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Famous actor and Republican politician Ronald Reagan had a net worth of $13 million at the time of his death in 2004. Known for serving as the 40th president of the United States from 1981 to 1989, Reagan also had a successful career as the president of the Screen Actors Guild and as the governor of California.

Key facts:

  • Ronald Reagan served as the 40th president of the United States from 1981 to 1989.
  • Prior to his political career, Reagan was a successful actor and worked for Warner Bros. studios, appearing in numerous films.
  • Reagan was the president of the Screen Actors Guild and played a major role in advancing the Hollywood blacklist era.
  • He served as the governor of California from 1966 to 1974. During his tenure, he implemented controversial policies and cracked down on anti-war protestors.
  • As president, Reagan is remembered for his economic initiatives known as "Reaganomics" and his tough stance against the Soviet Union, which eventually led to the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Basic Information About Ronald Reagan

CategoryPoliticians β€Ί Presidents
ProfessionsPolitician, Actor, Spokesperson, Soldier, Radio personality, Lifeguard
Net worth$13,000,000
Date of birth1911-02-06
Place of birthTampico
Date of death2004-06-05 (aged 93)
NationalityUnited States of America
Curiosities and TrademarksHis ever-present smile
SpouseNancy Reagan - (4 MarchΒ 1952 - 5 JuneΒ 2004)Β (his death)Β (2 children)
Jane Wyman - (26 JanuaryΒ 1940 - 18 JulyΒ 1949)Β (divorced)Β (3 children)
Height6 ft (1.854 m)
Social Mediaβ†—οΈŽ Wikipedia β†—οΈŽ IMDb

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Ronald Reagan roles

Movie / Series Role
The Big ShortSelf (archive footage) (uncredited)
The Pursuit of HappynessSelf (archive footage) (uncredited)
American PsychoSelf (archive footage) (uncredited)
Atomic BlondeSelf (archive footage) (uncredited)
ViceSelf (archive footage) (uncredited)
Live Free or Die HardSelf (archive footage) (uncredited)
The InfiltratorSelf (archive footage) (uncredited)
PhilomenaSelf (archive footage) (uncredited)
This Is EnglandSelf (archive footage) (uncredited)
American MadeSelf (archive footage) (uncredited)
BombshellSelf (archive footage) (uncredited)
MilkSelf (archive footage) (uncredited)
Billionaire Boys ClubSelf (archive footage) (uncredited)
Race to Witch MountainSelf (archive footage) (uncredited)
The KingdomSelf (archive footage) (uncredited)
Let Me InSelf (archive footage) (uncredited)
20th Century WomenSelf (archive footage) (uncredited)
Balls of FurySelf (archive footage) (uncredited)
TrumboSelf (archive footage) (uncredited)
The Iron LadySelf (archive footage) (uncredited)
Hands of StoneSelf (archive footage) (uncredited)
The Philadelphia ExperimentSelf (archive footage) (uncredited)
BeirutSelf (archive footage) (uncredited)
NixonSelf (archive footage) (uncredited)
Prozac NationSelf (archive footage) (uncredited)
Loving PabloSelf (archive footage) (uncredited)
American Wrestler: The WizardSelf (archive footage) (uncredited)
The SentinelSelf (archive footage) (uncredited)
The Inventor: Out for Blood in Silicon ValleySelf (archive footage) (uncredited)
MapplethorpeSelf (archive footage) (uncredited)
Escobar: Paradise LostSelf (archive footage) (uncredited)
HeadSelf (archive footage) (uncredited)
PixelsAlien Ronald Reagan (archive footage) (uncredited)
Forrest GumpSelf - Assassination Attempt (archive footage) (uncredited)
American BeautyPresident Ronald Reagan (archive footage) (uncredited)
SalvadorPresident Ronald Reagan (archive footage) (uncredited)
Crip CampSelf - 40th President of the United States (archive footage)
13thSelf - 40th President of the United States (archive footage)
The JackalSelf (archive sound) (uncredited)
Spies Like UsThe President of the United States (archive footage)
Class Action ParkSelf (archive footage)
The KillersJack Browning
The Carol Burnett ShowSelf 1 episode, 1970
The Dick Cavett ShowSelf - Guest 1 episode, 1971
American PlayhouseSelf 1 episode, 1993

Ronald Reagan's Movie/Shows Salary

Movie / Series Salary
Love Is on the AirΒ (1937)$200 /week
Swing Your LadyΒ (1938)$200 /week
Prisoner of WarΒ (1954)$30,000
A Brief History of the United States of AmericaΒ (2002)200,000/year

Ronald Reagan's Quotes

  • [at the Berlin Wall, 1987] Mr. Gorbachev [Soviet premier Mikhail Gorbachev], tear down this wall!
  • The best view of government is seen on a rear view mirror as one is driving away from it.
  • [in the 1980 campaign] Recession is when your neighbor loses his job. Depression is when you lose yours. Recovery is when Jimmy Carter loses his.
  • [1964] I love three things in life: drama, politics and sports and I'm not sure they always come in that order.
  • [1980] I remember some of my own views when I was quite young. For heaven's sake, I was even a Democrat!

Ronald Reagan's photos

Ronald Reagan: A Legendary Career and Enduring Legacy

Ronald Reagan was a well-known actor and Republican politician who left an indelible mark on American history. Born on February 6, 1911, in Tampico, Illinois, Reagan rose to prominence as the 40th President of the United States from 1981 to 1989. Prior to his political career, he enjoyed success in the entertainment industry as an actor and served as the President of the Screen Actors Guild. Reagan’s net worth reached $13 million at the time of his death in 2004, but it is the impact he made both on and off the screen that is truly remarkable.

Early Life and Education

Ronald Reagan was born into a humble family, with his parents Jack and Nelle raising him in various small towns in Illinois. Despite their modest means, Reagan’s parents instilled in him a strong work ethic and moral values. Reagan attended Dixon High School, where he developed a passion for sports and acting.

Reagan’s journey continued as he pursued higher education at Eureka College. Despite his average grades, Reagan excelled in extracurricular activities, becoming a member of the swim and football teams. These experiences laid the foundation for his future endeavors in sports broadcasting and acting.

Acting Career

After college, Reagan landed a job as a radio announcer for Chicago Cubs baseball games, which eventually led him to a screen test in California. In 1937, he signed a seven-year contract with Warner Bros. studios and began his acting career.

In the early stages of his career, Reagan appeared in various films, including “Love is on the Air” and “Sergeant Murphy.” However, it was his role as George “The Gipper” Gipp in “Knute Rockne, All American” that earned him critical acclaim and a lifelong nickname. Reagan’s star continued to rise, with notable films like “Kings Row” and “Desperate Journey” solidifying his place in Hollywood.

Throughout his acting career, Reagan served as an influential figure within the Screen Actors Guild. As president, he navigated through the tumultuous era of Hollywood’s blacklist, leaving a lasting impact on the industry.

Governor of California

Reagan’s transition from Hollywood to politics began as he embraced conservatism and joined the Republican Party. In 1966, he was elected as the Governor of California, where he implemented policies that challenged the status quo.

While Reagan’s tenure as governor faced both criticism and controversy, including the suppression of anti-war protestors at the University of California, Berkeley, his conservative platform resonated with many Americans. This popularity led to his decision to run for the presidency in 198.

US President

In 198, Ronald Reagan achieved a historic victory, becoming the 40th President of the United States. During his time in office, Reagan enacted economic policies known as “Reaganomics,” which included tax rate reduction, economic deregulation, and cuts in government spending.

Reagan’s presidency was notable for its focus on anti-drug initiatives, confrontations with labor unions, and international affairs. He survived an assassination attempt in 1981 and played a significant role in ending the Cold War by challenging Soviet General Secretary Mikhail Gorbachev to tear down the Berlin Wall.

Despite his close involvement in various controversies, Reagan left an undeniable impact on American society. His policies shaped the economic landscape of the country, while his charisma and strong leadership style endeared him to many.

Personal Life and Death

Reagan’s personal life was filled with both joy and sorrow. He was married twice, first to actress Jane Wyman and later to Nancy Davis, who became a prominent First Lady during his presidency. Reagan had a total of four children, Maureen, Christine, Patti, and Ron.

In 1994, Reagan announced that he had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. As his health declined, his public appearances became less frequent. Reagan passed away on June 5, 2004, at the age of 93, leaving behind a legacy that continues to resonate.

Achievements and Legacy

Beyond his political and acting career, Reagan left behind a significant legacy through his achievements. He was known for his policies of economic deregulation, the War on Drugs, and his role in ending the Cold War. However, he also faced criticism for his handling of societal issues such as the AIDS crisis and LGBTQ rights.

Though opinions on Reagan may vary, his impact is undeniable. His journey from a small-town boy to a Hollywood icon and influential political figure showcases the versatility and tenacity that defined his life. Ronald Reagan’s enduring legacy continues to shape American conservatism and serves as a testament to the power of determination and leadership.

Interesting Facts about Ronald Reagan

  1. Father of Ron Reagan and Patti Davis with Nancy Reagan. As a child, Patti Davis hated political talk so much that whenever politics came up at the dinner table she would deliberately fall out of her seat. This always changed the topic. Both Ron Reagan and Patti Davis became liberal Democrats.
  2. Spouses William Holden and Brenda Marshall served as Best Man and Matron of Honor at his wedding to Nancy Reagan in 1952.
  3. 40th president of the United States (20 January 1981 - 20 January 1989).
  4. Governor of California. Term of service: 2 January 1967 - 6 January 1975.
  5. President of the Screen Actors Guild from 1947 to 1952 and 1959-1960.
  6. Graduate of Eureka College (1932).
  7. The younger son of John Edward Reagan and Nelle Clyde Wilson Reagan, and brother of Neil Reagan (1908-1996), Ronald Reagan was of Irish descent on his father's side, and of Scottish and English descent on his mother's side. His paternal grandfather, John Michael Reagan, was born in Peckham, County Kent, England, to Irish parents, and his paternal grandmother, Jennie Cusick, was born in Dixon, Illinois, also to Irish parents. His maternal grandfather, Thomas Wilson, also an Illinois native, was of Scottish descent (partly by way of Canada), and his maternal grandmother, Mary Ann Elsey, was English, from Epsom, co. Surrey. His paternal great-grandfather, Michael Regan, emigrated to the USA from Ballyporeen, Ireland, in the 1860s. Ballyporeen, a tiny rural farming town in County Tipperary, is located in the south-central part of the country and its inhabitants are frequently referred to as "Midlanders". The Regans were one of three primary families, or "clans", that populated St. Mary's Parish in the village of Ballyporeen. The Ronald Reagan Visitors Centre was built down the street from St. Mary's Church following his visit to his ancestral home in the mid-1980s. The spelling of the family name Regan was changed to Reagan after they arrived in the USA.
  8. Was a sports announcer in Des Moines, Iowa, before becoming an actor in 1937.
  9. Member of Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity.
  10. Was presented with George Gipp's letterman's sweater by the University of Notre Dame football team on January 18, 1989, two days before leaving the White House, and his two-term Vice President, 'George Herbert Walker Bush', became President.
  11. Was portrayed on Saturday Night Live (1975) by at least eight different actors: Chevy Chase, Randy Quaid, Charles Rocket, Harry Shearer, Robin Williams, Joe Piscopo, Phil Hartman, and Kevin Nealon.
  12. Father of Maureen Reagan and Michael Reagan with Jane Wyman. They also had a daughter, Christine, who was born June 26, 1947, and lived 9 hours. The family resided at 9137 Cordell Drive, Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles. The estate, built in 1942, fetched $8.5 million when sold in September 2012. Maureen Reagan died on Wednesday, August 8, 2001, of malignant melanoma (skin cancer) at her Sacramento home. Suffering from Alzheimer's disease, he never knew of her death, and his wife Nancy Reagan chose not to tell him.
  13. When he was a young man, he had a part-time job as a lifeguard. He once had to retrieve an old man's dentures at the bottom of the pool and did so without hesitating.
  14. While President of the USA, his Secret Service codename was "Rawhide".
  15. (May 16th 2002) Awarded the United States Congressional Gold Medal for ending the "Cold War" against Russia, along with his wife Nancy Reagan, for fighting substance abuse among American youths.
  16. When Reagan's long-time friend and first Hollywood agent, studio mogul Lew Wasserman, died on 3 June 2002, AP reported that their friendship was the subject of a controversial book called "Dark Victory: Ronald Reagan, MCA and the Mob" (1988). The book reviewed the federal investgation into the Reagan- Wasserman relationship and charges that alleged payoffs were made in the 1950s by Wasserman's mammoth MCA agency to Reagan and some of his fellow officers of the Screen Actors Guild. Ultimately, Reagan was cleared in the inquiry.
  17. Was the first guest of honor on the Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts, in 1973.
  18. Although he was 30 when the United States entered World War II, he volunteered for military service. He was turned down for combat duty due to his poor eyesight.
  19. For two weeks in 1954, Reagan opened as a stand-up comic at the Ramona Room of the Hotel Last Frontier in Las Vegas, Nevada.
  20. Inducted into the Hall of Great Western Performers of the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum in 1989.

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