly Pope’s acting journey has been nothing short of sensational, thanks to her intrinsic talent, devotion, and hard work. At only 41 years old, Carly’s incredible net worth only shows how much she has attained from her acting journey in the entertainment industry.

Interesting Facts about Carly Pope

  1. Was turned down for a role (Liz) on Roswell (1999) before being cast in Popular (1999).
  2. Auditioned for the role of popular Brooke McQeen on Popular (1999) before being cast as the unpopular Sam.
  3. Graduated from Lord Byng High School in Vancouver, Canada. She traveled to Hollywood six months later and immediately landed a role on WB network's Popular (1999).
  4. Has two brothers, one older and one younger.
  5. Studied one semester at the University of British Columbia.
  6. Younger sister of actor Kris Pope.
  7. She and Sara Rue starred in the movie This Time Around (2003). They first worked together on the teen show Popular (1999).
  8. She is of one half Italian, one quarter Serbian, and one quarter Irish heritage.
  9. Refers to having a crush on Conan O'Brien in a Cosmo Girl article in 2000, and then again in a 2009 issue of The Lab magazine. Conan O'Brien's company Conaco co-produced her NBC series Outlaw.
  10. Is an Italian citizen.

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