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Hillary Clinton, the famous American politician, author, and media personality, has a net worth of $120 million. This figure includes her combined net worth with her husband, Bill Clinton, the 42nd President of the United States. Throughout her career, Hillary served as the First Lady of the United States of America from 1993 to 2001, a United States Senator for the state of New York from 2001 to 2009, and the Secretary of State under President Barack Obama from 2009 to 2013.

Key facts:

  • Hillary Clinton served as First Lady of the United States from 1993 to 2001.
  • She was a United States Senator for the state of New York from 2001 to 2009.
  • Clinton was the Secretary of State under President Barack Obama from 2009 to 2013.
  • During their time in public office, Bill and Hillary Clinton earned more than $250 million from speaking engagements, book advances, royalties, consulting engagements, and investment income.
  • Although she lost the 2016 presidential election to Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton made history as the first woman to be nominated for president by a major political party.

Basic Information About Hillary Clinton

Full NameHillary Diane Clinton
CategoryPoliticians β€Ί Democrats
ProfessionsLawyer, Politician, Official, Spokesperson, Diplomat, Author
Net worth$120,000,000
Date of birth1947-10-26 (76 years old)
Place of birthChicago
NationalityUnited States of America
EducationYale Law School, Wellesley College
FatherHugh Rodham
MotherDorothy Howell
SiblingsHugh, Tony
KidsChelsea Clinton
Height5 ft 6 in (1.69 m)
Social Mediaβ†—οΈŽ Wikipedia β†—οΈŽ Instagram β†—οΈŽ Twitter β†—οΈŽ Facebook β†—οΈŽ Youtube β†—οΈŽ Imdb

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Hillary Clinton – A Political Powerhouse

Hillary Clinton is a name that has become synonymous with American politics. As an influential politician, author, and media personality, Clinton has made a significant impact on the political landscape. With a combined net worth of $120 million with her husband, Bill Clinton, the 42nd President of the United States, she has achieved great success both in her personal and professional life.

Net Worth Details

When the Clintons left the White House, they were facing millions of dollars in debt. However, they quickly turned their financial situation around. Through speaking engagements, book advances/royalties, consulting roles, and investment income, they have amassed a fortune of over $250 million. The majority of their income since leaving the White House has come from speaking engagements, earning them at least $30 million, with additional earnings from book advances totaling at least $30 million.


What is Hillary Clinton known for?

Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton was born in Chicago, Illinois, on October 26th, 1947. She is known for her influential role in American politics as a former First Lady, United States Senator for New York, and Secretary of State under President Barack Obama from 2009 to 2013.

Early life and education

During her high school years, Clinton displayed exceptional leadership qualities as she was actively involved in the student council and school newspaper. Her determination and academic excellence earned her the title of ‘most likely to succeed,’ and she graduated in the top 5% of her class in 1965.

Clinton continued her education at Wellesley College, majoring in political science. In 1969, she graduated with honors and pursued a law degree at Yale Law School, where she further honed her intellectual prowess. She eventually received her law degree in 1973.


Clinton’s political career began when her husband, Bill Clinton, was elected governor of Arkansas in 1979. During his tenure, she served as the state’s First Lady, making significant contributions to healthcare and expansion of medical facilities in impoverished areas through securing federal funds. Clinton also made history during this time by becoming the first woman to be a full partner at the prestigious Rose Law Firm.

In 200, after moving to New York, Clinton made her mark in national politics by being elected to the United States Senate. Breaking societal norms, she became the first former First Lady to run for public office and the first female senator representing New York. Throughout her political career, Clinton has shown remarkable resilience and fought for various causes, including healthcare reform and women’s rights.

Clinton’s presidential ambitions were evident in 2008 when she emerged as a leading Democratic candidate, although ultimately losing the nomination to Barack Obama. She later served as Secretary of State under President Obama from 2009 to 2013, making history once again as the first woman to hold this esteemed position.


Aside from her political endeavors, Clinton is an accomplished author with several notable books to her name. Her memoirs, including ‘Living History’ (2003), ‘Hard Choices’ (2014), and ‘What Happened’ (2017), offer profound insights into her experiences in the political arena. These books have not only shed light on her life but have also been highly successful commercially.

In recognition of her numerous accomplishments, Clinton has received numerous awards and accolades throughout her career. Her tenacity and dedication to public service have solidified her status as an influential figure in American politics.

Despite facing controversy, particularly regarding her use of a personal email server while serving as Secretary of State, Clinton has remained resilient and continues to be an inspiring figure to many. Her ability to weather storms and bounce back with strength is a testament to her unwavering commitment to serving the American people.

An Enduring Legacy

Hillary Clinton’s impact on American politics is undeniable. With her intellect, determination, and unwavering spirit, she has shattered barriers and inspired a generation of women to pursue positions of power. Her journey from Arkansas to the White House has been marked by both triumphs and challenges, solidifying her status as a political powerhouse who continues to shape the discourse on vital issues.

As she continues to engage in public service, write books, and share her insights on various platforms, Hillary Clinton’s contributions to American society are far from over. She remains an influential figure whose legacy will continue to shape the political landscape for years to come.

Additional information of Hillary Clinton

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