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Rick Pitino is a famous American basketball coach with a net worth of $45 million and an annual salary of $7.7 million. Pitino has had a successful coaching career, leading NCAA Division I teams like the University of Kentucky and the University of Louisville.

Key facts:

  • Rick Pitino has been the head coach of several NCAA Division I teams and NBA teams, notably the University of Kentucky, the University of Louisville, the New York Knicks, and the Boston Celtics.
  • He led Providence College to the Final Four and won the national title with the University of Kentucky in the 1996 NCAA tournament.
  • Rick Pitino is the first men's coach in NCAA history to lead three different schools to the Final Four.
  • He has also served as the head coach of the Puerto Rico national team and Greece's senior national team.
  • Despite being embroiled in scandals, including an escort sex scandal at the University of Louisville, Pitino continues to be one of the highest-paid coaches in basketball with an annual salary of $7.7 million.

Basic Information About Rick Pitino

CategoryAthletes β€Ί Coaches
ProfessionsBasketball Coach
Net worth$45,000,000
Date of birth1952-09-18 (71 years old)
Place of birthNew York City
NationalityUnited States of America
Height6 ft (1.83 m)
Social Mediaβ†—οΈŽ Wikipedia

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Rick Pitino: A Coaching Legend

Net Worth Details

Rick Pitino is an American basketball coach with a net worth of $45 million. He earns an impressive salary of $7.7 million, making him one of the highest-paid coaches in the world of basketball.


What is Rick Pitino known for?

Rick Pitino is known for his remarkable career as a basketball coach. Throughout his coaching journey, he has led several NCAA Division I teams and NBA teams to great success. Some notable teams he has coached include the University of Kentucky, the University of Louisville, the New York Knicks, and the Boston Celtics.

Early life and education

Rick Pitino was born on September 18, 1952, in New York City, New York. He grew up in Bayville, New York, and attended St. Dominic High School, where he was the team captain for the basketball team. He later enrolled at the University of Massachusetts Amherst in 197, where he excelled as a standout point guard for the Minutemen basketball team. In 1974, Pitino earned his degree from UMass.


Rick Pitino’s coaching career began as a graduate assistant at the University of Hawaii. He quickly made a name for himself and eventually became a full-time assistant. Pitino had his first taste of head coaching at Boston University, leading the team to their first NCAA tournament appearance in 24 years.

Pitino then transitioned to the professional ranks, working as an assistant coach for the New York Knicks under coach Hubie Brown. However, his heart remained in college basketball, and he returned to the college coaching scene at Providence College. There, he achieved remarkable success, leading the team to a Final Four appearance.

In 1989, Pitino took over as the head coach of the University of Kentucky. It was during his time at Kentucky that he gained national prominence. He implemented his signature style of full-court press defense and guided the team to great success. In 1996, Pitino led Kentucky to a national championship, solidifying his place as a coaching legend.

Pitino then had a stint as the head coach of the Boston Celtics in the NBA, followed by a return to the college scene as the head coach of the University of Louisville. During his tenure at Louisville, Pitino became the first men’s coach in NCAA history to lead three different schools to the Final Four.


Rick Pitino faced several scandals throughout his career. During his time at Hawaii, he was implicated in multiple infractions against the program, leading to the team being placed on probation.

In 2017, Pitino was implicated in an escort sex scandal involving recruits at the University of Louisville. As a result, their 2013 NCAA National Championship was vacated. He was also implicated in a federal investigation into recruit bribing. The school claimed he was fired for cause.

$40 Million Louisville Lawsuit

Following his firing from Louisville, Pitino filed a lawsuit against the school. He sought the $38.7 million base salary that remained on his contract. After two years of legal battles, a settlement was reached. Although Pitino did not receive additional money, the status of his departure was changed from a firing to a resignation.

Personal Life

Rick Pitino married his wife, Joanne Minardi, in 1976. They had six children together. However, tragedy struck the family when their son, Daniel, passed away from congenital heart failure at just six months old. In honor of Daniel’s memory, Pitino and his wife founded the Daniel Pitino Foundation, which raises money for children in need.

Aside from his coaching career, Pitino is also a published author. He has written books like ‘Success is a Choice’ and ‘Born to Coach.’ He is also known for his motivational speaking engagements.

Pitino has a passion for Thoroughbred horse racing and has been involved in the sport as a partner in various stables. His stable, RAP Racing, owns a 5% share of Goldencents, a successful racehorse.


Rick Pitino’s list of achievements is extensive. He has won numerous awards throughout his career for his coaching prowess. Some of his notable accomplishments include leading the University of Kentucky to a national championship in 1996 and guiding three different schools (Providence, Kentucky, and Louisville) to the Final Four.

Despite the scandals that tainted his legacy, Rick Pitino’s impact on the world of basketball cannot be overlooked. His innovative coaching techniques and ability to inspire players have left a lasting impression on the sport.

Overall, Rick Pitino’s story is one of resilience and redemption. Despite facing obstacles and scandals, he has continued to thrive as one of the most successful basketball coaches in history.

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