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Jho Low, the infamous Malaysian fugitive criminal businessman, has a net worth of $150 million. Wanted in connection with the 1Malaysia Development Berhad scandal, Low is alleged to have masterminded the embezzlement of $4.5 billion from the Malaysian sovereign wealth fund 1MDB. Despite claiming innocence, he remains a fugitive, believed to be hiding out in rural China.

Key facts:

  • Jho Low is a Malaysian fugitive criminal businessman.
  • He is alleged to have been the mastermind behind a global scheme involving the embezzlement of $4.5 billion from the Malaysian sovereign wealth fund 1MDB.
  • Low acquired a lavish portfolio of real estate, including mansions all over the world, a private jet, and a $250 million yacht.
  • He used the stolen money to maintain friendships with major entertainment superstars, including Alicia Keys, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jamie Foxx, and Miranda Kerr.
  • Jho Low financed the movie "The Wolf of Wall Street" through his friendship with DiCaprio.

Basic Information About Jho Low

CategoryBusiness β€Ί Criminals
ProfessionsBusinessman (Fugitive)
Net worth$150,000,000
Date of birth1981-11-04 (42 years old)
Place of birthGeorge Town, Penang, Malaysia
Social Mediaβ†—οΈŽ Wikipedia

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Jho Low: The Enigmatic Malaysian Fugitive and Mastermind Behind the 1MDB Scandal

Jho Low, the Malaysian fugitive criminal businessman, has become a household name in recent years due to his involvement in one of the most notorious financial scandals of our time – the 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) scandal. With a net worth of $150 million, Low’s life story reads like a high-stakes thriller, filled with intrigue, corruption, and international escapades.

Early Life and Education

Jho Low was born on November 4, 1981, in George Town, Malaysia, into an affluent Malaysian Chinese family. He received his education at Chung Ling High School and the International School of Penang (Uplands) in Malaysia before continuing his studies at Harrow School in London, England. It was during this time that Low began cultivating relationships with individuals from elite families who would shape his future in business and finance.

Career Beginnings in Business

After completing his education, Jho Low moved to the United States to attend the prestigious Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. It was here that he embarked on his path as a financier, managing funds for his family and acquaintances. Low quickly made a name for himself as a shrewd investor, establishing an investment group that allowed him to make lucrative deals.

By 201, Jho Low had consolidated his wealth into Jynwel Capital, a company that would become the centerpiece of his financial empire. Through strategic partnerships with sovereign wealth funds like the Kuwait Investment Authority and the UAE’s Mubadala, Low secured billions of dollars for major transactions, including the purchase of the Park Lane Hotel in New York City and the takeover of Coastal Energy.

1Malaysia Development Berhad Scandal

However, Jho Low’s meteoric rise to success would become overshadowed by his involvement in the 1MDB scandal. The scandal came to light in 2015 when leaked documents revealed that former Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak had funneled over $700 million from the state-owned investment fund into his personal bank accounts, with Low allegedly serving as the mastermind behind the scheme.

Low orchestrated the embezzlement of more than $4.5 billion from 1MDB, using a complex network of shell companies and offshore bank accounts to move the money internationally. The funds were then used to finance an opulent lifestyle, which included a string of luxury properties, a private jet, and a $250 million yacht. He also invested $100 million in the production of Martin Scorsese’s award-winning film, “The Wolf of Wall Street.”

As news of the scandal spread, there was an international outcry, prompting investigations into 1MDB’s financial irregularities and criminal activities. Several countries, including the United States, launched official probes that implicated high-profile individuals, including rapper Pras and former Goldman Sachs chairman Tim Leissner.

The 1MDB scandal ultimately led to the downfall of Najib Razak, who was charged and convicted for his role in the embezzlement scheme. Despite both Razak and Low claiming innocence, their names have been forever linked to one of the biggest financial scandals in history.

Fugitive Status and Personal Life

In 2018, Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad issued warrants for Jho Low’s arrest, further fueling speculation and intrigue surrounding his whereabouts. Low has maintained his innocence throughout, asserting that political motivations are behind the government’s pursuit of him.

As a fugitive from justice, Jho Low is believed to be residing in China, where he continues to manage some of his business interests. Reports suggest that he holds Cypriot citizenship in addition to his Malaysian background.

Before his fugitive status, Low caught the attention of the media for his high-profile relationships with celebrities. He was romantically linked to Taiwanese singer-songwriter and actress Elva Hsiao, as well as Victoria’s Secret model Miranda Kerr. Low’s associations extended to Hollywood’s elite, counting Leonardo DiCaprio, Jamie Foxx, Paris Hilton, Alicia Keys, and Busta Rhymes among his close acquaintances.

It is worth noting that many of these celebrities have voluntarily surrendered gifts received from Low, tangible reminders of the allegedly embezzled funds. Miranda Kerr, for example, returned $8 million in jewelry to the U.S. government.


Jho Low’s life and career represent a cautionary tale of ambition, corruption, and the pursuit of excess. From his humble beginnings to his involvement in one of the largest financial scandals in history, Low’s story captures the imagination and raises profound questions about the intersecting worlds of wealth, politics, and celebrity.

While Jho Low may continue to evade authorities and reside in relative seclusion, the impact of his actions will reverberate for years to come. The 1MDB scandal serves as a stark reminder of the dangers of unchecked power and the importance of transparency in financial systems.

As investigations into the scandal persist and the net around Jho Low tightens, the world watches with anticipation to see how this captivating tale will ultimately conclude.

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