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Rey Mysterio Net Worth and Salary: High-flying luchador Rey Mysterio has a net worth of $10 million. Also known by his real name, Óscar Gutiérrez, Mysterio is considered one of the most influential wrestlers of all time.

Key facts:

  • Rey Mysterio is considered one of the most influential wrestlers of all time.
  • He helped popularize the 'Lucha Libre' style of wrestling in the United States.
  • During his career, he won the WCW Cruiserweight Championship five times and the World Tag Team Championship three times.
  • Mysterio has had a long and successful career with both WWE and other wrestling promotions.
  • He has been involved in various controversies, including suspensions for alleged steroid and HGH use.

Basic Information About Rey Mysterio

CategoryAthletes › Wrestlers
ProfessionsWrestler, Actor
Net worth$10,000,000
Date of birth1974-12-11 (48 years old)
Place of birthChula Vista
NationalityUnited States of America
Curiosities and TrademarksTrademark move: 619 (Tiger Feint Kick)
Finishing move: West Coast Pop (Springboard Hurracanrana)
Finishing move: Droppin' The Dime (Springboard Leg Drop)
Finishing move: Pickin' The Dime (Springboard Splash)
Finishing move: La Silla (Springboard Seated Senton)
Finishing move: Mysterio Express (Sunset Flip Powerbomb)
Trademark move: Frog Splash (used a tribute to Eddie Guerrero)
Trademark move: 1904 (Bronco Buster)
Trademark move: Mysterio Moves (Modified Hurracanrana, sometimes preceded by a cartwheel)
Trademark move: Crossbody Press/Twisting Crossbody Press
Trademark move: Wheelbarrow Counter (bodyscissors) to moves like bulldogs, roll-ups or arm drags
Trademark move: Satellite Headscissors
Trademark move: Tilt-a-Whirl Headscissors Takedown
Trademark move: Baseball Slide to Headscissors Takedown
Trademark move: Diving Hurracanrana from the apron to the floor
Trademark move: Frankensteiner
Trademark move: Missile Dropkick
Trademark move: Springboard Dropkick
Trademark move: Springboard Diving Headbutt
Trademark move: Somersault Plancha
Trademark move: Corkscrew Tope
Trademark move: Moonsault on a standing opponent
Trademark move: Sit-Down Facebuster
Trademark move: DDT Variations
Trademark move: 4:20 (Double Leg Drop with Rob Van Dam)
Trademark move: Mysterio Feint Kick
Ability to defeat much larger opponents despite his small frame.
SpouseAngie Gutiérrez - (11 May 1996 - present) (2 children)
Height5 ft 6 in (1.68 m)
Social Media↗︎ Wikipedia ↗︎ IMDb

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What Movie Awards did Rey Mysterio win?


Golden Globe

Golder Raspberry


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Rey Mysterio roles

Movie / Series Role
Freddy vs. JasonJumper (uncredited)
HeroesSelf (uncredited) unknown episodes
WWE Monday Night RAWRey Mysterio 159 episodes, 2004-2020
Zeke and LutherSelf 1 episode, 2010
WCW Monday NitroRey Misterio Jr. / ... 59 episodes, 1996-2001

Rey Mysterio's Quotes

  • I want more competition. I want more big names thrown at me. I think I've proved I have the ability to be on any card. I know I can be the first match and get the people rocking, or be the last match of the card, the main event. I think the fans feel they're getting their money's worth when they're watching me. At least thats what I hope.
  • I like proving myself against the bigger competition, in terms of size.
  • "He's helped me a lot and I've helped him a lot. He's taken me to Mexico, to ECW and evetually, into WCW. He has always stuck by me. I think the best thing we have between us is, the ability to hang together." (on his best friend, Konnan)
  • God has given me the blessing to perform so well in the sport I love so much, the career I belong in. Many asks if I think God appreciates what I'm doing, I tell them he obviously does if I'm still here.
  • "She loved me, when I had nothing. I love her!" (On his wife, Angie)

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Net Worth Details

Rey Mysterio, also known as Óscar Gutiérrez, has amassed a remarkable net worth of $10 million throughout his wrestling career. His success in the industry has made him one of the most influential wrestlers of all time. Currently signed to WWE and performing on the SmackDown brand, Mysterio’s high-flying luchador style has captivated fans worldwide. Let’s delve into the biography of this iconic figure and explore the achievements that have contributed to his notable net worth.


What is Rey Mysterio known for?

Rey Mysterio is best known for popularizing the ‘Lucha Libre’ style of wrestling in the United States. He is recognized for his flashy high-flying moves, agility, and acrobatic skills inside the ring. Mysterio’s masked persona quickly became synonymous with excitement and unpredictability.

Early life and education

Born on December 11th, 1974, in Chula Vista, California, Óscar Gutiérrez hails from a family deeply rooted in wrestling. His uncle, who fought under the name Rey Mysterio, introduced him to the world of professional wrestling. At just 14 years old, Óscar began his wrestling journey in Mexico, embracing the Lucha Libre style that would become his trademark.


Mysterio’s career took off when he adopted his uncle’s name in 1991, becoming Rey Mysterio Jr. He gained initial recognition in Mexico’s AAA before moving on to Extreme Championship Wrestling for a short period. However, it was with World Championship Wrestling (WCW) that Mysterio found his true calling.

During his time in WCW, Mysterio solidified himself as a fan favorite in the cruiserweight division. He engaged in exhilarating matches with notable wrestlers, such as Dean Malenko, Prince Iaukea, and Lord Steven Regal. His feuds with the New World Order further elevated his status.

In 1998, Mysterio won his third cruiserweight championship, proving his unmatched talent and ingenuity in the ring. Unfortunately, a knee surgery temporarily sidelined him for six months. However, this setback didn’t hinder his ascendance to stardom.

Tragically, in 1999, the WCW pressured Mysterio to remove his mask, stripping away an integral part of his identity. The decision caused emotional distress for Mysterio, as it contradicted the traditions and values of the Mexican Lucha Libre culture he embodied. Despite this setback, Mysterio continued to impress fans with his remarkable performances.

Over the following years, Mysterio showcased his resilience and tenacity. He overcame larger opponents like Kevin Nash and Scott Norton, earning a reputation as a “giant killer.” However, WCW management failed to recognize the enormous potential of the cruiserweight division, leading Mysterio to realize that he would never become a “main eventer” in the organization.

After WCW closed its doors, Mysterio ventured into the independent circuit in Mexico and the United States. In 2002, he signed with WWE and regained the ability to wear his iconic mask. This marked a new chapter in his career.

Mysterio’s time in WWE was marked by numerous accolades and championship wins. He engaged in a memorable feud with Eddie Guerrero and eventually became the World Heavyweight Champion. Mysterio’s tireless work ethic paid off as he established himself as one of the most skilled and beloved wrestlers of his time.

Following his departure from WWE in 2013, Mysterio embarked on new wrestling endeavors, including appearances in AAA and wrestling in Japan. However, his dedication to the industry brought him back to WWE in 2018, where he continues to captivate audiences with his mesmerizing performances.


Rey Mysterio is happily married to his wife Angie, and the couple has two children together. They are devoted to their Roman Catholic faith and prioritize their family life alongside Mysterio’s wrestling career.


Throughout his career, Mysterio has encountered controversies that tested his reputation. In 2007, his name was included in a ”Sports Illustrated” article linking WWE wrestlers to steroid and HGH use. Although he faced a 30-day suspension from WWE, Mysterio maintained that he had legally received medication prescribed by a licensed doctor.

In 2012, Mysterio faced further consequences when he received a second suspension for a similar offense. This raised eyebrows and caused concern among fans and industry insiders. The incidents brought attention to the widespread issue of performance-enhancing substance use in professional wrestling.

In a more tragic turn of events, Mysterio found himself involved in the death of fellow wrestler Perro Aguayo Jr. The unfortunate incident occurred during a match, sending shockwaves through the wrestling community.


Rey Mysterio’s achievements extend far beyond his net worth. Throughout his career, he has garnered an impressive collection of accolades, including multiple championship titles and memorable rivalries that left an indelible mark on the wrestling world.

Mysterio’s reign as a five-time WCW Cruiserweight Champion and three-time World Tag Team Champion exemplify his skill and versatility. Since rejoining WWE, he has continued to add to his accolades, cementing his legacy as one of the all-time greats.

Beyond wrestling, Mysterio has appeared in movies, such as “Ready to Rumble,” and ventured into music, collaborating with well-known artists on entrance theme songs. His impact on pop culture reaches beyond the squared circle, solidifying his status as an icon.

In conclusion, Rey Mysterio’s net worth of $10 million serves as a testament to his influential career and undeniable talent. From his early years in Mexico to his rise to stardom in WCW and WWE, Mysterio captivated audiences with his electrifying style, earning numerous accolades and leaving an indelible mark on the world of professional wrestling.

Interesting Facts about Rey Mysterio

  1. Has tattoos of his mask, his name, the sun, his children's names, his wife's name and many others.
  2. Master P and his No Limit Soldiers teamed up with Rey and Konnan to fight the West Texas Rednecks, who liked Country Music and hated rap.
  3. Filmed a commercial with Bill Goldberg for Surge soft drinks.
  4. Rey Misterio Sr. is his uncle.
  5. Has one son, Dominik Gutiérrez (born in 1997).
  6. Was one of the original members of the Filthy Animals as well as the WCW faction of the No Limit Soldiers
  7. Pinned Kevin Nash, Scott Norton and Bam Bam Bigelow and was known as the Giant Killer, because all of those wrestlers weighed over 315 pounds at the time.
  8. Also wrestled as Colibri and Rey Misterio Jr. (with an "I" instead of a "Y").
  9. Is one of only 4 people to hold the WCW World Cruiserweight Tag Team Championship.
  10. Has held the following WCW & WWE Titles: WCW World Cruiserweight Championship (5 Times) WCW World Tag Team Championship (3 Times with: Konnan, Kidman, and Juventud Guerrera) WCW World Cruiserweight Tag Team Championship (with Kidman) WWE Tag Team Championship (w/Edge aka Adam Copeland) WWE Cruiserweight Championship
  11. Has a six year old daughter named Aalyah (who was born in 2001).
  12. As of November 2004, was one of five wrestlers to have held the WCW Cruiserweight title as well as the later WWF/WWE version.
  13. Debuted on WWE SmackDown! in 2002 wearing again his trademark mask.
  14. Is of Mexican descent.
  15. Al Pacino is his favorite actor and 'Scarface' (1983) and 'Heat' (1995) are two of his favorite movies.
  16. Won the WWE Royal Rumble (2006).
  17. Graduated from high school with P.O.D. members Sonny Sandoval and Noah Bernardo Jr..
  18. Father of Dominik Gutiérrez.
  19. Former WCW Tag Team Champion.
  20. In 1995, Mysterio Sr. and Jr. defeated Villano IV and V for the WWA World Tag Team titles.

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