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Infanta Cristina, the Spanish Duchess, has a net worth of $10 million. Famous for being the youngest daughter of King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia of Spain, she holds a master’s degree from New York University and has worked at the UNESCO headquarters in Paris. Despite her association with a corruption scandal involving her husband, she continues to remain in the line of succession to the Spanish throne.

Key facts:

  • Infanta Cristina graduated from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid in 1989.
  • She earned a master's degree from New York University in 199.
  • Cristina worked at the UNESCO headquarters in Paris in 1991.
  • In 1997, she married professional handball player Inaki Urdangarin and they have four children.
  • Cristina was a member of the Spanish Olympic sailing team in 1988 at the Seoul Games and was the standard bearer in the opening parade.

Basic Information About Infanta Cristina

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Net worth$10,000,000
Date of birth1965-06-13 (58 years old)
Place of birthMadrid
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Infanta Cristina Net Worth: A Spanish Duchess with an Impressive Fortune

Infanta Cristina, the youngest daughter of King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia of Spain, has made quite a name for herself. With a net worth of $10 million, she has established herself as a Spanish Duchess with not only a royal title but also substantial wealth.


Before delving into her accomplishments, it’s worth noting that Infanta Cristina was a member of the Spanish Olympic sailing team in 1988 at the Seoul Games, where she proudly carried her country’s flag during the opening parade. Her athletic prowess and determination set the stage for her future endeavors.

While being born into royalty certainly has its privileges, Infanta Cristina has proven herself to be more than just a title. She graduated from the prestigious Universidad Complutense de Madrid in 1989 and further honed her skills and knowledge by earning a master’s degree from New York University in 199.

Infanta Cristina’s dedication to education opened the doors to exciting opportunities. In 1991, she joined the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) headquarters in Paris. Her contributions to this esteemed organization showcased her commitment to making a positive impact on the world.


What is Infanta Cristina known for?

Infanta Cristina is best known for her royal lineage as the daughter of King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia of Spain. Her association with the Spanish royal family has garnered significant attention and played a pivotal role in shaping her life.

Early life and education

Born in Madrid, Spain, in June 1965, Infanta Cristina grew up surrounded by wealth and prestige. However, she never rested solely on her family’s laurels. She actively pursued higher education and achieved great success academically.

Infanta Cristina’s dedication to learning continued throughout her life, as evidenced by her time at the prestigious universities of Madrid and New York. These experiences equipped her with a diverse skill set and a global worldview that would prove invaluable in her future endeavors.


Infanta Cristina’s professional journey highlights her ambition and her ability to excel even among the elite. In 1997, she married the accomplished handball player Inaki Urdangarin and subsequently embarked on a successful career of her own.

Throughout her career, Infanta Cristina demonstrated versatility and adaptability. In 2013, she seized an opportunity in Switzerland, where she assumed a position with the Caixa Foundation. Though Switzerland may have been a change of scenery, it did not deter her from utilizing her talents and influence to make a difference.

Unfortunately, Infanta Cristina’s trajectory was marred by her husband’s involvement in a corruption scandal in 2011. Inaki Urdangarin was accused of diverting public funds for personal gain, casting a shadow over the royal couple’s reputation.

In 2013, Infanta Cristina found herself facing the legal ramifications of her husband’s actions as she was named a suspect in the case. If found guilty, she could potentially face up to 11 years in prison. This unexpected turn of events tested her resilience and ability to navigate difficult times.

Despite the challenges she has faced, Infanta Cristina remains an influential figure within Spanish society. Her commitment to education, widespread cultural understanding through UNESCO, and her dedication to public service demonstrate her unwavering character.

A Life Marked by Accomplishments

Infanta Cristina’s net worth of $10 million is a testament to her remarkable achievements and the valuable contributions she has made to society. As the sixth in line to the Spanish throne, she embodies a sense of duty and responsibility that matches her considerable wealth.

As we look to the future, it is essential to recognize the impact Infanta Cristina has had and continues to have both as a member of the Spanish royal family and as an individual committed to addressing critical global issues. Her resilience and determination serve as an inspiration to us all.

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