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Sam Adams, also known as Wiz, is a famous American rapper and producer. He has a net worth of $3 million, making him one of the wealthiest figures in the hip-hop, electronic, and Dubstep scene.

Key facts:

  • Sam Adams, also known as Wiz, is an American rapper and producer.
  • He gained fame with his remix of the song "I Love College" by Asher Roth, titled "I Hate College (Remix)".
  • His debut EP, "Boston's Boy", reached No. 1 on iTunes and sold 8,000 digital copies in its first week.
  • Adams performed at the Lollapalooza music festival in 2011 and gained further exposure there.
  • He was signed to RCA Records but later left to become an independent artist, releasing his debut album "The Long Way" in 2016.

Basic Information About Sam Adams

CategoryCelebrities β€Ί Rappers
ProfessionsRecord producer, Rapper
Net worth$3,000,000
Date of birth1987-08-14 (36 years old)
Place of birthCambridge
NationalityUnited States of America
Height6 ft (1.85 m)
Social Mediaβ†—οΈŽ Wikipedia

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Net Worth Details

Sam Adams, also known as Wiz, is an American rapper and producer who has an impressive net worth of $3 million. He has achieved great success in the world of hip-hop, electronic, and Dubstep music, making him one of America’s brightest stars in these genres.


What is Sam Adams known for?

Sam Adams, born Samuel Adams Wisner on August 14, 1987, in Cambridge, Massachusetts, is known for his exceptional talent as a rapper and producer. He gained widespread popularity for his catchy lyrics and dance beats, which have captivated audiences around the world.

Early life and education

Sam Adams grew up in Wayland, Massachusetts. He was born to parents Kata Hull and Chuck Wisner. During his high school years, his family moved to Wayland, where he transferred from Beaver Country Day School to Wayland High School.

Following his high school graduation, Adams attended Trinity College, where he played soccer and even became the captain of the soccer team during his senior year. While growing up, he had a passion for music and started playing the piano at the age of seven. His love for music continued to grow throughout his life.


In September 2009, Sam Adams gained attention when he released a remix of the song “I Love College” by rapper Asher Roth, titled “I Hate College (Remix),” on YouTube. The remix garnered over 10 million views by September 2015. He continued to release other songs on YouTube, such as “Kimber,” “Poker Face Remix,” “Hard S***,” “Opening Day,” and “Rollin,” which collectively achieved two million views by September 2012.

His talent caught the eye of the record label 1st Round, through which he released his debut EP, “Boston’s Boy,” in 201. The EP quickly rose to the top of the charts, reaching number one on iTunes and selling 8,000 digital copies in its first week. It also made an appearance on the Billboard 200 chart, reaching number 73. Critics praised the EP for its fun feel, infectious lyrics, and danceable beats.

Sam Adams followed his debut EP with a “deluxe” version in July 201, featuring four new tracks. However, he faced accusations from major record labels that he had purchased his own records in order to manipulate the charts’ top spots. Despite these allegations, there is no concrete evidence supporting them.

In September 201, Adams released his second EP, the “Party Records Mixtape,” recorded in London. During a performance at Kansas State University that same month, Adams had his noise permit revoked and was arrested on stage for attempting to continue the show. Despite this setback, his talent continued to shine.

In August 2011, Sam Adams performed at the highly popular Lollapalooza music festival in Chicago, gaining even more exposure. Later that year, he signed with RCA Records, a label operating under Sony. His first release with RCA was the single “Blow Up” in November 2011, followed by “Summertime” in March 2012.

In January 2012, Adams made his television debut on the late-night talk show “Conan,” where he performed “Blow Up” before a large audience. His third single with RCA, “Only One,” released in April 2012, gained mainstream attention and received radio airplay. It further propelled his popularity when it was featured in a summer commercial for AT&T. Following the success of “Only One,” Adams was named one of Teen Vogue’s “Artists To Watch.”

During his time with RCA, Sam Adams released several other tracks, including “All Night Longer” in 2012, a remix of Taylor Swift’s “I Knew You Were Trouble,” and “L.A. Story” in 2013. Additionally, he released the digital EP “Homecoming” with RCA in 2013. However, in 2015, he decided to part ways with the label after three years.

After leaving RCA, Adams returned to his roots and rejoined 1st Round Records. In 2016, he released his debut album as an independent artist, titled “The Long Way.” As an independent artist, he had the freedom to create music that was true to his artistic vision.

In 2017, Sam Adams decided to step away from 1st Round Records and establish himself as a fully independent artist. He has continued to release music and make a name for himself in the industry. His passion for music and determination to succeed have cemented him as a talented and respected figure in the hip-hop and electronic music scenes.


Throughout his career, Sam Adams has achieved various accolades and accomplishments that have solidified his position as a notable artist. From his debut EP topping the iTunes charts to his singles garnering mainstream attention and radio play, Adams has consistently showcased his talent and ability to captivate audiences.

While he has yet to receive any major awards, his chart success and dedicated fanbase speak volumes about his impact. His music resonates with listeners who appreciate his infectious energy, catchy lyrics, and ability to fuse different musical genres.

As an artist, Sam Adams continues to push boundaries and challenge expectations, carving his own path in the music industry. With his independent projects and unwavering passion for music, it’s clear that he has much more to offer in the coming years.

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