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P.K. Subban is a famous Canadian professional hockey player with a net worth of $35 million. He has played for teams such as the New Jersey Devils, Nashville Predators, and Montreal Canadiens during his NHL career, and has achieved numerous accolades including winning the Norris Trophy in 2013 as the top defenseman in the NHL.

Key facts:

  • Among his achievements, P.K. Subban won the Norris Trophy in 2013 as the top defenseman in the NHL.
  • Subban helped lead the Hamilton Bulls to the J. Ross Robertson Cup Finals in his junior hockey career.
  • In his professional career with the Montreal Canadiens, Subban won the James Norris Memorial Trophy and was named to the NHL First All-Star Team in 2013.
  • With the Nashville Predators, Subban qualified for the Stanley Cup playoffs and helped the team reach the Finals in 2017.
  • Off the ice, Subban is heavily involved in philanthropic causes and made a pledge to raise $10 million for the Montreal Children's Hospital by 2022.

Basic Information About P. K. Subban

CategoryAthletes β€Ί Hockey
ProfessionsIce hockey player, Sportsperson
Net worth$35,000,000
Date of birth1989-05-13 (34 years old)
Place of birthToronto
Height6 ft (1.83 m)
Social Mediaβ†—οΈŽ Wikipedia

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P. K. Subban: The Hockey Superstar Making Waves On and Off the Ice

When it comes to the world of professional hockey, few names command attention quite like P. K. Subban. Known for his exceptional skills on the ice and his philanthropic efforts off it, Subban has become a true icon in the sports world. With a net worth of $35 million, a string of achievements under his belt, and a larger-than-life personality, Subban’s journey in the world of hockey is nothing short of remarkable.

Net Worth Details

With a career spanning several teams in the National Hockey League (NHL), including the New Jersey Devils, Nashville Predators, and Montreal Canadiens, P. K. Subban has amassed an impressive net worth of $35 million. Not only has he showcased his passion for the game on the ice, but he has also secured lucrative endorsements deals, making him one of the highest-paid defensemen in the NHL.


What is P. K. Subban known for?

Pernell-Karl Sylvester Subban, lovingly known as P. K., was born on May 13, 1989, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Hailing from a proud Canadian-Caribbean heritage, Subban’s parents, Karl and Maria, immigrated to Canada in the ’70s, bringing with them a deep love for their culture. Raised in Toronto’s Rexdale neighborhood, Subban is not only a top-notch hockey player but also a man deeply rooted in his family’s rich history.

Early life and education

From an early age, it was clear that Subban had a natural talent for hockey. He honed his skills playing in the juniors with the Ontario Hockey League’s Belleville Bulls. It didn’t take long for Subban’s exceptional abilities to catch the eyes of scouts and fans alike.


Subban’s professional hockey career started in earnest when he signed a three-year entry-level contract with the prestigious Montreal Canadiens of the NHL in 2009. He certainly wasted no time making an impact, scoring his first NHL point in a memorable debut against the Philadelphia Flyers. Throughout his time with the Canadiens, Subban proved himself to be one of the league’s most formidable defenses, capturing the James Norris Memorial Trophy and securing a spot on the NHL First All-Star Team in 2013.

In a stunning move in 2016, Subban was traded to the Nashville Predators. Adding his dynamic playing style to the team, he helped lead them to the finals against the Pittsburgh Penguins. Subban’s journey continued, and in 2019, he joined the New Jersey Devils, where he faced off against his former teams with the same tenacity that has come to define him.

International Playing

Subban has also been an integral part of Team Canada, representing his country with pride on multiple occasions. From winning gold at the World Junior Ice Hockey Championships in 2008 and 2009 to capturing Olympic gold at the Winter Games in 2014, Subban has showcased his exceptional skills on the international stage.


Subban’s accomplishments go far beyond his net worth and on-ice prowess. Off the ice, he dedicates himself to making a positive impact in the world.


Subban is widely recognized for his philanthropic efforts and dedication to giving back. He pledged to raise $10 million for the Montreal Children’s Hospital by 2022, which stands as the largest commitment to the hospital by an athlete in Canadian history. In recognition of his work, Subban was awarded the Meritorious Service Cross (Civil Division).

Additionally, he launched the Blue Line Buddies initiative to foster better relationships between inner-city youth and law enforcement. By bringing police officers, kids, and guests together for hockey games and dinners, Subban is breaking down barriers and making a lasting impact on communities.

A Charismatic Force on and off the Ice

Beyond his incredible talent and philanthropic endeavors, P. K. Subban radiates charisma and style. Known for his energetic playing style, he electrifies the ice with his unmatched skill and passion for the game. Beyond the rink, Subban’s fashion sense rivals his hockey prowess, making him a sought-after spokesperson for the RW-CO line of suits.

While his personal life has been subject to media attention, Subban remains focused on his career and using his platform to inspire others. A true example of what it means to be a multifaceted superstar, he has proven that success on and off the ice is not only attainable but also impactful.

The Legacy of P. K. Subban

P. K. Subban’s journey from humble beginnings to becoming a powerhouse in professional hockey is awe-inspiring. His achievements on the ice continue to captivate fans worldwide, while his dedication to philanthropy reminds us of the power athletes have to make a positive difference in the world. With his infectious personality and never-ending drive, Subban has cemented his place as one of the most iconic figures in the world of hockey.

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