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Farah Pahlavi, the former Queen and exiled Empress of Iran, has amassed a net worth of $100 million. Born into a financially secure family in Tehran, Farah Pahlavi’s circumstances changed dramatically after her father’s untimely death. Despite this, she pursued her education, studying architecture in Paris, where she would ultimately meet and marry the Shah of Iran. Known for her notable contributions to education, health, and culture, Farah Pahlavi’s spending practices have faced criticism, but her status as the first Empress of modern Iran solidifies her position as a famous figure in history.

Key facts:

  • Farah Pahlavi is the former Queen and exiled Empress of Iran.
  • She became the first Empress of modern Iran when her husband, Mohammed Reza Pahlavi, made her an Empress.
  • Farah Pahlavi was known for her active interest in educational, health, and cultural initiatives.
  • She was appointed as Empress Regent by her husband in the event of his death.
  • After being exiled in 1979, Farah Pahlavi now splits her time between Washington, D.C. and [location].

Basic Information About Farah Pahlavi

CategoryPoliticians β€Ί Royals
Net worth$100,000,000
Date of birth1938-10-14 (85 years old)
NationalityUnited States of America
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Net Worth Details

Farah Pahlavi, the former Queen and exiled Empress of Iran, has a notable net worth of $100 million. Born in Tehran, Iran, Farah grew up in a close-knit and financially secure family. However, after her father’s unexpected passing, their financial situation drastically changed, leading the family to move in with her uncle’s family. Despite these challenges, Farah never let adversity define her and pursued education and excellence.


What is Farah Pahlavi known for?

Farah Pahlavi is best known for her role as the Empress of Iran, having married Mohammed Reza Pahlavi, the Shah of Iran, in 1959. Her active interest in educational, health, and cultural initiatives made her popular among the Iranian people. However, she faced criticism for her spending practices during her time as Empress.

Early life and education

Farah Pahlavi attended multiple international schools in Iran before pursuing her studies in architecture at the Ecole SpΓ©ciale d’Architecture in Paris. During her time in Paris, Iranian students studying abroad received financial support from the Iranian state. It was during this period that Farah had the opportunity to meet with Mohammed Reza Pahlavi.


The courtship between Farah and Mohammed Reza Pahlavi was intricate and heavily managed, eventually culminating in their marriage. Farah’s role as the Empress of Iran made her the first Empress of modern Iran. Mohammed Reza Pahlavi also appointed her as Empress Regent in the event of his death.

Throughout her time as Empress, Farah Pahlavi was known for her active involvement in various initiatives. She championed educational reforms, promoted health advancements, and supported cultural endeavors. Farah’s dedication to these causes endeared her to many Iranians, and she became an influential figure in the country.

However, the Empress faced criticism for her spending practices, which some perceived as extravagant. These criticisms often overshadowed her benevolent efforts and strained the perception of the royal family in Iran.


Farah Pahlavi’s accomplishments extend beyond her role as Empress. She received numerous awards and recognition throughout her life for her contributions to various fields.

As an advocate for education, Farah Pahlavi was awarded honorary doctorates from prestigious educational institutions, recognizing her significant contributions in this area. Her dedication to promoting cultural initiatives led to her being honored with awards from organizations focused on the arts and culture.

Farah Pahlavi’s commitment to improving healthcare in Iran earned her recognition from medical organizations for her efforts in advancing healthcare infrastructures and initiatives. Her tireless work and dedication have left a lasting impact on the healthcare landscape of Iran.

Exile and Life Today

In 1979, following the Iranian Revolution, Farah Pahlavi and Mohammed Reza Pahlavi were exiled from Iran. They relocated to various countries, including the United States. Since her husband’s death in 198, Farah has split her time between Washington, D.C., and other parts of the world.

Despite living in exile, Farah Pahlavi remains committed to humanitarian and cultural causes. She has established several charitable foundations that aim to support education, healthcare, and various other initiatives in Iran.

Farah Pahlavi’s focus on philanthropy and her ongoing commitment to her homeland’s well-being demonstrate her resilience and dedication to making a positive impact, even from a distance.


Farah Pahlavi’s life has been a reflection of both triumph and challenges. From her early struggles to her rise to royalty and subsequent exile, she has remained steadfast in her commitment to education, healthcare, and cultural preservation.

While her time as Empress was not without controversy, it is essential to acknowledge her significant contributions in various fields. Farah Pahlavi’s legacy extends beyond her role as a royal, and her philanthropic work continues to shape the lives of many Iranians.

Through her dedication and resilience, Farah Pahlavi has become an iconic figure who has left an indelible mark on Iranian history.

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